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3W Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch

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  • 3W CREE® LED tactical torch outputing 160 lumens
  • 3 modes - 100% / 30% / Flashing SOS
  • Tough aluminium construction

Product details

3W Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch

• 3W CREE® LED tactical torch outputing 160 lumens• 3 modes - 100% / 30% / Flashing SOS• Tough aluminium construction• Includes both mains and in-car charging adapters• 2 sets of high-capacity rechargeable Li-Ion batteries included• Nylon belt holster• 3 hour burn time from one charge

With two charging options and a spare battery this versatile torch is always ready to go. Milled from durable Aluminium and featuring a 3W CREE® LED offers a hard wearing, high output instrument for all your lighting needs.
LED Chip: 3W CREE® 160 lumens
Dimensions: 150mm x 35mm
Discharge time: 3 Hours (full power)
Recharge time: 4.5 Hours
Charging Options: 220-240V AC Mains
12V DC In-Car
Battery: Li-Ion 18650 x 2 (2000mAh)


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  • Indispensible

    I've had mine for 3 years now and use it both as an ordinary torch and a bike light (with a clamp which Maplin stupidly don't sell). The light is enough to see on a bicycle on a pitch black wet Tuesday night. Rain never affects it. The batteries still charge, even the lanyard is still there. It can stand on its end to illuminate a tent with downlighting and it won't roll off a table. The lack of instructions is a slight problem though, and charge time is quite slow. Be warned there is little notice of a flat battery. It does dim slightly, but soon just cuts off with no real notice. This is a self-protection feature of lithium batteries, and can cause real hassle, so take the spare if it would be a problem. Mine's looking a bit battered now, but that just proves it can go the course. Get one.

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  • Everything I could ask for, ordering and delivery was excellent

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  • A great little torch, comes with two rechargeable batteries that seem to last forever! I used my torch extensively to survey ponds to survey for newts over the summer and tested it's waterproofing to the max! It survived being submerged for long periods several times and also being dropped. It is a small, rugged and truly powerful torch that is well worth the money. The only issue is that the strap was a little fragile, so if you buy one of these torches, invest in a new, stronger strap!

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  • excellent torch,, loads of light !! i use this for hunting at night, the gun torch kits are great value,,u get,a charger with 2 batteries as well ! only needed a mount to fit it on my scope,,beam on high goes over 400 foot , only negatives,,there is no instructions and u have to cycle through the other 2 modes when you turn it back,,but dont let that put u off,would recomend this,but only giving it 4 stars due to the on/off button

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  • This is an excellent torch for the money. I was working to a budget and was nearly swayed by a less powerful and cheaper torch that claimed to be rain-proof. Having examined this torch, I'd say it's probably rain-proof anyway with rubber washers helping seal the screw threads at each end. The weak points are potentially the rubber cover over the small socket where the car charger jack fits and the lens glass - I can't see a rubber washer here - but I'll be using it in the rain anyway as I'm pretty sure it'll be rain proof. It's easy to remove the ends of this torch making not just battery replacement simple but also the CREE LED unit should you need to. As mentioned by someone else above, it doesn't come with any instructions. It took my 13-year-old daughter to work out that you don't have to switch it off and back on again every time you want to change mode - simply depress the on/off switch slightly and it'll toggle between them. I use the torch to walk the dogs at night over some pretty grotty terrain, so need something light and powerful. The high power beam is simply incredible - I've owned motorbikes with less powerful headlights! It's so bright in fact, that it'll ruin your night vision so I tend to use it on the low power setting which is more than adequate. I have no use for the strobe-effect setting, nor can I think of any, but it's there if you need it. The packaging for this torch is excellent and it would make a very nice gift. The box is designed to be kept and everything fits into it nicely - the torch with its nylon lanyard attached, 2 batteries (so you'll always have a fully-charged spare), mains charger, car charger and a canvas case designed to fit onto a belt. The torch is about 15cm in length, 3.3cm at its widest and 2.5cm around the barrel. It weighs in at just under 200 grams with the battery installed. As for fending off an intruder as some people have previously mentioned, all I'll say is that it's no four-D-cell Maglight! I'm very glad I bought this torch and recommend it highly.

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  • I was looking for a powerful torch and this fits what I want very well. It is a great torch which is what I would expect from Maplin, well done

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  • Cons: Made in China, build quality is not perfect but for the price is acceptable. Nothing major, but slight imperfections in lens (small marks visible when light is on, doesn't effect beam pattern), some very small shavings of material from tooling inside the barrel. Selection modes can be accidentally activated by moving the torch to enthusiastically. No instructions/care guide in the box. Pros: For the money it's not likely one will find a higher powered beam for a torch this size. The box is OK, black, magnetic holders for the lid. inside molded foam holds the flashlight, two batteries, charger, mains adapter and nylon case. There is also a lanyard already attached. The beam is excellent. The narrow beam easily illuminates objects over 300ft away and the broader beam illuminates everything more than about 50ft ahead. The lower setting is more than enough to get around in the dark. I live in a rural area and even at the low setting this lights up the trees to my side and the path ahead of me as far as I can see. The higher setting is good to have but can often be too much, in dusty or misty air, the reflected light can actually make it harder to see. Weight is ok, grip could be better but this is true of any aluminium torch I ever handled. The crenelated bezel is nice to have in case of attack or the need to smash a window in an emergency. Overall I would currently give this product 90/100, keep in mind I have only had it a few days so I can't comment on its durability. However, for the price one can't go far wrong. I also asked Maplin if they could confirm the correct way to install the batteries and if they required pre-charging. They responded quickly and were very helpful. Positive end to the lens, 8 hour pre-charge.

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  • This has to be the best deal of the year and also one of the best torches on the market today you get so much for so little its all most unbeliveable. good job too Maplin for providing a great tool at a great price, will be getting a second one for the wife lol.

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  • it is a very powerful torch for the size, but it came without instructions, so i have no idea how to ensure it is fully charged. each time you switch it on it changes to a different setting. first bright. then dim, then flashing, then bright again etc. it is a shame it doesn't have a switch to choose which one comes on.

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  • I bought this torch before Christmas and it has become my favorite one to date ( I have a dozen or more different torches ). In fact, I like its qualities so much that I bought another one for my other half to carry with her when she walks the dog, day or night. It gives off a brilliant light. It shines a very strong spot beam as well as a very decent wide light at the same time. Other torches I own, have a wide to spot beam feature, but not only does this torch eliminate the need for that feature, it outshines the other brands of torches too. It's small enough to slip into your pocket, or in it's sheath and on to your belt. It's the sturdiest, well made torch that I've ever come across, that could also be used to defend of intruders or attackers, if needed, without damaging it. I've dropped a large number or times, without damage, other than chipping the paint a bit. A high quality product that gets five stars from me, and five more from my girlfriend!! Cheers Maplin*****

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