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5 Metre RGB Colour Changing LED Lighting Kit

Code: A24LJ

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  • 5 metre length
  • Remote control – Wirelessly adjust your lighting
  • Wide range of vivid colours

Product details

5 Metre RGB Colour Changing LED Lighting Kit

• 5 metre length
• Remote control – Wirelessly adjust your lighting
• Wide range of vivid colours
• Simple installation, includes fixings
• Adjustable brightness
• ‘Smooth’ colour change and ‘flashing’ functions
• Low power consumption
• Extension kit available, Maplin code: A00KW

The flexible RGB lighting kit provides subtle down lighting to any part of your home. Ideally suited to kitchen cabinets, bookcases, desks and cupboards, each strip has an adhesive back for tool-free fitting. The included remote control allows you to quickly select a range of vivid colours and adjust brightness to your needs.


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  • Bad experience

    Bought a set from the Carlisle store. Got them home and when plugged in, everything worked except when I pressed the "off" button on the remote the whole light set went red instead of turning off. Phoned the Carlisle store I bought them from. The assistant said they had sold lots of these without problem but it was to be expected that every now and then one would be faulty! I now have 70 mile round trip to return them back to the store or send the faulty set back to Head Office. As you can imagine I am not best pleased.
    I can't recommend this product

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  • all great, nice effect, I plan to purchase another small information for JAMES end others If I understand correct the first what you purchase after connecting they just constantly illuminating red. It happens like that when you connect power ( "-"with"+" end "+" with"-" = constant red light ) when shoot be ("-" with"-" end "+"with"+"). The simplest solution is to disconnect end rotate led strip at the point where its connecting with cable by 180 degrees

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  • This kit is good if you do not want to cut and connect, the push connectors just do not work, I tried for 3 hous to get them working and ended up using a soldering iron to connect, and because the contacts are small it can be difficult.

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  • I bought 2 of these.... one for downlighting the work surface under the kitchen wall cupboards, the other on top to illuminate the ceiling. Sadly, one failed due to a poor connection from the transformer but once replaced by the most helpful people in Maplins I have ever come across, the end result was spectacular..!! The kitchen is transformed with a vast array of colours but, most importantly, the white is so bright, I don't need to have the main overhead lights on. Previous comment referred to the self-adhesive fixing tape supplied - I got around this by fixing it to the back of the pelmet of the cupboard, not to the underside of the shelf. Works brilliantly and I'd have great delight in recommending these.

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  • Excellent for conservatory lighting. Recommened use of double-sided tape to ensure adhesion to plastic surfaces. Otherwise a great product

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  • this product is very cheaply made and when you cut the strip the part that you cut does not work and when i brought this i had very poor customer service from the crawley store and i consider my self to be quite confident with technology as i have built my own pc and my own server do not buy

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  • Couldn't wait to get this home! Certainly didn't disappoint. Does exactly what it says, really stunning and amazing value too - kids love it! The remote controller is great and gives so many options for colour and settings. Kit contains; 1no. 5m length of LED strip 1no. LED driver with switch (only there wasn't a switch on the one we had or the others in store either - manager thought they must have changed the kit but not updated the info leaflet within it! However, this doesn't effect it's operation as you can switch of via the socket or the remote anyway. 1no. RGB IR controller 1no. RGB remote 4no. re-joined connection cables Just want to know now if you can buy the bits separately, as want to cut the 5m length and use in 2 locations - sure it's poss, but can't see the items we need on the website. Staff in Plymouth store very helpful, so sure they will be able to advise :-)

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  • another simple but brilliant product at maplins works really well was concerned how bright it would be but can be altered and very bright indeed would of been a 5 star however only issue i found was the adhesive back doesnt hold very well suggest buying your own adhesive for it. i do strongly suggest this product for under cupboard lighting! needs a socket outlet or alternativly a 12vdc 2amp inline psu will work just as good! also if trying to fit it hidden cable with black end coming from controller needs to be showing as this is how the remote talks to the unit :-)

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  • Contains everything you need to get up an running and is very simple to use. The remote control is a nice touch. A very effective lighting strip with great colour control. At the price it represents excellent value.

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  • My friend keeps some of these still on a reel under his desk, figuring these look pretty good i bought some for my new office. Simple to set up and come with their own sticky backing, i have set these up around the top of my room on the wall just before the roof. one thing i will say ... if youre sticking them on washable wall paper and expecting them to go around corners, they will... but dont expect them to fit into every corner perfectly, they arent THAT bendable (although ill conceed i have managed to get it so that an LED is on the corner) i would reccomend if placed on an uneven object (like my corners) that the glue on the backs just wont hold it.... i found a small amount of white-tac to level off the corners worked great though. I havnt tried connecting two parts, but regardless of the connector concerns on a review here... im looking forward to trying. At highest level i would argue these are as good as energy saver blubs for lighting a room (my room is about 3m by 3m) one of these will easily light my room to what i want of a nighttime on while or blue... potentially not as good as mains lights, but with them up high reflecting the white roof i cant tell the difference except that most people have more yellowish lightbulbs so you might recongise a more familiar hue from the lightest orange which is not as bright.. All in all, for the price i think these are great!

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  • Andrew said:

    Are the led lights battery powered?

    These are powered by the provided power supply

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  • Andygpottinger said:

    Hi can you tell me the maximum this can be extended too thank

    an extension kit is available that adds an extra 1.5 metres to the strip giving 6.5 metres total

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  • Philip Holt said:



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  • Chris Mills said:

    Is the LED strip in this kit Common Anode or Common Cathode? I'm interested in eventually replacing the controller with a LightwaveRF controller which requires a Common Anode strip. Many thanks

    This item is Common Anode

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