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BT Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Powerline Kit

Code: A42UL

  • Up to 600Mbps transfer speed*
  • Extend the network coverage in your home for an uninterrupted connection
  • Simple to install, simply plug in and enjoy a wider network coverage

Product details

BT Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Powerline Kit

• Up to 600Mbps transfer speed*
• Extend the network coverage in your home for an uninterrupted connection
• Simple to install, simply plug in and enjoy a wider network coverage
• 150Mbps wireless network speed to connect directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop
• Link button included for easy link to an additional powerline plug
• Built-in wireless extender that allows you to keep your wireless device connected to your network
• Built-in wireless hotspot that outputs at B, G and N bands for compatibility with wireless devices of all ages
• 128-bit AES encryption built-in to the powerline plugs to protect your data
• Two powerline plugs and network cables included to get you started
• Two network ports on one plug to allow you to connect multiple devices into your network at the same time
• Manufacturer part number: 084288

Special Feature
• No pairing required – powerline sockets auto-detect each other when plugged in
*Actual data will vary due to the network conditions and environmental factors

Is this powerline kit right for me?
The BT 084288 powerline kit contains everything that you will need in the box. Its simple to use plug-and-play feature means that you can quickly plug in the powerline adapters, connecting one to your router and the other to your networked device and setup is complete. This powerline kit gives you a transfer speed of up to 600Mbps between the two plugs and the single network plugs will allow you to connect your networked device directly to your router to give you internet access. This will allow you to connect any of your networked product, such as your laptop, desktop pc, games console, smart TV, networked hard drive or even your smart fridge to your internet connection. The two network ports allow you to connect a range of devices directly into your powerline plug without swapping cables or using any additional network equipment such as switches.

How does the built-in Wi-Fi work?
The built-in wireless hotspot outputs a B, G and N signal which gives your wireless devices a wireless speed of up to 150Mbps, depending on signal strength and obstacles such as walls. This will allow you get an improved transfer speed over Wi-Fi to improve your surfing experience. The powerline hotspots have cloning technology which will mimic your routers name and password, allowing your wireless devices to automatically stay connected to your Wi-Fi whether it is through the router or through the hotspot. This kit will allow you to connect even more devices to your network as well as to extend your Wi-Fi throughout your home or office without expensive equipment.

How could I use this powerline kit?
The powerline kit is designed for one plug to connect directly to your network router while the other can be connected to your networked device. The twin network port on this plug will allow you to connect two devices to your internet connection at the same time. Compatible devices include laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, smart TVs, network hard drives, media players and CCTV kits. It allows that device to connect directly to the internet without using long network cables. The built-in wireless hotspot will allow you to extend your Wi-Fi through your home or office so that your portable equipment such as smartphone or tablet can stay connected to your internet connection for longer and will also reduce wireless dead spots throughout your property.

How does powerline work?
Powerline technology transfers data using the electrical wiring of the household. This allows for a single powerline plug to be connected directly to a router and plugged into a mains socket. This plug will then communicate to all of the other plugs that are connected to the same electricity supply. This kit comes with a single powerline plug that connects to a router, and another plug that will connect to your networked device and allow it to communicate to your router over the mains. The powerline adapters will communicate with each other when connected directly to mains sockets that are on the same fuse board. Additional receivers, including receivers that give a wireless signal, are sold separately and can connect additional devices to your router. For best results, use any powerline receiver capable of sending up to 600Mbps.

Sockets included 2
Network ports 2
Network port speed 10/100 Mbps
Pass through power sockets No
Wi-Fi extender included Yes
Wi-Fi type b/g/n
Wi-Fi speed 150 Mbps
Plug and play Yes
Colour White
Hotspot dimensions 66 x 70 x 76 mm
Extender dimensions 65 x 63 x 77.5 mm
Warranty 12 months

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A42UL BT Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Powerline Kit (1+) £39.99

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