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Digital to Analogue Audio Converter

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  • Converts optical, coaxial or USB audio audio to twin RCA (phono) or 3.5mm stereo headphone output
  • Listen to high definition downloads on your standard hi-fi or speakers
  • Works with all PC audio formats

Product details

Digital to Analogue Audio Converter

• Converts optical, coaxial or USB audio audio to twin RCA (phono) or 3.5mm stereo headphone output• Listen to high definition downloads on your standard hi-fi or speakers• Works with all PC audio formats
• USB powered (power supply not included; requires a 1A USB power supply)• Plug 'n' Play - no drivers required for Win 7, Vista nor XP• Connect most audio devices with a digital output (only 2-channel digital audio is supported)• Adjustable headphone output• 24-bit, 192 kHz audio quality• Dimensions: 111 x 105 x 30 mm• Weight: 174 g

Ideal for music lovers seeking an excellent value upgrade to advanced HD audio and saving money on new stereo equipment.


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10 of 25 Reviews

  • awesome

    I bought this item after trying a similar product that didnt work. The assistant in store pointed this one out to me explaining about the usb power supply. Got it home and set it up in minutes, what an excellent piece of kit, i really wasnt expecting such good sound quality. I have used it from the optical out of a lg tv to a marantz amp. I would highly recommend this item.

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  • MS Home Server 2011

    Works fine. Just to say that this worked without extra drivers on MS HS 2011 after sound services were turned on.(By default they were off)

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  • If you have the power source/cables this is a lovely sounding digital pre-amp/DAC when connected to a good stereo amp via phono leads, and with its own headphone amp as well. Great value!

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  • This product does work BUT… It is powered via USB and so anyone using it with a computer will be ok. Those like me, who want to convert optical to analog without involving USB, are left wondering why it doesn't work. No power adapter is included, although there is a space in the packaging (where it once was?) It is not at all clear in the instructions that a power adapter is required, in fact it states that it is not required when using the optical or coaxial inputs. It was only because I couldn't figure how that would work that I tried my iPhone charger. I used the included USB cable with my iPhone charger to power it and all was fine. If you buy this AND a 5v 0.5-1A power adapter AND an optical cable (not included either) you are good to go. It probably should say that somewhere eh?

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  • This DAC looks good and is quite sturdy. It is a great pity that it does not come with a power supply and has to be powered from the USB socket. Unfortunately it only worked for 5 hours. I was listening to my CD player when I heard a click, then silence. Tried both optical and digital phono inputs, but no output - power was ok as led was alight.Had to take it to my local store for a refund.

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  • Had the use of this item from a friend (away on hols) what a big difference to my cds transferred to the laptop. With the right speakers this is brilliant, much better than the price would suggest. Must get one as I have a good speaker set-up like the one I tried out. Streets ahead of the original sound and a very reasonable price too!

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  • I do a lot of my listening with high quality headphones and was expecting this unbranded economy DAC to be a bit of a disappointment when it came to sound reproduction. I connected it to the"optical out" from my TV and use it with headphones only. What a surprise it was to hear such an excellent sound. I have to say that I agree with the majority of your reviewers and am more than satisfied. Definitely value for money.

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  • To coin the phrase, does what it says on the tin. This handy box-of-tricks bridges the gap between the all-digital outputs of AV equipment and the phono inputs of not-very-old amplifiers. With obsolescence seemingly built-in to modern day electrical stuff, it's good to know that gizmos like this are available. Much cheaper than buying a new amp! I'd just echo the point made by another reviewer that the box does need a 5V DC power input (via USB) to work; fortunately this was helpfully pointed out to me by the sales assistant at the time of purchase.

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  • Got one of these just to try it out as an alternative to my pc speakers. (Have a good pair of headphones plugged into it - Audio Technica ath ad 700 ) That was a year ago and I do most of my listening using these. Youtube and mp3s sound great . Highly recommended. Also connected my hifi into it as well so I can share the sound. Probably the best bit of pc kit I have bought yet. Do your ears a favour and get one

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  • I wanted to connect an LED TV to my Hi-Fi but it does not have analogue out, just an optical out. This ingenious device converted optical to analogue without any fuss, I just plugged in an optical lead from the telly to the device then connected audio leads from the device to my hi-if, both leads have to be purchased separately. Also connected the USB lead supplied in the box to a power supply, I used a spare iPhone charger plug and it worked a dream.Saved me spending a lot more than I did as I was going to buy an optical speaker system.Top marks from me.

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  • John said:

    What sample rates does this work with?

    It accepts sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48 kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz. (96kHz max over USB). RW

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    Could this be used to connect headphones to a TV with Optical out?

    Yes, this is ideal for that purpose.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    Can this be used with Apple TV for connection to a HiFi?

    Yes, this can be used with the Optical out on the Apple TV, into the red/white analogue phono inputs on a HiFi system.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    How is this item powered?

    This is powered via USB. For Non-PC use, a USB power supply can be used.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    Can this be connected to a PC?

    Yes, this can be used as an external sound card via the included USB cable.

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