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22 W Fluorescent Daylight Magnifier Lamp

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  • Ideal for intricate work for electronic engineers and hobbyists
  • Shadow-free light with no heat emission
  • High quality 125 mm (5 inch) 5 dioptre glass lens

Product details

22 W Fluorescent Daylight Magnifier Lamp

• Ideal for intricate work for electronic engineers and hobbyists• Shadow-free light with no heat emission • High quality 125 mm (5 inch) 5 dioptre glass lens• Spring balanced metal arms and locking knobs allow the unit to be secured in any position • Multi position G-clamp mounting bracket
• Spare tube available (Order code: N11CH)

The Maplin 22 W Magnifying lamp provides crisp, artefact and shadow free light with almost no heat emissions. Combined with a high quality 5 dioptre glass magnifying lens, it makes even the most intricate jobs manageable. The sprung steel arms and multi position G-clamp offer a full range of adjustments for a truly flexible lighting instrument.


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  • Very good quality item

    Perfect tool for fine work, and in my case fly tying. Very nicely made, with good quality materials. Repositioning of the lens is no problem and it holds its allocated position with no issues. The clamp jaws will accommodate a desk edge of up to 60mm thickness, and as I have old office desk with deep metal edging this is a big bonus. The light is bright, cool, and well distributed over the subject area, also liked the lens guard which should help to keep it dust free when not in use. Thoroughly recommend it.

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  • Exactly what I needed

    Pros- Very happy with it. Arm extends how I want it to, has cover on top of light to stop dust getting onto the magnifier and you can use it just as a lamp too, very bright but does not hurt the eyes. Does not burn you to touch. Power cable good enough length. The mount is strong and works well, as long as you have an edge to mount it too. Cons- Had trouble mounting due to not having a ledge. Wish it had another type of stand mount. (Does state in description about mount though). Also the magnifier could be slightly stronger so you didn't have to hold the magnifier so close. Even better would be to have a second smaller magnifier installed into the larger magnifier. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. Would recommend. 4/5

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  • Excellant service, product exactly what we required.

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  • Good value magnifier lamp: Good positional control, clear magnifier, cool lamp. I sometimes work with very small things and this lamp is great for those times and for people like me whose eyes aren't what they used to be. :)

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  • Genuine 5 star review: Ordered late at night, was dispatched early the next day, and arrived the day after. So for a free delivery, that's excellent. The lamp's packaging is compact but solid, and that was dispatched within another box for transport, so the lamp arrived in perfect condition, and fully functional (the lamp and glass lens were fine). The construction is very solid and robust. The metal arms and joints are of a heavy gauge and well coated (powder coating I think). The plastic housing for the lens/lamp is solid and thick gauge, and solidly screwed together. The power switch for the lamp (situated on the top of the lens/lamp housing) feels like good quality that should last for many years. The table/desk clamp is again very solid and has a good wide opening allowing clamping to thicknesses of about 2.5 inches. It tightens securely very easily, and holds firm. The thumb screws at the joints also tighten securely very easily and hold firmly, whilst still allowing easy manipulation of the position of the lens/lamp. The spring balancing is well tuned, and a nice touch is that the springs are encased in solid plastic tubes, which not only makes cleaning easier, but also looks rather swish. Impressive and careful design has been applied, creating a stable, robust lens/lamp that holds still easily whilst not requiring great effort to quickly move its position during use. The lamp gives a strong white light, and the glass lens is very good quality with no discernable distortions whatsoever. The lens/lamp head has many degrees and angles of movement allowing pretty much any position to be easily set, and as easily altered. More specifically: Reaches a good 40 inches whilst still allowing room to work under the lens (clamped at the same height as the bench (clamped to the bench you're working on)). Even at this extreme reach, the lens/lamp holds still and firm. Set with its elbow at a right angle and the part of its arm nearest the clamp vertical, the lens/lamp height (set at a "normal" angle for use) is about 18 inches from the bench. And in that position the center of the lens/lamp is about 26 inches from the clamp (edge of the bench). (For me (eyes vary of course)) the useful range of the lens is about 7 inches, allowing plenty of room beneath the lens to work. The magnification at "the sweet spot" is roughly 1.5 to 2 times magnification (but that's just by eye as a guestimate). For me (mainly for electronics) this is ideal. Not too disorienting, but a great improvement in detail for fiddly work. Summary: Excellent quality product, and for the price - almost unbelievable! I'd not have been disappointed if it had cost a twice the price (not that I'm suggesting Maplin should put the price up!).

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  • Very well made,has a brilliant white light and far better than the one it s relpacing,also it has a good lens,excellent build quality well worth the price.

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  • Very useful for doing fine, detailed, close up work. Clamps to a desk or table easily and is very stable.

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  • Good light, good size magnifier. Bought for hobby work and once I get used to working under a magnifier should make life easier on the eyes. Good price as well

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  • Bought this for my dad to help with reading small print,but it works well for many other small and intricate jobs.Would recommend on price alone, however it was delivered fast and packed well so overall a good buy.

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  • I bought one of these for close up beauty work in particular eyelashes and electrolysis. The lamp will not stay still and constantly falls on the face of clients. It has been hopeless for this purpose

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9 of 9 Questions

  • leanne said:

    hi please could you tell me if this light has a flip over cover for the magnifying lens, look forward to your reply, thanks.

    This is not included

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  • Charmian said:

    Does the lamp come with a wall mounting bracket or can one be bought?

    This is not available unfortunately.

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  • Pam said:

    What is the power supply? Mains with a voltage adaptor or battery?

    it is powered by the mains

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  • Karen said:

    is there a 360 degree swivel on the mount bracket or is it fixed to the arm ridgid

    This is a ridgid fit.

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  • Mary Moodie said:

    What size and type of bulb to use and can they be purchased easily

    N11CH is code for spare tube

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  • Jo said:

    The lens looks quite small in the pic, but it's difficult to tell. Is the actual glass bit 5 inches in diameter?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Al said:

    Is the lens measurement, 125mm,circumfrence or diametre?


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  • Andrew said:

    Is there a desk base available

    No sorry.

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  • E said:

    Is tis magnifier made of Glass or Plastic. Thank you.

    The lens is Glass Shade etc plastic, arm is metal.

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