FUZE Powered with Raspberry Pi

Code: N33DU

  • Raspberry Pi Version 2 model B
  • FUZE case type II with integrated keyboard
  • USB mouse and mat

Product details

FUZE Powered with Raspberry Pi

• Raspberry Pi Version 2 model B
• FUZE case type II with integrated keyboard
• USB mouse and mat
• Includes BASIC programming language that makes learning code easier
• 8GB microSD card pre-loaded with OS which includes FUZE BASIC
• Great to help young people develop skills in programming and electronics
• Connect to screens, Raspberry Pi compatible devices and hats
• Lesson cards for use in the school or at home for programming development
• Includes a printed programmer’s reference guide to help you get started
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What special features does this product have?
The Raspberry Pi Version 2 and the FUZE Case (type II) combine to give you a powerful creative tool for both software and hardware.

The aluminium body protects the Raspberry Pi from knocks and static electricity.

What is FUZE?
FUZE allows you to unlock the potential of your Raspberry Pi. It is an aluminium case with an in-built keyboard that still connects to all the ports in your Raspberry Pi. When inside the FUZE, your Raspberry Pi is more easily accessible as all the ports are located on the single flat panel on the back of the FUZE. From this you can connect to the LAN port for network access, four USBs, the SD card slot, the micro USB power port, not forgetting the 3.5mm audio and HDMI to play all of your media content.

It plugs into your TV or monitor screen, gets power from the USB power cable and connects to other devices all using ports located on the back panel of the FUZE. This makes connected cables tidy and simple to connect. Despite its retro design, it outputs high definition footage to a TV or monitor via its HDMI port.

Why get FUZE with the Raspberry Pi board?
The Raspberry Pi boards have components and connectors protruding from their surface, posing a liability if it is dropped or caught on something because the board could get broken. FUZE protects your Raspberry Pi against knocks and allows increased connectivity. The devices and connections made to your Raspberry Pi pins via the FUZE cannot cause any electrical damage because all of the GPIO pins are electrically protected, isolating your board from any external mishaps.

FUZE empowers its users with the ability to connect analogue devices, which the Raspberry Pi, by default, cannot do. This is fantastic for if you want a project that takes real-world input like heat, sound, light and movement – essential for building motion detection and voice activation projects.

This kit gives you the exciting opportunity to use a range of electronic components and devices to create any project you can put together. The project cards also provide you with suggestions about how you can use the supplied components such as the LED lights and LCD display in a set lesson plan at school or home without any prior experience required.

What can I do with Raspberry Pi?
With a Raspberry Pi you can build electronic projects, learn to write software and even use it as a media centre for your HD videos.

The Raspberry Pi was created by a group of individuals who had a desire to get young people programming. This kit comes with Scratch FUZE BASIC and Python languages, enabling you to develop new coding skills.

You can use either a USB Wi-Fi dongle or an Ethernet cable in order to supply your Raspberry Pi with internet access. This gives you the ability to browse the web or download new exciting programs, which could transform how you use your Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a very powerful portable computer and many have chosen to download and install an operating system with a full graphical user interface and traditional desktop functionality.

What comes with the bundle?
This kit provides you with the FUZE type II workstation and the powerful Raspberry Pi Version 2 Model B featuring a Quad-Core Processor and 1GB of RAM. Also supplied inside the box is an 8GB SD card pre-configured with FUZE BASIC and an IO board to connect analogue sensors.

To get going with different interesting and educational projects, the FUZE gives you an 840-socket breadboard for connecting components without a soldering iron. The 2A power supply lets you switch your Raspberry Pi off without unplugging cables and the wireless mouse makes getting started quick and natural.

Supplied Board Raspberry Pi Version 2
CPU Broadcom BCM2836 SOC 900MHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV
Memory 1 GB (shared with GPU)
USB on Raspeberry pi 2 x USB 2.0
USB on FUZE kit 4
Video Phono (RCA), HDMI (up to 1.4 compatible) and DSI socket
Audio 3.5 mm jack
Storage microSD card slot
Network 10/100 Mb/s
Power 5V 2 Amp Power supply to the USB hub which also powers the Pi. The hub includes an on / off switch.
Dimensions 330mm x 238mm x 75mm
Operating Software FUZE BASIC, SCRATCH and PYTHON
I/O 40 pin GPIO customisable pin array
Kit contents
Raspberry Pi Version 2
Keyboard (UK standard – USA, German & French also available)
USB Hub adds an additional 4 External USB ports making 4 external and 2 internal available
5V 2 Amp Power supply to the USB hub which also powers the Pi. The hub includes an on / off switch.
FUZE IO Board – Extended GPIO features including 4 analogue in ports and one out
FUZE Electronic Components Kit – LEDs, Switches, Seven Segment LED, Light Sensor, Resistors, Jumper wires and cables
840 socket solder-less bread board
8GB Boot SD Card – fully pre-configured and including FUZE BASIC
Printed Programmer’s Reference Guide
Printed Project Cards
Mouse & Mat

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
N33DU FUZE Powered with Raspberry Pi (1+) £169.99

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