In Car Ceramic Heater/Cooler

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  • Instant auxiliary heat
  • Fan and heat dual-control switch
  • Foldable handle design for window defroster

Product details

In Car Ceramic Heater/Cooler

• Instant auxiliary heat• Fan and heat dual-control switch• Foldable handle design for window defroster• 2m power cord with 15A in-line blade fuse• Brushless motor for noiseless operation• Detachable 360° swivel base• DC 12V operation

This Car heater cooler is not a replacement for your own cars heating system. It is a supplement to the existing system and is used to clear ice and frost from your cars windscreen only. For best use do not use for longer than 15 minutes in an hour.


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10 of 21 Reviews

  • Good heat output

    Got this to hard wire to an auxiliary battery in back of van. Gives out more heat than expected for such a cheap item. Cable does get very warm.

    I intend to dismantle it and put in an aluminium housing with higher rated cable. If that works as planned I will add a 2nd so I have the option to double the output from 150watts to 300 watts, so my dogs are as warm as me where the cab heater is already very effective.

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  • Good for the price!

    Bought before I read the reviews (may not have bothered if I'd read them before) however I'm pleased to say I'm finding it a very effective piece of kit! The blower in my land rover packed up so I got the unit to assist until I get time to sort it out properly. Leave it running from cold for a couple of minutes, come back and the screen is clearing nicely. Quick wipe with a duster and we're off, the screen staying clear. Can't even see how it's badly put together to be honest, it just needs to be treated with the same respect as any other small electrical item. Quiet, effective and a tenner well spent.

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  • In-Car Ceramic Heater

    I purchased one of these to solve a slow clearing up of my wife's Micra wind screen, it has worked well and has cut the time by more than half. So I got another this time for for my car. And the first time I plugged it in, it worked well until I attempted to pull it clear of the lighter socket, and the tips locking ring stayed in the base of the socket releasing the two earthing springs to jam the socket, necessitating its replacement! A good idea but POOR construction

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  • I bought one of these for my Mum last year and it worked as well as you might expect from something that cost £8 quid, until it broke after 2 months. It wasn't the fuse, but it just decided to only blow out cold air one day.

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  • Like others have said, if you breathe into your hands you feel more warmth than you get with this piece of junk. The idea is poor. The quality of the build is poor. The power connector is so stiff it's in danger of breaking my lighter socket, if it hasn't already. I must have been mad to have bought this.

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  • The mini heater A75 FL outperforms our expectations . I worked in place of a Renault heater to clear the window . Surprisingly effective and not too much of a load for the battery . The fuse is in the cable, a nice idea as easy to check and good to see it has one . Operation is reasonably quiet , not unlike the better computer fans in style and noise levels . Whilst it can not replace a heater it can make it possible to use a car before repairs can be made . I would advise to keep the switch inside the unit .I t offers no advantage to move it and looks likely to get broken . All in all excellent value and very reasonable quality considering the price.

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  • Clears about a 5" square in window so have to move it constantly. Only supposed to use for a few minutes at a time so it wont warm the car up at all. Ours lasted a week

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  • Good price, if it worked. this thing has the heating and blowing power of a person breathing on you, completely useless. use a scraper and wear a jacket, its cheaper, faster and works.

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  • Very disappointed with this because the fan output is low and it takes ages to defrost windscreen.

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  • This is what you should expect for the money. Cheap construction, but stroung enough not to break instantly etc. The Thick wire does get warm (not hot), so don't bunch or coil it up. Like others have said, mounting this piece of kit in a car is a little impracticle, no one normal would poke holes in their dash board for a cheap lilttle heater like this, and the sticky pad is a mere a token guesture, unless fixing to a flat metal or glass surface with decent stress relief or no weight baring on it etc. Besides there's more pressing issues at hand. Quite a few of these have been returned, (for various reasons I guess), but the repeated issue I had was the switch burning out. It's rated at 125v & 10A I think, but the connectors got warm enough to just start to soften the plastic switch they're housed in, (just enough to allow it to move slightly over time), then I assume the contacts inside start to arc, as a result of the contacts moving apart, causing more heat until it eventually fails. It took only a week to 10 days to go in my cases. Eventually I bypassed the switch and now operate it by plugging it in or unplugging it - simples. Lets see how long it lasts now - 2 weeks so far. On the other hand, it has a good little low noise fan and considering it's merely electric (so poeple shouldn't expect car heater levels of hot air - as that heat is gathered from the hot water circulating your engine), it's not bad. And defintely good enough to keep my fingers from freezing in this current cold snap we're having in Jan'13. So over-all, a below average rating, not because it's useless, but because an avoidable weak link in the design/materials lets it down. Once the switch is taken out the loop, it continues to work OK; takes the edge off the freezing weather & I'm glad I've got it as opposed to not having it when it's this cold. Brrrr.

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10 of 16 Questions

  • craig said:

    is it ok to use an adaptor to plug other items into the cigerete lighter while using this heater?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • paul said:

    Will the product run over night on a normal car battery ?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Stuart Law said:

    Can you tell me what brand or make these heaters are please? Thanks.

    This are Nikkai branded.

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  • John Adams said:

    Re: in car heater at £7.49. Is this supplied with the necessary items to enable it to be fixed to the dashboard ?

    Yes, this product does include that

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  • Nigel said:

    Does the unit have a switch for the heater and/or fan?

    Yes, this product does include that

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  • Ruth said:

    Can this item overheat i.e does it have a safety cut off

    It will not overheat but it is fused in case of an emergency.

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  • Peter Francis said:

    Will this product replace a heated windscreen sutiabley that does not work?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • mat whiteside said:

    Hi can i plug it into an extension lead rather than run off the car battery?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Joseph said:

    can i just cut in wire and not use lighter plug in? I had a over head fan wired inline. Can i use the same wire for heater in the overhead postion?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Alistair Johnstone said:

    Can this ceramic car heater be used with a 10 amp car cigarette lighter?

    Yes the product does support that.

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