Cables & Connectors


Cables and Connectors: AV cables, Computer Cables and Connectors

Any AV enthusiast knows that quality cabling is essential for the perfect setup, but you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds chasing audio-visual perfection thanks to Maplin’s cables and connectors range. In addition to providing premium cables, we have a selection of cable management supplies, switches and adaptors to make it easier to enjoy a range of devices with less fuss.

Whatever length, format or quality of cable you need, you’re sure to find it within our formidable range here at Maplin. We stock:

  • Computer leads, including power, network (RJ45) and video (VGA, DVI)
  • HD AV cables including cheap HDMI cables
  • Aerial cables, splitters and adaptors
  • Digital audio
  • Cut cables including cheap RF cable, speaker and SCART

If you have multiple HD games consoles, a living room PC, a Blu-ray player and various other appliances, you will likely find an HDMI switch incredibly useful. In fact, we have an extensive range of AV switches, allowing you to manage everything from home video to stage audio. If you prefer to create your own cable to match the exact requirements of your installation, we have a range of connectors to be used in conjunction with our cut cable.