Desktop Weather Station

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  • Keep an eye on the weather from the comfort of your office chair
  • In/out thermometer alarm (°C/°F) with humidity sensor
  • 24-hour clock with snooze alarm

Product details

Desktop Weather Station

• Keep an eye on the weather from the comfort of your office chair• In/out thermometer alarm (°C/°F) with humidity sensor• 24-hour clock with snooze alarm• Compact stylish design with integrated transparent display

Temperature Units: C° / F°
Indoor Temperature Range: -60 to +60°C
Outdoor Temperature Range: -60 to +60°C
Temperature Resolution: ± 2°C
Humidity Range: 25% - 90%
Humidity Units: %
Clock Mode: 24-hour
Alarm Type: Single setting
Dimensions Main unit: 90(w) x 95(h) x 18(d)mm
With Optional Stand: 104(w) x 110(h) x 42(d) mm
Battery Requirement: SR44 x 2 (Code: FM28F) Included


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3 of 3 Reviews

  • Good

    It only really seem to say 20% humidity but once in a while it reads 65%. Great for temprature thought!!

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  • Well this does what it says. It does tell the time. It does tell the inside and outside temperature. It does tell the humidity. Plus at the discounted price it?�?�?�s cheap. The picture does make it look backlit... It isn?�?�?�t, it needs a descent amount of light behind it to see. However since you?�?�?�re likely to place the clock near a window to make use of the outdoor temperature sensor (a couple of meters worth of thin cable, which doesn?�?�?�t seem to impede closing a window and the sensor seems fine being outdoors), that shouldn?�?�?�t be a problem. Accuracy: Time wise it's holding it's time fairly consistently. Temperature seems to be a couple of degrees Celsius too generous. Humidity doesn?�?�?�t seem that sensitive. I?�?�?�ve not seen it change when I?�?�?�ve put a humidifier on. However I don?�?�?�t have any other measuring device to compare this with. Overall, although only plastic it looks quite nice. Possibly not that accurate but certainly gives an rough indication of temperatures (or at least the difference between inside and outside). 4 stars if you get this at discounted price.

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  • Not a very clear display. Not bad for the money though.

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  • Akka said:

    I can't seem to change the time on the clock. The instruction leaflet doesn't explain very much at all.

    Please email for an up to date manual .

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  • Bz said:

    "This is a stand for the unit to be stood upright." This threw me, too - but then realised that the bar acts as a prop should you wish to have the unit 'upright' ( but inclined slightly ) without using the black, weighted stand.

    Many thanks for the feedback!

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  • rob marks said:

    hi it is possible to extend the sensor cable? thanks

    Unfortunately not.

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  • Philip Bedford said:

    Re N78GB Desktop Weather Station. About the Humidity Sensor, is this sensor just indoor, or just outdoor ,or both?

    These are purely indoor

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  • Stephen said:

    Is it correct that both button cells are supposed to be fitted positive upwards? It would seem batteries would thus be in parallel, as lid has a strip that connects '+' to '+'. (else supplying two independent cicuits). Leaflet enclosed has neither any comment about batteries, nor pictures showing correct fitment.

    Yes, that's correct.

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  • I. Patstsone said:

    Where should the external temperature sensor be placed? Does it have to be outside or just stuck to a window? If outside can it be exposed to rain. There is nothing in the instructions about this.

    This should be placed outside, it is rain resistant.

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  • David said:

    Hi Does this record the max and min temperature as well as the current value. The picture suggests "yes" but the specification doesnt mention this Thanks

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Stephan Lewen said:

    With the Gadget Desktop Weather Station (N78GB) is a short metal rod - what's it for?? It does appear to fit in the back, but it's not mentioned at all in the instructions. Thanks.

    This is a stand for the unit to be stood upright.

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  • steve said:

    How long is the wire?

    the wire is 1.5m

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  • Adrian Eastman said:

    Is the external sensor wireless or wired.

    the sensor included is wired

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