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Flexible Snake Scope Camera

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  • Handheld video endoscope
  • The snake scope can capture high quality colour images and videos
  • Ideal for household / industrial inspection or as a nifty spy and surveillance gadget.

Product details

Flexible Snake Scope Camera

• Handheld video endoscope• The snake scope can capture high quality colour images and videos• Ideal for household / industrial inspection or as a nifty spy and surveillance gadget.• Perfect for use on the road with a notebook• 2 x White LED Light’s with adjustable brightness• Magnetic pickup attachment• USB powered• Quick easy operation

The Snake scope is an ergonomic handheld video endoscope system with robust and semi flexible insertion tube. It can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer or Laptop. Enhanced with 2 white LED lights (Adjustable brightness control) on the tip of the semi flexible tube and a 300K digital camera, the Snake Scope can capture high quality images and videos (AVI) with rich colour throughout a large dynamic range. The full package includes user friendly image processing software and a Magnetic pickup attachment. Additionally, this high end scope requires no batteries, receiving its power directly from the computer’s / notebook’s USB port. The Snake Scope has a waterproof head and it’s innovative design, as well as its easy accessibility make it a perfect candidate for household use, industrial inspection and also a nifty spy and surveillance toy.
Lens: F#:2.8 View of angle: 54°
1/6-inch VGA CMOS: 640480 Pixels
Frame rate: Up to 30 fps @ VGA
Focal distance: 6 cm~infinite
Lens outer diameter: 14 mm
Snapshot function: Available
Cable outer diameter: 8.5 mm
2 m USB cable
USB 1.1 interface
Powered by USB port
Application CD driver
80 cm flexible cable
1 x Snake Scope USB
1 x Magnetic pick up attachment
1 x Carry Case
1 x Software and Driver CD
1 x Instruction manual
Minimum System requirements:
Pentium III 200 MHz
40 MB free memory on HD
CD- or DVD-ROM drive
Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista


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10 of 31 Reviews

  • I bought this on while on offer to throw in my tool box but wanted to use my netbook which runs an AMD quad with windows 8.1. I couldn't find a download so copied the driver disc to a stick on the desktop, installed it into documents on the netbook, double clicked, it installed no problem, plugged the camera in and hey presto it runs and captures perfectly, (You have to tell the computer it's a telescope from the software) A steady hand is required but the light when adjusted makes it easily capable of reading small print. I am extremely impressed, easy to set up and works great! A bargain even at full price.

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  • An excellent tool. Whether threading cables, spotting that dropped bolt in an engine bay or checking the seal on an inaccessible oil filter, the Flexible Snake is your friend. Easy to install software, a very good view on a laptop screen with adjustable lighting for improved clarity and a waterproof head for inclement viewing conditions, you'll wonder how you managed without it. An invaluable addition to your toolkit at a very affordable price. TJ

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  • Best miniature camera I have brought well worth the money.the best thing about this product is the high quality picture that you receive and it's so simple to use.

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  • It did the job I required it for but only just. However, for the price it cost I couldn't complain plus the fact that I required it to check inside an aircraft wing on a bright sunny day, so had problems seeing the laptop screen; of course, no fault of the scope. The picture is a bit grainy but again, for the money, a good buy.

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  • One of the most useful tools I have bought, excellent value.

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  • Driver: FYI, as far as I can see, the driver on the CD is the same version as in the Maplin download. If you have a slot-loading CD drive, then obviously use the Maplin download. Snapshot: the Maplin downloaded manual says when you press the snapshot button, a program "Snapshot Reader" opens - it didn't on mine until I manually opened the snapshot reader program, and then when I pressed the snapshot button, the reader opened (provided Preview was on, otherwise AMcap opened in multiple windows). Just going to re-boot to see what happens after that, but will lose this post unless I post it!

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  • An excellent piece of kit. More versatile than I thought it would be.

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  • Worked really well on windows 7. Could not get it to work on my Linux software. That aside very good results. I use it to check inside walls when running electric cables.

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  • Just purchased this on offer - worked straight out of the tin - perfect on Windows 7... no issues with power from USB, the focal length seems shorted than the 6cm quoted - you can get within about 1/2" of things - Brilliant!

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  • Used this to inspect an otherwise inaccessible place on an aircraft through a 1.5cm access hole. It enabled me to check and tighten some bolts (using a socket on a 80cm rod to hold the nuts in the space). I could even send live pictures off to my engineer so he could approve the work. Brilliant.

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10 of 27 Questions

  • Manus McGinty said:

    Will it work with a windows 8.1 version OS

    Yes the product does support this.

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  • MAC said:

    Is the snake cable steerable\bendable from the handle or once a curve has been set it is fixed.

    Its not steerable from the handle,

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  • Nik said:

    Does this work with Macs ?

    I'm afraid this product is not compatible with a Mac.

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  • Bill said:

    How long is the usb cable? What I want to know is how far away can I have the laptop from the camera?

    this has 2m USB

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  • Peter said:

    Bought one of these from you guys, but chap I lent it to has lost the CD - do you have a link to somewhere where I could down load the drivers again? Thanks

    Yes these are available via email, please send a request to technical@maplin.co.uk

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  • Gus said:

    Hi, What temp can it work up to. Thanks

    This will work in temperatures up to 45 degrees centigrade. RW

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  • Alan Clifford said:

    How long is the flexible part of the scope .Thanks

    This is a 80cm flexible cable

    Was this answer useful?  Yes No  3 1

  • L Grosvenor said:

    Is this product also compatible with Windows 7 OS ?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Bob Cunningham said:

    Does this product come with drivers for windows 98 operating system?

    Yes, this product does include that

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  • Bob Cunningham said:

    Will this product work with Windows CE products

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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