Batteries & Power

Batteries and Power: Mains Electrical, Laptop Power Supply, Solar and Wind

We wouldn’t be the electronics specialists we are if we didn’t have ways of providing you with electricity. Whether in the home, or on the go, we have a range of solutions to keep your shop-bought gadgets and homemade creations running. We go beyond the basics such as rechargeable batteries, extension leads and surge protection to offer you solar and wind power generation and home automation equipment.

Despite all our cutting edge electrical equipment, we still have space in our range for the fundamentals. Here you will find:

  • Batteries
    • Lithium and Alkaline in a range of standard sizes (AAA, AAA, C, D, 9v)
    • Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers
    • Laptop and cordless phone batteries
    • Portable power banks
  • Mains electrical (socket testers, extension leads, plugs, surge protection)
  • Power supply adaptors (including bench and CCTV power supplies)
  • Laptop power supplies (for manufacturers including HP, Dell and Apple)
  • USB power supplies

If you’re looking for ways to revolutionise power in your home, why not browse our solar and wind section? With solar garden lights, gadgets, string lights and folding solar panels, you’ll never be short of ways to power your home cheaply and in an environmentally-friendly way. Energy saving products are also featured within our home automation and control range, where we have a remote controlled sockets, timers and kits from Home Easy, and LightwaveRF.