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Garage/Shed Alarm

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  • Low cost, easy-to-install security suitable for sheds, garages, conservatories, tack rooms, caravans, boats etc
  • Battery-operated, versatile and compact alarm
  • Powerful 120dB siren

Product details

Garage/Shed Alarm

• Low cost, easy-to-install security suitable for sheds, garages, conservatories, tack rooms, caravans, boats etc• Battery-operated, versatile and compact alarm• Powerful 120dB siren• Digital control panel • Three digit code operation• Entry/exit delay• Pre-wired door contact• Visitor chime function• Panic alarm


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10 of 13 Reviews

  • I bought this alarm a few years ago and it was easy to install and easy to use. I do still occasionally forget about it when I go into the shed but the ear splitting screech soon reminds me it is there! At 2.00 this morning thieves tried to break into my shed. Thanks to careful placement of the magnetic switches the alarm went off when they pulled at the top of the shed door. They hadnÔÇÖt even got round to trying to lever the door open (I have bolted hasps and chunky padlock fitted) and the loud alarm scared them off with no damage and nothing taken. Because the alarm went off and woke me up (even through double glazed windows) I managed to call the police very quickly and they were on the scene in 20 minutes with a tracker dog. The dog picked up a scent and took the police to a taxi that had been broken into. I do not know if they caught anyone though. I am about to build another shed for our bikes and will definitely be fitting another of these alarms.

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  • Overall very happy, but the lead is too short, however I unsoldered it and fitted a longer lead so I could position it in a convenient location on the wall. Another possibility is to simply cut the wire and join it, either way it works OK If you've had a alarm fitted before, it is possible to use the original magnet on the door, as all it does is actuate the read switch to the alarm.

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  • This alarm is so simple to set up, I cut the wire and rewired it to the shed door contact that was already in place wired from the garage, when the alarm system that I had gave up, so that the control is in the garage, two feet away, no problems.

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  • I have one of these installed in my flat by the front door. I have made some modifications: fitted rechargeable batteries and a plug in power supply so I can just leave it without worrying about it. The Door contact CAN be extended if you know what you are doing. It is very loud and easily programmble to suit your needs. Only down side is that once the alram is triggered and you forget to close the door the uuit will sound continuously unless you close the door or deactivate the alarm with your chosen 3-digit code.

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  • This is the second such alarm I have purchased from Maplin. The original was damaged when I altered the door in my workshop. They are great wee devices and SO LOUD if one forgets to switch the thing off. Potential burglars would die from sheer fright. I ordered the replacement on line and it arrived less than 24hours later. Brilliant service - as always.

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  • Fab item - reliable and keeps my sheds secure. would recomend easy to fit and use.

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  • This is a great little alarm and is very loud indeed. For the technically inclined, the door contact is a normally closed reed switch so the alarm can be adapted to use any kind of break-on-entry alarm sensor. I wanted to make a wire loop alarm for protecting bikes left in our caravan awning. I removed the reed switch and wired in a loop of wire with a plug and socket half way round so that it could be threaded through the bike frames and would alarm if cut or disconnected. It worked great.

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  • The wire between the numerical pad and door sensor Is very short (20cm) so this alarm is not any use if you need to have the sensor at the top of the door as the keypad will need to be mounted too high. This situation could occur if you have double opening shed doors unless you can mount the keypad on the inside of one of the doors.

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  • its a brilliant security system

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  • Great little device operated by the magnetic switch. Very loud when tripped in the alarm mode. Also has ding-dong function.

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10 of 19 Questions

  • Barry Parry said:

    What is the exit/entry delay on the alarm and is it possible to change it? Thanks

    Entry delay can be set to 3, 15 or 30 seconds Exit delay can be set to 10, 20 or 30 seconds

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  • Peter said:

    What batteries does it take and how many?

    This takes 3 AAA batteries

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  • Jo-Anne said:

    Can you turn the alarm off if needed.

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Skelcher said:

    Can I extend the length of cable between mag sensor and the control by splicing in addition wire, is this multi core wire?

    We can see no reason why not.

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  • harry randles said:

    how many sensors come with this alarm system

    This has one sensor.

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  • CHOEGYAL said:

    Does this consume battery power while sitting idle?

    Yes, this would consume power.

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  • Belinda said:

    If the alarm is triggered how long does the buzzer sound for?

    This sounds for 30 seconds.


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  • Don Russell said:

    Can this unit be shut off so I can leave the door to my shed open while I'm in there working?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • ian said:

    can i obtain a copy of the instructions

    This can be obtained by contacting our technical team directly (please see "contact us" for further details)

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  • Tom in Timperley said:

    Does the alarm come with any warning stickers

    No I am afraid not

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