Laika Inventors Kit For Raspberry Pi

Code: A05RK

  • Raspberry Pi USB connected accessory
  • More than 20 components included
  • Use motors to create projects that move

Product details

Laika Inventors Kit For Raspberry Pi

• Raspberry Pi USB connected accessory
• More than 20 components included
• Use motors to create projects that move
• Learn how to control an LCD display
• Use Scratch, the graphical programming language to easily control your project
• Use examples and tutorials to get started
• Does not require soldering
• All Raspberry Pi models are compatible

How does the Laika Inventors Kit enhance my Raspberry Pi experience?
With the Laika Inventors Kit, you get the chance to get hands on in creating electronics projects and prototypes with your Raspberry Pi. The kit comes supplied with visual and mechanical components, opening the door for your imagination to create something tangible. Keep your creations secure with a laser-cut mounting plate and four rubber feet to keep it isolated and safe.

The Laika Explorer board supplied with this kit has a power switch and four buttons, giving you instant control and interaction for your projects, not available on the Raspberry Pi board. In addition to this, four more switches are included among the components for incorporating toggle-based operations into your circuit.

Another way the Laika Inventors Kit enhances the way you use your Raspberry Pi is its capacity to accept analogue input, not available on the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. Analogue signals include temperature, light and sound.

What can I create with the Laika Inventors Kit?
This kit lets you re-use your components for multiple projects and comes with a breadboard and terminal blocks for connecting wires. This means there is no need for any soldering.

Also in the kit are two motors and wire for building devices with moving parts. Use these with the solid state dual motor driver in a robotics project or with the included fans. Tutorials on controlling the speed motor can be found on the Laika website here.

You can choose to build a project that communicates numerical information quickly using the seven-segment display included. There are capacitors, resistors and red and green LEDs to create different circuits. The two potentiometers in this kit are good for gradually adjusting levels in your projects.

The Laika Explorer board with this kit is capable of controlling complex projects with four digital inputs and seven digital outputs. You can communicate with the Laika platform using Scratch, Python and C. Scratch is a simple drag and drop way to program and control hardware. The tutorials on the page explain setting up and communicating with the Laika board and connected components, therefore this kit is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

What is compatible with the Laika platform?
With more than 20 reusable components, different combinations can be used for many projects and prototypes. However, you can also plug other components into the breadboard or Laika Explorer Board.

This board is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models and connects by micro USB on the Laika board to a spare USB on the Raspberry Pi.

Laika are currently developing a number of expansion devices for their board including a wireless mesh module. Laika is a platform that is already allowing impressive things to be created on the Raspberry Pi and is only set to get better.

Type of devices Expansion Board and Accessories
Compatible with which Pi's? Raspberry pi model A, A+, B, B+ and B V2
Pin outs Dependant on use
Sockets USB
Voltage 4.6 - 10.8VDC
Current 22mA Typical
Switching current N/A
Assembly required No
Soldering required No
Package Contents
1x Laika Explorer control board.
1x 2.5A 5V UK plug power adapter (2.1mm) to drive the Explorer and the included motors.
1x 500mm USB cable for communications between the Pi and Explorer.
1x Laser cut mounting plate in lovely frosted Perspex.
4x rubber feet for the mounting plate.
6x 8mm M3 threaded PCB supports to hold the Explorer and Pi in place.
12x M3 6mm machine screws.
1x Breadboard for all your prototyping. There is space for two on the mounting plate.
2x 10K potentiometers for the analogue inputs.
2x motors with wire.
2x fans which fit nicely on to the motor shafts to keep you cool while you work.
10x Male-Female jumper wires.
1x 7-segment display.
3x Green LEDs.
4x Red LEDs.
7x 150 Ohm resistors.
4x Tact switches.
4x 100nF capacitors for the motors.

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A05RK Laika Inventors Kit For Raspberry Pi (1+) £69.99

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