Computing & Office

Computing: Hardware, Software and Accessories

Home computers are no longer big grey boxes confined to the study and a life of spreadsheets and flight simulators. Many of these cutting edge devices are now small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Maplin stocks a wide range of tablet PCs, including the new iPad, iPad Mini and the latest Android devices. We also stock kindle and Apple accessories, providing everything you need to enjoy your digital life on the go.

Despite the buzz around touchscreen computing, desktop and laptop machines aren’t going anywhere. We stock the following components, software and accessories useful for both simple upgrades and complete overhauls:

  • Netbook bags and accessories
  • Hard disks
  • PC cases
  • Motherboard / CPU kits
  • Anti-virus and security software
  • Microsoft software

Building a machine to play the latest games? Check out our extensive range of Nvidia and AMD Graphics cards, offering affordable and high performance cards from the enduring GeForce and Radeon ranges. And stop by our gaming accessories section for controllers and peripherals compatible with your PC, Xbox, Playstation, DS and Wii.