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ION Deluxe USB Turntable

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  • Transfer your vinyl and tape collections to CD, iPod or MP3
  • Integrated cover to keep your deck and vinyl dust free
  • Exclusive to Maplin - includes tape input (stereo jack) allowing a cassette player or other audio source to be connected and converted

Product details

ION Deluxe USB Turntable

• Transfer your vinyl and tape collections to CD, iPod or MP3 • Integrated cover to keep your deck and vinyl dust free • Exclusive to Maplin - includes tape input (stereo jack) allowing a cassette player or other audio source to be connected and converted • ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ USB transfer – no drivers required • Record MP3s up to 320kbps bit rate • 33rpm and 45rpm option • Connects to your existing stereo via aux in• Includes all cables to connect to your computer and stereo • PC and Mac compatible • Includes EZ Converter Software • Belt drive turntable including a slipmat and 45rpm adapter • Magnetic cartridge for superior sound quality • Compatible with all versions of Windows from 98SE up and Mac OS 9 or later • Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 • Product dimensions: 500(W) x 400(D) 120(H) mm • Product weight: 5.5kg

Exclusive to Maplin, the ION Deluxe USB Turntable includes a tape input not available on other versions available on the market mixed with a modern, attractive piano black finish. It also has the added benefit of an integrated dust cover, to keep dirt away from both your deck and the vinyl on it.This innovative record deck allows you to take your vintage; and not so vintage; collection of vinyl and tapes and convert them via your PC into MP3 digital files, or simply copy them to a CD. Transferring vinyl and tape to digital has often been a complicated and expensive affair. Now you can get high quality sound transfers for an unbelievable price. The deck simply plugs into the USB port on your PC or Mac; you then either use the software to convert your music, listen to it through your computer or play it on the turntable.The easy to use software guides you through the recording process and features an automatic track splitting function, so you don’t have to sit and wait while you’re recording. For live and classical recordings there is a manual track splitting option. The software also offers convenient track and album naming and is fully compatible with iTunes making it easy to sync to your iPod or just update your digital music library.


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10 of 44 Reviews

  • I have to say that I am massively disappointed with this. I have not had the same software problems that some have had, I downloaded the software as required and run it with no issues on Windows 8. The problems begin when you start to play records. I am copying my huge collection of vinyl from my Dj'ing days so I have a very keen ear. This turntable can not hold its speed at all and fluctuates horribly causing your tracks to be so out of tune they are unbearable and more to the point, un-mixable in mp3 format. I will be taking this back for a refund, 1 day after purchasing and after trying to only copy 6 records, very dissappointed!

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  • This turntable is incredibly easy use. I received it well packed, with plenty of instructions on how to set up. I used it with a vista laptop and downloaded the latest driver from the ionaudio site. The only thing I needed to alter was the sound microphone settings to CD quality. Play back was really impressive considering the budget price.

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  • Just what I wanted - does exactly what is describes and into the bargain it looks good - thanks Maplin - great price too.

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  • I don't plan to use the recording facilities, so my review will come from purely a vinyl listener's perspective. The quality is incredible for the price. This one replaced the hopeless one I had before, and for roughly the same price I got an absolutely fantastic deal. The sound quality is great, it is free from technical faults and on top of that, it looks great! I would strongly recommend this product for any vinyl fans wanting excellent quality at a reasonable price.

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  • Good product. Keen price. Quick delivery.

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  • Well - it's not a hifi deck! And it's not plug and play, eitherUsing easy vinyl converter, the supplied method, it took a lot of messing about in the computer sound settings, before I got rid of dreadful distortion. The initial sound was rather like listening to two radios at once, from the far end of a long drainpipe! You must follow the setting-up procedure laid out in the documents that come with the deck, to get anything at all out of the speakers. Then you get the audio distortion. Using Windows 7, I finally sorted it by going into (start button) - control panel - sounds - recording - microphone properties - then turn the level right down to 6. Now you should have decent reproduction - but - the tracking weight of the tone-arm is so light that if you have ripply-edged LP's (and who hasn't) the stylus skips and jumps like crazy, because there is so much 'sticktion' in the bearings. I solved that by sticking about half a gramme of lead onto the flat at the stylus end of the tone-arm. This leaves just one final problem - the turntable speed isn't quite stable. It doesn't have wow or flutter, that I noticed, but every now and then, randomly, the speed surges momentarily, so if you have a 'crooner' on the platter, it sounds as though someone has stuck a pin in their bum! Maybe I've got a 'monday morning' deck, and yours might work perfectly!

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  • Bought this a couple of days ago and try as I might, I cannot get the software to run on Windows 8 without many problems such as "blank screens", "lack of recording" & "fails to transfer to iTunes".

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  • Just bought the ION Profile Pro, excellent value for money, easy to use, very good quality sound and works readily with Windows 7. Looking forward to hours of fun and pleasure converting my extensive Vinyl collection to digital.

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  • The turntable was well packaged no danger of getting damaged. Very easy to set up and use.

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  • Very pleased with the ION Profile Pro. I found it easy to set up and use. Just remember and manually split the tracks when recording live albums, or you end up with one long track.

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9 of 9 Questions

  • kev said:

    can i change the arm and cartridge

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Stuart Miller said:

    Will this work with windows 7?

    There is a software update for Windows 7 compatibility available on the website

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  • Gary Frost said:

    Can the turntable be connected and played via a separate amplifier?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Bluetigger360 said:

    hi can you tell me if you be able to buy a replacement stylus fo this turntable?

    Yes, this is our order code of TV96.

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  • JohnT said:

    Does the preamp have a volume control to prevent clipping when recording or can you control the input within the software?

    you can control the input within the software

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  • catherine said:

    Hi, Can this turntable be connected to standard amplifiear and act as a regular turntable in a stacked stereo system ?

    Yes, this product has twin RCA (phono) outputs ready to connect like a traditional turntable

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  • Mary said:

    what is the difference between the Ion Profile Pro LP N65HF at £79.99 and B gradeDixe USB Ttable B01NA at £49.99

    B-Grade includes used and unused returned products, end of line, slightly marked or refurbished products. To ensure peace of mind each product comes with our 12 month guarantee having been fully tested by our team of in-house technicians.

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  • g.nagy said:

    what sizes of vinyls does this turntable play?

    This plays 33 and 45rpm.

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  • glenj said:

    does the turntable have a preamp like some other ion products to allow for connection direct to active speakers etc.

    Yes, this product does include a preamp which would allow for connection of active speakers

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