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Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting

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  • Compact thermometer with a wide -35°C to 365°C temperature range
  • Built-in laser pointer for accurate readings
  • Automatic data hold and real-time MAX temperature reading

Product details

Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting

• Compact thermometer with a wide -35°C to 365°C temperature range
• Built-in laser pointer for accurate readings
• Automatic data hold and real-time MAX temperature reading
• Last measurement memory recall
• Large, easy to read display with 15-second hold
• Fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface applications
• Distance to spot ratio: (D:S) 8:1
• Auto shut off
• Large LCD screen with backlight
• °C/°F selectable
• Uses 2 x AAA batteries (supplied separately - order code L42AL)

This pistol grip type infrared thermometer has a laser and backlight for easier targeting and operation. With the large -35°C to 365°C temperature range, real time maximum reading and an power saving auto shutoff mode this infrared thermometer is a great option for accurately measuring the temperatures of a number of surfaces on a limited budget.

Temperature range: -35 to 365°C (-31 to 689°F)
Temperature resolution: 0.2°C / 0.5°F
Emmissivity: Fixed at 0.95
Optical resolution: 8:1 Distance to spot size ratio
Basic accuracy: ±2.5% of reading or 2.5°C / 4.5°F
Response time: <1 second
Diode laser: Output <1mW at 630-670nm class II laser product
Power supply: 2 x AAA battery (Order Code L42AL)
Weight: 113g
Dimensions: 63.5(w) x 33.9(d) x 166.4(h) mm


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10 of 16 Reviews

  • I bought this (on offer) primarily to make temperature measurements of cylinder head, manifolds and brake drums on vintage cars; this it does adequately and many other things as well. Only one criticism, the laser spot does not coincide with the centre of the temperature measuring zone.

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  • First signs are not good. Just bought this product but tomorrow it will have to go back to the shop. Either this one is faulty of there is a general problem with accuracy. I have tried it on several items such as heating pipes, painted and clean copper plus radiators and other metal objects but the readings I am getting seem to be all over the place. For example, two pipes which differ greatly in temperature, one feeling quite cool at around 25 deg C and the other too hot to touch at around 75 deg C. According to the thermometer there is not much difference with the too hot to touch pipe measuring at about 31 deg C.

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  • This product is simple to use, just point and click. You don't even have to switch it on or off. Elderly people or US customers can even get the temperature in Farenheit.

    Uses can include checking the temperature of electronic components, especially in computers, and in the home to check temperature of cooked food.

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  • Good value for the money have bought it to check temperatures of walls to measure effectiveness of insulation but finding lots of other uses for it. Not sure how accurate it is as the claim is 2.5% or 2.5 deg but it is 8 deg C out on a pan of boiling water. At room temperatures it seems accurate enough. Instructions could have been better as I am not sure how far away from target I should be and I do not understand the significance of spot size not have had such an instrument before.

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  • This is a brilliant bit of kit for the money (I paid 19.99). Sure, it's not pro-level, but for basic amateur use it's excellent. Trivial to use and from what I can tell comparing with other thermometers, accurate to within about +/- 0.3 degrees (assuming the other thermometers are accurate). We use it for monitoring temperatures all round the garden as part of our bumblebee conservation project. It's perfect for that.

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  • It was one of those things that I always wanted but didn't find the money to buy. So when it went on offer I bought it. I've had so much fun with temperatures of surfaces where I've always thought "I wonder how hot that is?" eg with bath water, now I know. Very easy to use. Highly recommended.

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  • Perfect, great value esp. in sale ;-), does what it says, auto power-off

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  • Works very well and the max hold function is great - an area can be scanned and the maximum read off. It resets instantly on releasing the trigger so with the very fast real time reading, surveys can be very quick. The accuracy is much better than advertised - it agrees with my many house temperature measurements to within 0.1 degC. Also, contrary to the specification batteries are included.

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  • Ive used this to check the radiators when balancing and a multitude of jobs around the house. Its accurate and easy to read and a bargain.

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  • it works very well in my workshop to tell if things are getting hot or are hot

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6 of 6 Questions

  • gary eddolls said:

    does this come with calibration certificate

    This is not included

    Was this answer useful?  Yes No  4 2

  • Darren McHugh said:

    Can this be used in paranormal ivestigations to pin point cold spots

    Unfortunately this is not designed for that purpose. RW

    Was this answer useful?  Yes No  0 3

  • john said:

    will it measure temp of a brick wall

    Yes the product does support that.

    Was this answer useful?  Yes No  2 1

  • David Bullock said:

    Does this IR thermometer have a carrying case?

    This is not included

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  • Author required said:

    Would this be any good in the health care profession ie measuring patient temperatures or will it not work on skin?

    I would not reccomend it for this purpose.

    Was this answer useful?  Yes No  1 1

  • Dean said:

    Will this measure the temperature of cooking oil in a fryer?

    Yes (if it falls within the temperature range this item can handle).

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