24 Hour 7 Day Digital Mains Timer

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  • Compact, easy-to-install, energy-efficient electronic timer
  • 8 programmable on/off cycles per day
  • Auto/manual on/off feature

Product details

24 Hour 7 Day Digital Mains Timer

• Compact, easy-to-install, energy-efficient electronic timer
• 8 programmable on/off cycles per day
• Auto/manual on/off feature
• Timed or random function option
• Minimum setting time: 1 minute
• 24-hour LCD digital display with seconds timing
• Summertime setting
• Permanent on/off facility
• Maximum load: 13A/3000W
• Rated voltage: 240V

This sleek and sturdy 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Mains Timer has multiple benefits – from delivering energy-efficiency, to automating your home and keeping it safe and secure from burglars. The 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Mains Timer enables you to use a variety of timed or random functions to programme household appliances. For instance, you can automatically programme some appliances to switch on at night, and benefit from low electricity tariffs at these times. Alternately, you can use the random on/off feature to programme your mains to switch on lights at random durations when you are away from home. This will deter burglars and fool them in to believing that your house is occupied. Additionally, 8 programmable on/off cycle per day on the 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Mains Timer allow you to easily program an appliance to switch on/off at specified durations times during a 1-week period, over individual days or across a combination of days.


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5 of 5 Reviews

  • reliable and good quality

    I just wanted to put some instructions in this review. Initially I bought the exact same timers (pack of 3) from another store. I was unable to programme them for daily different times, and gave up after trying for 3 days. They were poor quality so I took them back for a refund. I then went to Maplin and saw they had the same timers, in single packs. They looked much better quality so initially I just bought one to see if I could programme it for a daily sequence. It worked fine so I went back to shop and bought another 2. However, instructions on the initial timers and the Maplin timers are missing details. In order to programme in, a different ON/OFF time for each day of week you have to use programme 1 for the first day, programme 2 for the second day, programme 3 for the third day, and so on. Also I was trying to start programming from a Monday which didn't work. I set up the clock time on the day I bought it on the Wednesday. Then I realised you have to start programming from the next day with the first ON/OFF time, programme 1. So Thursday became programme 1, Friday became programme 2, etc. Instructions on both lots of products were not giving enough detail which I can see from many reviews is causing problems. So hope this review helps a bit.

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  • Clear instructions, rechargeable battery built in, works as expected, what else do you need to know?! (although only purchased 2 days ago so longevity yet to be tested)

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  • This is a very good product. Lots of features and works great. Good value for money

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  • This is a very good quality timer, great price, and does a great job, easy to set up.

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  • I'm using this to turn a light on and off, which it does very effectively. It's relatively easy to program and keeps time well. I haven't tested the limits of the built-in rechargeable battery, but it has kept the time and memory for several weeks when unplugged. The one thing that could be better is that to override it, you have to press the second-from-right button on the lower row, which cycles through: on (manual) - on (auto) - off (manual) - off (auto). This is rather a pain if you simply want to turn the light on during an "off" period; it's also easy to leave it in "manual" rather than "auto" by accident. If you want a timer that you rarely intend to override, then this is excellent.

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  • Angela Di Ruzza said:

    Is this timer compatible for use with automatic washing machines?

    Maybe, the max load it can take is Max Load 13A, 3120W, So has long has washing machine is not over that , then it will be fine .

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  • David Stevenson said:

    Can I set my own cycles? Or are they pre-programmed as per the 8 cycles mentioned?

    You can set your own cylces, upto 8 of them .

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  • David Furmage said:

    Hi, does this timer make any noise in operation, ie., any sort of wirring or ticking (I am thinking of the large amount of noise the manual type make as they turn round) thanks david

    This product makes no sound.

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  • Jason said:

    Where can I obtain a set of operating instructions for this timer?

    You can get a copy by emailing techical@maplin.co.uk

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  • Andrew Coleman said:

    The instructions are silent on how to change between different preset programmes. I want 2 programmes -one for recharging my mobile at night, the other for turning lights on and off when I'm away. How do I switch between one and the other please?

    You Press the "Timer" Button Set when the item will come on (Set for the week) and then when it will turn off. Repeat As necessary.

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