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Gadgets and Toys

Everyone loves a gadget. From remote controlled cars for kids big and small alike to digital photo frames to preserve those precious memories, there’s something for everyone in the Maplin range.

Toys for children of all ages

If there's one thing that unites the young with the young at heart, it's a love for remote controlled toys. Try the gadget-tastic iPhone Wall Climbing Car RC for a twist on the traditional remote control car. It is radio controlled by your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and will scale windows and walls alike. Do you or your kids dream of being part of the F1 pit crew? The Meccano Turbo Radio Control Racer has everything you need to build two turbo-style racers. Perhaps your child is a fledgling train enthusiast? If so, the Hornby R1139 Blue Rapier Train Set would make the perfect gift: it’s perfect for beginners and will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

For the ultimate underwater adventure, you could buy the fully submersible RC submarine, the perfect purchase to make bath time fun. Meanwhile, who doesn't love an RC helicopter? The 3Ch IR Mini Helicopter with Gyro is perfect for flying just close enough to wake Dad up on a sleepy Sunday afternoon (or impress those at work who aren’t lucky enough to have one).

For more flying fun, try the Popshotz 3-in-1 Air Blaster. Simply load the blaster with three balls at once and watch them fly up to 30ft into the air (this one's probably best for the garden!).

Health gadgets

Here at Maplin you’ll find a number of gadgets to help you track and take care of your health, including nebulisers and heart rate monitors. If you're looking to keep an eye on the health of your heart, our blood pressure monitors are ideal. Try the Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for an easy to use and accurate way to measure and record your pulse and blood pressure.

Gadgets for observation

If you’re more interested in keeping an eye on the world around you, our wireless weather stations are perfect. Track indoor and outdoor temperatures with the nifty Wireless Weather Station with Humidity and Weather Alert (BAR206), which also provides weather forecasts and warnings for severe weather. If you're on a budget, you can always try the 3-in-1 Thermometer Clock, which displays indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as the time.

We also offer a range of microscopes and magnifiers, giving you the chance to explore the microscopic world. Have you ever taken a look at how a strand of your own hair looks close up? It's pretty cool, and with the 100x Microscope you can do just that. For the lover of both science and technology, the USB Digital Microscope with 400x Magnification is the perfect choice, capable of snapping digital stills as well as supporting video recording. Microscopes also make great gifts for the budding scientist (or the fully fledged scientist who can’t bear to leave their equipment in the lab).

Party gadgets

Looking for something to make a party just that little bit special? Gadgetry can fit the bill. Whether for themed parties or just a little fun, we sell snow and fog machines that add a unique spin to the typical party atmosphere. There is also the retro chic of our party lighting: try the plasma ball, 6" plasma plate or even the Magic Jellyfish to up the excitement at your gathering. Lastly, don't forget the karaoke provisions – be sure to check out our Discover Karaoke system.