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Goal Post Lighting Stand

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  • Heavy-duty 38mm Steel Tubes
  • Pre-drilled for up to 8 lights plus rail for extra lights
  • Adjustable Height: 1.6m - 3.2m

Product details

Goal Post Lighting Stand

• Heavy-duty 38mm Steel Tubes
• Pre-drilled for up to 8 lights plus rail for extra lights
• Adjustable Height: 1.6m - 3.2m
• T-Bar Length: 1.2m
• Load Capacity: 120kg

This light-weight stand has been designed specifically for mobile use. The dual cross-bar provides extra rigidity and offers maximum flexibility when securing lights, etc. on the frame and includes two additional T-bars. The whole stand folds neatly down to a convenient transportable size, and can be re-assembled quickly and easily.Specifications:
Adjustable height: 1.9m to 2.7m
Width: 3.1m
T-bars: 1.23m
Load capacity: 40kg
Product weight: 16kg


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10 of 20 Reviews

  • Goal post lighting stand

    Where can I download the manual, so I put this together? As mine came with no instructions!!

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  • This is a great product!

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  • this is a great item....it is not however that easy to assemble on your own...ideally you will need 2 people to get the goalpost stand erected... it is not the perfect lighting stand for your normal little pub gig....i only use it for weddings when i have ....more room...more lighting...more help to erect... another downside is that it isnt that easy to transport....it wouldnt fit in my car for example...i use a trailer for gigs and it does fit there..... takes a while to set up for the 1st time...instructions not good,but ok when you do it a few times.. i use a cordless screwdriver to assemble and take down this stand....really speeds things up! overall a great lighting stand....strong and can hold lots of lighting.good 4 the money...

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  • very impressed highly recomended! easy to assemble without instructions seems very sturdy. its a little large for a smaller venue but the cross beam section is able to be seperated and can be used in just one section to half the size of it. easily heald 8 par 56 cans plus 4 scanners 2 moon floowers and 2 4way traffic lights and all the required controllers and wires! cheapest one i have seen by at least £100! if your considering it just buy it you will not regret it!

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  • just bought the goal post lighting trust the over all size is about 3 to 3.4 metres well worth the money and well built and easy to erect don t need any instructions and cheapest on the net

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  • good quality item, a bit harder to set up than a standard T-bar and takes quite a bit more time but worth it. could do with some detailed instructions in the box rather than the downloaded ones as they do not show you what to do with the two thin middle bars

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  • very good piece of kit, would definitely recomend this to any one! its the cheapest goal post i found on the market and its of an exellent quality!! the only down fall is that the instruction manual is not packed with the contents, but it can be downloaded online!

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  • Great Value for money, sturdy and amazing when all lights were attached, the only negative was that it came without instructions.

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  • I certainly wouldn't call it that "lightweight & portable", the main top section is very long so you need an estate or van to carry. It also take two people to assemble as otherwise you have to slowly raise each end bit by bit alternating sides. The safety pins are very stiff to use, on my 1st gig with this one came out but didn't want to mess with with fear of falling down. After the gig needed to borrow a hammer to get two of the pins out as they go through several sections of holes on the stands either end and if they are not aligned 100% it is very hard (especially with 1 person). The two middle sections also seem to appear not straight once built, hence the build quality. Saying this aside for the price the quality is quite good, expected it to be lighter but feels & looks the part of more expensive goal posts. I do not use the top pieces on either side. One tip I can give is use the nuts/bolts provided to build do not rely on the pins, I have taken mine off as don't want to take a hammer to every gig!

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  • i bought one of these stands in october 09 and what can i say, it's very basic to put together and despite having no instructions(which you can get off the website) you don't need them anyway. I have used this stand for many events including discos and shows and it has worked brilliantly.with the two other brackets that are with the stand i made some brackets and know i also mount my speakers on it. I bought another in august 2010 and i plan to make the truss section longer i had to make another part to hold sections of truss together because unfortunately the stands don't come with these extra parts (not maplin's fault). Now i have a 6 metre stand and 4 speaker brackets.

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  • James said:

    Does the stand come with nuts and bolts to attach fixtures to i?

    Yes it does.

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  • Dale said:

    Does this set up come with the relevant allen keys to assemble this product ? (& obviously intructions)

    Yes, this product does include that

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  • richard said:

    Do you stock spares fir this item

    unfortunately not

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  • Frank said:

    I have a few Maplin lighting stands made from the same tubing (i.e. they're the same as the uprights here). Is the cross-bar available separately?

    unfortunately not

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  • Grant said:

    hi the overall length is 3.1m is that including t bars, if not how wide is the cross section?

    Yes, that's correct.

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  • harry said:

    does the centre truss split into two or is it one whole piece ?

    This does split in two.

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  • Neil said:

    The truss is in 2 sections, can the width of this product be halved by using only 1 of the truss sections?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • kunal said:

    Can you put lights in the middle section of the t-bar ?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • dave said:

    what is the diameter of the truss section n if i want to use g clamps what size do i need to get

    20mm truss sections on this product.

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  • Kieran said:

    Can you conjoin multiple stands together, if so do you need to purchase any extra clamps or anything?

    The units are designed to be assembled as is and not for multiples I am afraid. We can see no reason why you couldnt use the item in an alternative manner so as to achieve multiple conjoined stands but we would only recommend assembling the unit in the manner pictured.

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