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Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD Keypad kit for Raspberry Pi - Negative

Code: A67QN

  • 16x2 Character LCD
  • A programmable display for your Raspberry Pi
  • Use the five buttons to interact with Raspberry Pi without a screen or keyboard

Product details

Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD Keypad kit for Raspberry Pi - Negative

• 16x2 Character LCD
• A programmable display for your Raspberry Pi• Use the five buttons to interact with Raspberry Pi without a screen or keyboard
• Six adjustable background colours to suit your taste or to incorporate into a project
• Tutorials available to guide beginners through
• Only needs two GPIO pins due to use of I2C
• Light writing on a dark background
• Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models

What will the LCD Keypad kit add to my Raspberry Pi?
To interact with your Raspberry Pi normally, you would need to connect it to a screen and a keyboard. This is not always convenient and, for portability, it is better that there is a direct way to see information and interact with your Raspberry Pi.

The LCD Keypad provides a way to interact with your Raspberry by being a standalone unit, capable of both displaying and receiving data. This type of LCD is known as negative because, regardless of the background colour chosen, it displays light writing on a darker background.

This addition for your Raspberry Pi is suitable for seasoned electronics hobbyists and novices as it is fairly easy to use. The estimated time to set the assembly up was calculated to be 30 minutes and instructions are available via this link.

What can I do with the LCD Keypad kit for?
You can use the example code in Python to change both the background colour and the text being displayed. Please see the example with this link.

You can then use the Keypad to display something like a name badge with scrolling text, or perhaps you could make a quick traffic light notification system using the six adjustable colours.

The tutorial also walks you through the use of the physical buttons as input. This would allow you to use the buttons to interact with your Raspberry Pi on the go and possibly create a game.

What is compatible with the LCD Keypad kit?
The LCD Keypad is compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards that have at least 26 pins.

The LCD Keypad receives instructions and communicates using a protocol called I2C. This means that dot matrix letters, backlight colour and the buttons can be controlled with just two pins of the Raspberry Pi.

The LCD Keypad comes with an extra tall 26 pin header to sit above the protruding USB and Ethernet jacks.

Please note: For the Raspberry Pi models B+ and Version 2, you will need to place electrical tape over the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi, as well as over the nearby resistors on the back of the LCD Keypad to prevent an accidental shortcut between the metallic parts of the two.

Type of devices LCD & Keypad kit
Compatible with which Pi's? B, A
Pin outs n/a
Sockets GPIO
Voltage Powered through the Pi
Current -
Switching current -
Assembly required Yes
Soldering required Yes
Package Contents
3 x resistor
1 x potentiometer
5 x 6mm tactile switch
1 x MCP23017 i2c port expander chip
male header pins
26 pin female header for GPIO
16x2 char negative LCD

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A67QN Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD Keypad kit for Raspberry Pi - Negative (1+) £22.99

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