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GW Instek GDM-8251A 5 ½ Digit Dual Display Digital Multimeter

Code: N53DG

  • GDM-8251A : 5 ½ Digits(120,000 Counts Max.)
  • VFD Two Colors Display
  • 0.012% DCV Accuracy & True RMS (AC, AC+DC)

Product details

GW Instek GDM-8251A 5 ½ Digit Dual Display Digital Multimeter

• GDM-8251A : 5 ½ Digits(120,000 Counts Max.)
• VFD Two Colors Display
• 0.012% DCV Accuracy & True RMS (AC, AC+DC)
• 9 Major Measuring Functions and 10 & Advanced Measurement Functions
• 2W/4W Resistance Measurement
• High Voltage 1000V and 10A Current Range
• Standard Interface : RS-232C, USB Device, Digital I/O
• Free PC Software (DMM-VIEWER), & LabVIEW Driver

GDM-8255A/8251A portable precision multimeters feature 199,999/120,000 counts, a dual display,
a 0.012% DCV accuracy and 2w/4w measurement. The VFD display technology provides the excellent
observation of contrast and brightness.

GDM-8255A/8251A carry an extensive list of standard measurement items with a dual-display
allowing two measurement items to be displayed simultaneously. Advanced measurement functions,
such as Max/Min, Hold, Relative value and Compare, are suitable for a multiplicity of applications such as production testing, research and field verification. The USB, RS-232C and 9-pin digital I/O
interface are included as standard features for remote control and data capturing for ATE

For convenient PC-based remote control and extensive data capture, GDM-8255A/8251A include
DMM-Viewer software at no additional cost. DMM-Viewer mimics the operation of the multimeters
on the PC, allowing you to quickly use the software with little effort.

The optional scanner card (GDM-SC1) creates a self-contained multipoint measurement solution with plug-in design. This approach eliminates the complexities of multipoint measurements and data
processing. The scanner lets users effectively measure multiple channels connected to a single GDM-
8255A. Each scanner card has 16 general purpose channels and 2 extra channels for current (ACI, DCI)
measurements. All channels are fully isolated (Hi and Lo). Up to two scanner cards can be inserted
into each multimeter for a maximum of 36 channels. These optional modules not only provide
customers with a complete hands-free multiple measurement solution, but also provide a cost effective upgrade path compared with purchasing dedicated instruments.(OPTIONAL FOR GDM-8255A ONLY)
Specifications: N53DG (GDM-8251A)
Full Scale
51/2 Digits (120,000 counts Max)
Sample Rate
"Slow:5 1/2 digits, 10 readings/sec
Medium:4 1/2 digits, 30 readings/sec
Fast:3 1/2 digits, 60 readings/sec"
DC Voltage
Range 100mV,1V,10V,100V,1000V 5 range
Accuracy "100mvV:±(0.012% rdg+8digits)
1~1000V:±(0.012% rdg+5digits)"
AC Voltage True RMS
Range 100mV,1V,10V,100V,750V 5 range
Accuracy "100mv range:
20~45Hz:±(1% rdg+100digits)
45~10kHz:±(0.2% rdg+100digits)
10k~30kHz:±(1.5% rdg+300digits)
30k~100kHz:±(15% rdg+300digits)
1v,10v,100v,750v ranges:
20~45Hz:±(1% rdg+100digits)
45~10kHz:±(0.2% rdg+100digits)
10k~30kHz:±(1% rdg+100digits)
30k~100kHz:±(3% rdg+200digits)
DC Current
Range 10mA,100mA,1A,10A 4ranges
Accuracy "10mA±(0.05% rdg+15digits)
100mA±(0.05% rdg+5digits)
1A,10A±(0.2% rdg+5digits)
Accuracy "10mA,100mA range:
20~50Hz:±(1.5% rdg+100digits)
50~10kHz:±(0.5% rdg+100digits)
10k~20kHz:±(2% rdg+200digits)
1A,10A range :
50~10kHz:±(1% rdg+100digits)
Range "100 Ohm,1K Ohm,10kOhm,100kOhm
1M Ohm,10M Ohm,100M Ohm 7 ranges"
2W Accuracy "100 Ohm range:±(0.1% rdg+8digits)
1k Ohm range:±(0.08% rdg+5digits)
10k Ohm range:±(0.06% rdg+5digits)
100k~1M Ohm range:±(0.06% rdg+5digits)
10M Ohm range:±(0.3% rdg+5digits)
100M Ohm range:±(0.3% rdg+8digits)
4W Accuracy "100 Ohm range:±(0.05% rdg+8digits)
1k~1M Ohm range:±(0.05% rdg+5digits)
10M Ohm range:±(0.3% rdg+5digits)
100M Ohm range:±(3% rdg+8digits)
"Open circuit voltage 2.0v, Test current 0.5mA
Accuracy:±(0.025% rdg+5digits)"
Frequency "10~100kHz:Sensitivity 0.1V,Accuracy±(0.05% rdg+15digits)
100~600kHz:Sensitivity 1V,Accuracy±(0.05% rdg+3digits)
600~800kHz:Sensitivity 2.5V,Accuracy±(0.05% rdg+3digits)
Continuity Beeper 1~1000 Ohm defince by user:accuracy ±(0.08% rdg+5digits)
Temperature 0?~300? : J,K,T Type
Others Functions "Auto range,Manul,Math:MX+B/%/1/X Max,Min,dBm,Db,REL
Hold,Compare,Store Recall"
Display VFD, Two colors Display
Interface Digital I/O,USB,RS-232C
Power Source AC100V~240V±10%,50/60HZ
Dimension & Weight "265(W)x107(W)x3550(D)mm;
Approx. 2.6kg"

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