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12V 16A Dual Solar Charge Regulator

Code: N35HG

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  • Ideal for connecting 12V solar panels to 1 or 2 batteries
  • Separately charges 2 batteries
  • Maximum charging capability: 2 x 8A or 1 x 16A

Product details

12V 16A Dual Solar Charge Regulator

• Ideal for connecting 12V solar panels to 1 or 2 batteries• Separately charges 2 batteries• Maximum charging capability: 2 x 8A or 1 x 16A• The battery with the lowest charging voltage will receive more charging current• LED status lights• Power consumption of <2mA is taken from the battery• Reverse current protected (no additional diode required)

The maximum charge current is a total of 16A. Two batteries with a maximum of 8A each or 1 battery can be connected in parallel to both outputs up to a maximum of 16A. If you are connecting only one battery, it must be connected to connection 2. There are 3 LED lights, one to show that battery one is charging, one to show that battery two is charging and one to show that both batteries are fully charged. An F16A fuse is required, but not supplied.
Solar panel input voltage: 15-22V
Open circuit voltage: 12V
Switch-on voltage: 13.4 V ± 5 %
Switch-off voltage: 14.4 V ± 5 %
Dimensions: 87 x 60 x 32 mm


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8 of 8 Reviews

  • goods delvd in 3 days of ordering(ord sat pm) with me by tues dinner very easy to install DIY able only solar pnl in and batterys out fixed in 1 1/2 hours inc all wiring and doing a very good job in keeping my battery charged up with out over charging it

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  • I brought this regulator for my Motor home Solar set up. 1x80w & 1x40w - they are Polycrystal type, connected in para, and I have tried PMW /MPPT regulators with the panels , before deciding to stick to using this Kemo unit. The vehicle battery is a 90w Bosch and the 2 leisure batteries are 100w Elecsols. I have the vehicle battery connected to regulator output 1 and the 2 leisure batteries are connected to each other in para and then connected to output 2 as one large battery viz "+" of 1 Leisure battery connected to the "+" of regulator output 2 and the "-" of the other battery connected to the "-" terminal of the regulator. TO do this it's necessary to modify the negative terminal of the regulator by connecting a connector that will allow two "-" connections. I have added a 15amp fuse upstream of the regulator , and I have also connected a 5amp fuse between the output 1 of the regulator and the vehicle battery. Similiarly I have addeda 7.5 amp fuse between output 2 of the regulator and the connecting wire to the leisure batteries. The additional fuses allow me to isolate parts of the circuit and trace any faults quickly. The regulator has performed faultlessly - all three batteries are kept in full condition. I have nothing but praise for this regulator - an improvement would be to replace the spade connectors with screw terminals - but that apart it's a very good regulator.

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  • Good price, excellent delivery and works well

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  • I bought this as a smaller alternative to the regulator that came with the 60w kit (N23FY). The original was the size of two house bricks! After installation I found that the battery connection markings on this unit were marked the wrong way around (- was + & + was -). So I only give it 3 stars, otherwise seems ok!

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  • The regulator works perfecly.Monitoring the battery voltage with a multimeter it rises to 14V and the charging lights go out and the accumulator full light goes on.The specification is 14.2 volts +/- 5%.The battery voltage drops to 13V immediately and settles to 12.8 after an hour.A six cell battery is fully charged at 12.7 volts.A 16 Amp capacity is good value for money with the added bonus of being able to expand your storage capacity by adding a second battery to your system particularly if your inverter can connect to 2 batteries.The Kemo web-site stresses correct insulation.If attached to a heat-sink for 4 amp+ operation it must be with screws with heads which fit into the 4 corner recesses.Maybe Kemo or Maplins should market an installation kit with heat-sink, mounting screws,fuse, and fuse-holder.

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  • Very good! I found nothing to be wrong with the markings, took seconds to wire up, only 5 wires, simple. All I can suggest is read the manual...

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  • Great product! Easy installation

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  • I bought one of these after a smaller one stopped working after 11mths. This one lasted longer, 12mths charging 2 x 6v 6Ah batteries from a 12V Maplin Solar Panel. I'd love to have one last more than a year. I was hoping it was only the LED's but the batteries stopped charging through the regulator but charged direct from the panel.

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  • wrpgh02 said:

    Can this charge a 110 amp leisure battery

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • ray said:

    Is there a limit on the leisure battery size? I have two 1 Amp solar pannels Making 2Amp charging a 120 Amp hour battery will this be o.k.?.

    That should be absolutely fine.

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  • Peter Waters said:

    Will the product support a 12volt wind turbine and a 12volt solar panel input, at the same time

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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    Can it charge a Leisure battery & Van battery on a Motorhome.

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • mark crane said:

    Hi - can I connect a load directly to either one or the other battery while the charger is connected and charging?

    Yes the product does support that.

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