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60W Solar Power Kit

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  • A solar generator kit to power your applications using sunlight - no extra running costs
  • Turns natural sunlight into electricity and charges any 12V deep cycle batteries
  • Provides green energy - a true environmentally friendly product

Product details

60W Solar Power Kit

• A solar generator kit to power your applications using sunlight - no extra running costs• Turns natural sunlight into electricity and charges any 12V deep cycle batteries• Provides green energy - a true environmentally friendly product• Ideal for charging batteries in motor homes, caravans, boats and for backup power requirements if mains power may not be readily available• Weatherproof amorphous solar panels work even in cloudy and overcast weather conditions• Can be used to power lights, small TVs, electric fans, laptops, stereos (mains inverter required - sold separately)

Contents:4 x 15W amorphous weatherproof solar panelsMounting hardware (12 x M5x45 screws, 16 x M5x55 screw and 28 x M5 dome nut)10A charge regulator10A fuse5m extension cable4-in-1 connector with 68cm lead1m adapter to charge regulator cable30cm adapter to male CLA cable30cm adapter to battery clamp cable4 x fabric strips
Technical specifications:
Power: 60W
Peak output: 3.42A @ 17.5V
Individual solar panel size (4pcs): 34.3(w) x 97.0(l) x 1.8(d) cm
Dimensions fully assembled (including angle support): 142(w) x 99(l) x 79(d) cm
Net weight: 28.4kg
Power generated from this system in one week can run following items:
Appliance Power consumption Hours of use
CB radio: 5W 336
Depth finder: 5W 336
Laptop computer: 50W 33.6
Lights: (compact 40W equivalent) 10W 168
TV:(12 inch) 20W 84
Cooler:12V (3A) electric 36W 46.6
Stereo: 50W 33.6
Satellite dish: 30W 56
Battery charge times:
Battery capacity: Charge time (days):
33Ah 2.5
50Ah 3.75
110Ah 8


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10 of 41 Reviews

  • I use one of these panels in Malta . It is charging two baterys and I have now got another kit from UK to double the charge rate. I use a 1000w inverter . It runs 32 inch tv and a few lights.

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  • I have had these panels for 2 or 3 years. Regarding the statement ''Weatherproof amorphous solar panels work even in cloudy and overcast weather conditions '', users should note that although output is good in sunlight, there is very little or no output under overcast or cloudy conditions. My frame bolts haven't rusted so the specification must have changed. One of my panels has cracked 2 thirds down the panel, have checked with a multimeter an it still gives some ouput! I was pleased with the complete kit when received as is comprehensive

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  • This does not work in cloudy conditions at all. in direct blazing sunlight output is half of claimed.

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  • I've been running one of these for a few years now and have found them to be very useful, powering my 12v and 240v (with invertor) needs when in a camper van for a couple of weeks in addition to charging a 75ah leisure battery to power a small electric outboard motor. I hadn't experienced any overheating or shorting but considering the general approach to take with cheap, Chinese manufactured electrical products - about 3 in 5 will have a fault so 'you pays your money and takes your chances..' Probably worth checking all the connections. Same as all other similar reviews, bin the flimsy plastic frame and especially the pointless cheap rusty nuts and bolts. Makes it certainly not feel worth the continual 'discounted' price of £199.99 that it's been at for years now (and what I paid for it) but still better value than the more professional looking units on offer. Worth noting that the manufacturer, Topray Solar appear to have launched this model with new and better looking frame so will be interesting to see how soon Maplins may stock the newer model. I'd rather buy one of those than have to spend more on making this type fit for use and putting more plastic in landfill. I'll be Topray in any case as I can't seem to get a response from Maplins about getting a replacement 4 - 1 cable adapter so don't lose yours if you buy one!

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  • These panels are great value i have had mine 3 years and they are fine . The frame is great if you want to lug them in and out of the garage (i only use mine for about a week every month so keep them indoors out of harms way the rest of the time) i would really like to get second set but atm other things are more important. The only fault i had was i thought i had damaged the LED display by leaving it on but it turns out it has a tiny on/off button DUH and works fine after all. they are not very powerfull and so i would recommend getting 2 or 3 sets but another good thing with these panels is that if one was to break or stop charging you would only loose 25% of your power instead of all of it

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  • i,ve had these over a year, shoddy construction, i had to seriously strenghten frame. these only put out 33 watt in direct hot sunlight and nothing at all if a cloud passes/ cloudy day, avoid

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  • i got this a year ago. frame is very flimsy.output in hot direct sunlight is half whats claimed. it doesnt work at all in cloudy conditions.

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  • i got this unit on offer but even at 120 i wish i hadnt bothered. its complete rubbish, shoddy frame. even in direct bright sunlight they produce half of claimed output.

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  • I bought this kit last year.the frame is flimsy, i had to seriously strenghten. even in direct bright sunlight these panels only achieve half the advertised output.they do not work in cloudy conditions at all

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  • We bought Solar panel for use on caravan Rallies where there is no electric hookup. First we found the quality was excellent and took me an hour to put together the only downside is was a bit on the heavy side. The supplied regulator is well put together,and a 240 volt inverter can be fitted to run low powered appliances. Very good value at this price well done Maplin.

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9 of 9 Questions

  • Dave Shepherd said:

    Could I use this panel to run an electric pump to run a water fountain

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Bob Everett said:

    Just Bought N23FY Allready Have 2 Identicle panels can I connect all 6 to the controller.

    You would require a bigger voltage regulator as the one supplied with the unit is only for one 60w solar panel which is 5Amp. I would recommend the following code N28KR.

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  • ANDY B said:

    What is the guarantee on the product?

    1 Year with Maplin.

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  • Alan T said:

    Please be aware there is a diode in the + lead which conencts the panels to the regulator. If you connect the lead the wrong way round, current will not flow and the regulator output will be low or zero.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Viv said:

    Once connected to my leisure batteries, will it be necessary to disconnect it before I start up my boat engine, or can I leave it permanently connected so solar panels and alternator a charging at the same time.

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • martyn said:

    if i were to expose panels to sunlight for a day without having them connected to charge regulator or a battery would this have an adverse effect on panels?

    No this should not be an issue

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  • brian said:

    Does the regulator supplied with the kit prevent over charging of the battery?

    Yes the regulator prevents overcharging

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  • SA said:

    Which company makes the panels?

    Topray solar

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  • Paula said:

    What are the dimensions of this unit please?

    Individual solar panel size: 34.3 (w) x 97.3 (l) x 1.8cm (d) (supplied with 4 panels each of this size) Assembled size: 142 (w) x 77 (l) x 79cm (d)

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