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Electronic Digital Calliper

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  • Electronic 25mm LCD screen
  • Imperial or metric reading
  • Suitable for internal and external measurement

Product details

Electronic Digital Calliper

• Electronic 25mm LCD screen• Imperial or metric reading• Suitable for internal and external measurement• Resets the zero point of the instrument• Point is memorised even if the unit is switched off• Adjustable via a friction thumb roller• Power off button• Lightweight and durable• Complete with carry case• Supplied with 1 x SR44 battery

Measuring range 0-150mm/0-6 inches
Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005 inches
Accuracy: ±0.02mm/0.001inches (<100mm)
±0.03mm/0.001inches (>100-200mm)
±0.04mm/0.0005 inches (>200-300mm)
Repeatability: 0.01mm/0.0005 inches


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10 of 10 Reviews

  • For it's price this is an OK calliper. However it's not sufficiently rigid and getting repeatable measurements and zero is almost impossible (without much effort).

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  • Excellent value for money and it does what it says on the box! It is well made and measures in both inches and mm which is handy. The instructions are useful too as is the supplied spare battery. I like that you can measure depth with the calipers which has helped with some projects over the summer. Being digital it has really sped up the processing time compared to when I was using a similar analogue set of calipers.

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  • Perfect for my wood turning hobby! Good and accurate, and very easy to use..

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  • Great product, works like a charm!

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  • Well presented, nice case and clear display. Metal finish quality is not very good and has a rough action, needs a fine stone rubbing over it. However for an inexpensive tool it does seem to measure quite accurately and mine is repeatable, it doesn't lose its zero like others have reported. The sticker on the back has some useful ISO Metric Screw data and Whitworth? Who uses Whitworth these days? Also the sticker was put on crooked which detracted a little from the overall presentation. perfectly OK for DIY / garage use I would say.

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  • Terrible build quality, and unreliable. Turning the calipers on and sliding them in and out a few times then returning them to fully closed often results in readings so far from zero it's not funny. I'm returning mine at the earliest available opportunity.

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  • This is perfect for quick, accurate measurements in my workshop now that my eyes are not what the used to be. Its well made and has a scale to cross check the read out. I probably wouldn't use this on a precise engineering project but I do use this every day for taking measurements quickly.

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  • I know there is a stated tolerance in the description of this item but the one I bought seems to slip outside this at times, I have to keep checking it against a set of feeler gauges to make sure I have the right measurement.

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  • Excellent value for the money! Does not quite do what the more expensive calipers will do in terms of maintaining zero but very good non the less.

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  • Works ok, but it seems to occasionally add about 5mm between measurements. Just make sure you always close and zero it before making a measurement and it is ok.

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  • howard davis said:

    can you plug i a remote display unit & if so do you have one ?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Martin said:

    Does the caliper come with a case?

    Yes it does

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  • chris tynan said:

    do you supply the cable to link the caliper to a pc

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Ken Ryan said:

    What lengtht are the "measuring arms" of the caliper


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  • john mallon said:

    If unit does not have auto power-off, how long is battery life if unintentionally left powered?

    The unit has auto power off

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  • Gordon Mackie said:

    This Digital Caliper looks very similar to the Mitutoyo in design. Can you comfirm the manufacturer? Also, does it come with a calibration certificate?

    This is not branded Mitutoyo. No certificate included.

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N48AA Electronic Digital Calliper (100+) £13.49
N48AA Electronic Digital Calliper (25+) £13.94
N48AA Electronic Digital Calliper (10+) £14.24
N48AA Electronic Digital Calliper (5+) £14.54
N48AA Electronic Digital Calliper (1+) £14.99

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