3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

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  • The world's first 3D printing pen
  • Hand-held 3D printer will unleash your creativity
  • Use the 3Doodler free-hand or with a stencil
  • Limited stock may be available in some stores. Call us on 0844 557 6000 to check

Product details

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

• The world's first 3D printing pen
• Hand-held 3D printer will unleash your creativity
• Use the 3Doodler free-hand or with a stencil
• Works with ABS or PLA printing plastics
• Mains powered
• Each 3Doodler comes with mixed ABS packs "Meta" (25 strands) & "Essentials" (25 strands)

The 3Doodler – how does it work?
The 3Doodler extrudes a thin, flexible filament of heated plastic that quickly hardens, allowing you to draw three dimensional shapes in real time – just as if you were drawing with a pen. There are an infinite number of 3D objects you can create with a little practice – start now and you’ll soon be creating your own 3D masterpieces. Practice by tracing simple 2D shapes and within hours you will be able to create stunning 3D sculptures, and so much more.

How do I use my 3Doodler?
To start with, make 3Doodles as flat forms on paper – you’ll be able to peel them away once the plastic hardens. Next learn to join these 2D shapes together to make three dimensional objects. Then, with a little more practice, you’ll be able to go freestyle, drawing in 3D to create your own fully rounded objects – the creative opportunities are endless!

Many 3Doodlers create and share stencils online – enabling you to tackle intricate structures such as the Eifel Tower. Or, why not join the community and share your ideas?

With the 3Doodler, you can create unique and personal gifts, ornaments for your home, or experiment with designing something a bit off the wall – we made a desktop catapult for all-out office warfare!

3Doodler will unleash your inner artist – the only limits are your imagination. Not suitable for the under-12s.


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6 of 6 Reviews

  • I love my 3doodler

    One of the best things i have ever bought!!!! I can turn anything i think of into a physical object. I love it..............

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  • 3D Printing pen better than 3D printer

    Excellent The new product the 3D pen provides way to have relatively cheap 3D models in a short space of time. This allows scaled down models to be rapidly created using the same materials as the final model in a few hours once you have learn how to use the 3D printer pen. Creating scaled model is easy by printing a reduced size on a inkjet printer, then tracing round the drawing with ABS plastic. This saves time and money as each rough draft costs only a fraction of the price of a 3D printed model. In this example I got a request to make a USB plug cover. There are many for the socket end but he could not find any for the square end. I took a USB cable and tried to get the heated ABS to stick to the metal, it just slid off. So I got a sheet of photocopy paper and cut a paper sleeve which was attached to the metal surface of plug with gel-paper glue on one spot. The heat of the plastic will release the glue from the metal while keeping the paper loop bonds. With the 3Doodler lines of plastic we're made on top of the plug. Each time the pen stopped to reheat the next side of the square was coated with lines of plastic . When all fours sides were completed a small paper square was inserted into the overhanging plastic. The 3D pen was used on slow speed to cover the area in lines and then circular movement to fill up the area and make this level covering up the overhanging lip. A minute after finishing the newly made cover was slid of the USB square socket. The requestor was surprised and pleased.We discussed cost and half a stip of ABS had been used about 20 pence or cents and in total 17 minutes to use pen and 8 minutes to make the paper cover for the heated Plastic to stick against. The surface was rough but in colour red and ABS plastic is a great insulator against a screwdriver shorting out the USB Interface. A sandpaper finger nail file was used to smooth the surface as this only remove about 0.1 mm of ABS plastic after a few strokes. Beware that metal files remove 0.5mm a stroke will easily remove all ABS in a few strokes!. Acetone nail varnish remover and eyebrow brush can clean up the model from excess ABS plastic to smooth over the area. So here is the list of reasons to use a 3D printer pen Cheap startup cost, 10% of price of a 3D printer, even including ABS plastic No computer or software needed, no printer meaning savings on money and time to learn how to use packages. Comes with 10 colours and 5 strips of each colour. Two packs come with the 3D pen. Extra £10 per pack of 25 strips Very low cost means lots of different models and shapes can be created and tried. Rapid turn round of models just photocopy a drawn sketch and trace round it with the pen,then pull the ABS plastic off of the photocopy paper. Learning time required is about an hour practice a day for 5 days, or all in one day. Just like writing and drawing practice. Possible to build 3D skeletons which 3D printers take days to build in a few hours. The 3D pen complements 3D printing to update printed models with changes by the designer of the models. The 3D printer pen, 3Doodler, can be used to repair broken ABS plastic item's like cooker dials and buttons. The ABS plastic sticks can be cut and welded to make colorful structures, more expensive, very substantial. No specialist tools use kitchen scissors to cut the raw ABS, sandpaper finger nail files to smooth the plastic, Acetone nail remover to clean and smooth the model. The drawbacks are that the surfaces are not smooth and need acetone paste brushed on to smooth them down. You must use ABS or PLA from the manufacturer or you will cancel your warranty and possibly get blockages in the heater nozzle .

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  • Amazing

    This pen is amazing. There is so much that you can do with it, from creating flat shapes and using the pen to 'glue' them into a 3D structure, to creating 3D structures as you draw. My daughter is currently using it for her Art GCSE final piece to create a 3D head, using a polystyrene mannequin head for her template. The pictures she has been texting are awesome. We think this is definitely worth the investment. My only criticism is that the 3Doodler has proved so popular, getting additional packs of the ABS / PLA strips is proving difficult because they are selling out too fast - Maplins HO are unable to get further stocks in quick enough - so we are having to do a 40 mile round trip this evening to get further packs so our daughter can complete her Art GCSE which finishes tomorrow. Other than that we cannot fault the product. A brilliant invention.

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  • 3Doodler

    Excellent fun, different and the start of education for 3D printing. Do it before everyone gets one and you will have to wait ages to have fun.

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  • hvi


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  • Fantastic fun for all

    I bought one of these from the original crowd funding offer (kickstarter I believe) It's great fun, and contrary to the instructions, my 9 year old, albeit sensible, son handles it easily. It takes a little time to get used to so buy extra plastics or you'll be running out before you even get started. I have successfully used my pen with spooled plastics, cut to length and straighted out a little. It's much cheaper than buying the small packs but does invalidate your warranty (I believe) Don't think about it! Just buy it now... you'll love it!

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3 of 3 Questions

  • bob said:

    can you draw on your hand with the 3doodler?

    We would not advise using the 3Doodler to draw on your hand due to the high temperatures of the filament. RW

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  • Shehr said:

    Where do we get refills from if it runs out?

    There are a large range of packs with mixed or individual colours available, the order codes are N00DR upto and including N47DR.

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  • Bik said:

    What colours are included with the pen?

    This comes with 5x Black, 5x Red, 5x Yellow, 5x Green, 5x Blue, 5x White, 5x Brown, 5x Purple, 5x Grey and 5x Sky Blue 25cm strands. RW

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