Artec Robotist Sensor Car

Code: N51EC

  • Contains an Arduino compatible controller board
  • Learn how to program your own robotic car
  • Build a robotic car capable of driving and avoiding obstacles

Product details

Artec Robotist Sensor Car

• Contains an Arduino compatible controller board
• Learn how to program your own robotic car
• Build a robotic car capable of driving and avoiding obstacles
• All parts are connected by cable removing the need for soldering
• Ready to use code is available

Special Features
• Program your sensor car using Scratch or Arduino programming tools

The Sensor Car Kit
The main focus of the sensor car kit is using sensor input to guide movement.
The sensor car kit contains two DC motors for propulsion, two touch sensors and two infrared sensors – allowing robots created with this kit to move, feel and see. It also contains all the necessary parts to build creations around them, including the Studuino, battery box, cables and over 40 building blocks.
Full instructions and code are available to build three different robots from this box, although hundreds more are possible depending on how you put them together and write or modify code.
Example model 1: Turn Robot – The turn robot propels itself along and uses the touch sensors to feel obstacles so the motors can change course to negotiate them.
Example model 2: Transporter – The transporter uses the touch sensor to detect a load, when it has something on the carrying platform the robot moves forward until it is relieved of the load.
Example model 3: Line Tracer – The line tracer uses the infrared sensors facing down to keep the robot on course along a black line, sensor input helps the robot to steer using independent control on both motors.
The example builds are just a starting point to familiarise yourself with the components, the fun really starts when you get creative with your own builds.
Combine this with the Transforming Robot Kit [LINK] for lots more possibilities.

About Artec Robotist
The Artec Robotist kits are based around a programmable board (Studuino) that connects to motors, servos, sensors and lights – simply build your creations and then program using the familiar Scratch® style block programming interface, used across the country in Primary and Secondary schools - programming software is freely available for PC, Mac and Raspberry Pi.
If you’re looking for a product with brains, you’ve found it. The Artec Robotist kits can be programmed to perform highly complex actions based on sensor inputs, button pushes or by autonomous response.

The Studuino Robotics Platform
The Artec Robotist kits do all their magic with the Studuino board – an Arduino based board which is the brain of all the creations. This powerful microcontroller is easily programmed from the simple to use programming interface and for expert users can even export the code as Arduino code for those who want to dig deeper into your code. Connect up to eight servo motors, two DC motors and eight sensors. The board is fitted into a durable enclosure that also has four push buttons that can be utilised within your creations, it also has the same block/peg structure as the blocks allowing it to be used as an integral piece of the robot.

Have fun while learning
Ideal for children with an interest in construction, computers and programming, the Artec kits provide an intuitive way to create and develop robotic models and machines. Full and in depth instructions guide you through every step of creating the models on the box, but the real beauty of these kits comes with imagination, with a wide variety of inputs and outputs the Artec kits can become almost anything you can imagine – from robotic arms, robot buddies or pets to mobile machines.
Unlock the inner inventor with Robotist – as you become more familiar with the system you’ll develop programs with ease and find the programming interface easy to use and simple to make revisions and upgrades to your programs.

Main Content
Studuino 1
DC motor & parts 2
Battery box 1
Touch sensor 1
Infrared sensor 1
Sensor connecting cable (three-wire 15 cm) 4
USB mini-B cable (80 cm) 1
Construction blocks 41
Axle 2
Wheel 2
O-ring 2
Block remover 1

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
N51EC Artec Robotist Sensor Car (1+) £24.96

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