13A Plug In Energy Saving Monitor

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  • Monitor energy consumption from any appliance plugged into a socket
  • Great for seeing how much power your appliances are consuming
  • Can display the cost of electricity and power used

Product details

13A Plug In Energy Saving Monitor

• Monitor energy consumption from any appliance plugged into a socket
• Great for seeing how much power your appliances are consuming
• Can display the cost of electricity and power used
• Large LCD display
• Set up in less than 2 minutes
• Up to 9 different types of data displayed
• Memory function
• Maximum current 13 A / maximum power 3120 W

By simply entering the unit cost of your electricity and plugging an appliance or extension lead into the power monitor, the LCD screen enables you to easily see the cost of the plugged in appliances. It allows you to see useful data such as: cost generated by a socket, tariff, power factor, kilowatt hours used (as found on your electricity bill), active watts consumed, apparent power, voltage from the socket, amps used and frequency of the electricity (mains power is normally 50Hz).
Technical specifications:
Ratings: AC 100 V-240 V / 50 - 60HZ / maximum13A
Range of the measuring power: 0.2W - 3120W;
Range of the measuring voltage: 90V - 250V (tolerance: ±(1%+1))
Range of the measuring current: 0A - 13A (tolerance: ±(1.5%+25))
Range of the measuring frequency: 50 - 60Hz (tolerance ±1)
Range of the displaying amount of electricity used: 0.001 - 9999kWh
Range of the unit price setting: 0.00 - 99.99 / kWh
Operating temperature: -10 to +40 °C
Humidity: 85%RH
IP rating: IP20
Up to altitude of 2000m (indoor use)


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9 of 9 Reviews

  • New Lease of Life

    For anyone who still has this monitor (and for the price it's pretty decent / accurate) and is having battery issues, you can replace the original Ni-MH rechargeable cell (3.6V / 40mAh / 14 hour full recharge at 4mA) with item BN22Y, which has the same 3.6V rating but has twice the storage capacity at 80mAh although a full recharge will also take twice as long as it's input rating is 8mA. Tool-wise you'll need a small spanner-head screwdriver and either a soldering iron or a pair of small wire snips and a glue gun. Took me about 20mins.

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  • Accurate but stopped working after a few weeks (batteries run out?)

    I found this to be a useful piece of kit for seeing exactly how much electricity my devices use - particularly a computer which I tend to leave running all the time. I tested a number of devices over a period of a few weeks, however when I tried to use it again a few weeks later the screen was blank and the unit unresponsive. This could be a fault with it however on further investigation I suspect it could be the internal LR44 which have run out of juice and there doesn't appear to be any way of changing these without completely taking the unit apart. Quite ironic that a device made solely to measure mains power usage requires batteries to function!

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  • Plug in energy monitor

    I plugged in this monitor and was unable to set it up because I could not read the very small and dark display screen. How could this be described as having a large LCD display? I only need glasses for reading and my eyesight is not too bad, but I could not see this with glasses and a magnifier! Will return it to the store.

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  • Low cost Electricity Monitor

    Just to add to my last review posted. It has a built in rechargeable NiMH battery to store the settings when unplugged. I used it to monitor my PC power usage and it worked fine.

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  • Simple electricity monitor

    I didn't have a lot of money and saw this was half the price of another similar Maplin model. Its a basic model and comes in a simple box with A4 printed instructions. You have to setup the time, date and your kWh price which you can get from your electricity bill, and max load which I left on default setting. You enter this screen by pressing the Func key for 5 secs & then use the up and set keys to adjust each value in turn. The unit can handle from 0.1 to 3120W. The opening display shows the mains AC Hz, AC voltage with date & time. Pressing the Func key switches the display to show Amps, Power in Watts, Max Watt, accumulative kWh, price of electricity consumed, total on time. I was only interested in the Watts value and the Amps. I can determine the rest myself but the device will calculate the kWh used and price of electricity used for you. I have nothing to compare it to, so I can't say how accurate it is but it did what I wanted it to do and is easy to use. The LCD screen is hard to read in dark places, so I marked it down for that since there is no back light, but its not bad and switching screens is as simple as pressing the func key. If you are looking for a simple, low cost electricity cost monitor I'd recommend it.

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  • I have solar system design and installation company. \this is more reliable product to know to customers how they consume their electricity, then they can plan and use the electricity devices according to the requirement.

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  • The instructions give no information on initial or subsequent battery charging. There is no information on how to access the battery. Do I need to plug into the mains for a period to charge the battery?

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  • I purchased two of these so I could monitor two different appliances at the same time. For example, I monitored my tumble drier and freezer for a week and was suprised to find the freezer used up a lot more electricity. Unlike the devices which monitor your home consumption, this can be used to home in on one particular appliance. Besides energy consumption, the device also displays mains voltage, current and power, so you can compare the actual power of a device with the manufacturer's figure. However, the device is quite fiddly to set up. It has a small display that I find difficult to read - especially in a dark corner (which is usually where my power outlets are). You'll need a torch. The device can only monitor appliances that plug in, so it can't monitor my oven or fitted washing machine. I tried to use it to monitor the power used by my computer but it kept triggering the RCB circuit breaker next to my electricity meter. I don't know why. So it's a reasonable good device if you have good eyesight and need to monitor simple appliances which plug in.

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  • Having purchased a new type of electric heater that was supposed to be much cheaper to run than other types, we wanted to check the electrical usage.

    We chose this model as you can imput your exact kwh cost and it also tells you your actual cost you are using.

    I am that pleased I am going to buy another heater tomorrow and go to Maplin for another monitor so I will know just what bills I have to pay with no nasty surprises.

    GREAT PRODUCT, very highly recommended, thank you Maplin for your service and prices.

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8 of 8 Questions

  • rachel said:

    Does the device allow for a usb data logger to supply load data to a PC/computer?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Arne Knutzen said:

    Can this product be programmed to measure day and night costs seperately in order to take into account the price differences of those two periods?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • John said:

    Does this product allow you to measure the power used on a plug ONLY by the item connected (excluding the power used by this item itself)

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Paul Hales said:

    Will your plug in unit display the voltage being supplied to my house ?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Tomas said:

    Where can I find the instructions for this device please?

    These can be found in the "download centre" on this item web page

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  • Sahin said:

    Will this accurately measure the energy watts used by aquarium pumps etc? I used a watt meter before, but it never gave accurate reading for things like devices that had motors etc.

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Paul said:

    Will this device allow me to monitor power consumed over say a 24 hour period?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • D Skelton said:

    Does this calculate ALL electricity being consumed in the house at any time, or just by the the appliance plugged in to the device?

    This only calculates the power consumed by the plugged in item.

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