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Lithium Ion 6000mAh Portable Power Bank

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  • Ideal for powering and charging iPod, iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other portable devices
  • Provides up to 36 hours of additional play time on your iPod
  • Provides up to 24 hours of additional talk time on your iPhone

Product details

Lithium Ion 6000mAh Portable Power Bank

• Ideal for powering and charging iPod, iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other portable devices
• Provides up to 36 hours of additional play time on your iPod
• Provides up to 24 hours of additional talk time on your iPhone
• Provides up to 5 hours additional internet hours on your iPad
• Compatible with the majority of mobile phones, MP3s, GPS, game consoles, tablet PCs and more
• USB connector powers and charges your digital devices
• Allows you to top up power to your portable device while on the go
• Reusable reserve power pack - no batteries required
• 6000mAh high power built-in Lithium-ion battery pack
• Multiple LEDs to indicate battery level and charging status
• Over current, over charge, over discharge, overheating and short circuit protection
• Supplied with USB cable and micro and mini USB connectors
• Rechargeable over 500 times

Charge any compatible device on the move! It comes 60% pre-charged so is ready to use and when fully charged can provide up to 84 hours charge for a mobile phone, 24 hours charge for an MP3 player and 14 hours charge for games consoles. It also provides up to 36 hours of play time on your iPod or up to 24 hours talk time on your iPhone or 5 hours of additional web time on your iPad.
Capacity: 6000mAh
DC output: 5V /1A
USB input: 5V / 1A
Charging life cycles: 1000 times
Charging time from 2A USB adaptor: 7-8 hours
Charging time from USB port of PC: 22 - 24 hours
Operating temperature: 0 – 50°C
Dimensions: 115mm (l) x 61mm (w) x 15.4mm (d)
Weight: 200g
6000mAh Portable power pack
USB IN and OUT power cables
Mini USB connector
Micro USB connector
Samsung connector
Sony-Ericsson connector
Storage pouch for connectors
Instruction manual


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10 of 15 Reviews

  • Has worked brilliantly and still does, but fell apart and is now held together with gaffer tape, still works but not sure how long for!

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  • Very handy item. Has pulled me out of the mire on numerous occasions. I'm a market trader and use Paypal Here for CC transactions. A couple of times I forgot to charge the reader and if it wasn't for the power pack I'd have lost the sale..

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  • Bought this at the last minute for a long haul flight, so very pleased it came pre-charged. Getting something to actually charge stumped me for a moment, but then I read the manual (!) and there is an 'On' button, which is unusual for a battery pack like this one. Watched videos on my iPod for the whole flight, then used it to charge HTC Desire phone during a conference before I had a chance to recharge - the unit still had plenty of power to spare. In terms of mAh:price, this unit has the best ratio I have found yet. The only odd thing is that to complement the absolutely standard USB power output socket, it has a completely non-standard (non-USB) power input socket - so be careful not to lose the (very short) supplied cable. Otherwise, excellent.

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  • Worked well with a Nexus and S3 phone over a long weekend away from home. Just tested it with a Raspberry Pi and it ran for 10h 37m 14s until drained.

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  • I purchased two of these for charging an iPad and an iPhone while on trips away. While they came 70% charged I read and followed the instructions and charged the devices according to the instructions. Neither battery pack will hold any charge and when disconnected from the mains charger at the point of full charge indicated you'll find within seconds its lost all the charge. Connect it to an iPad and within 17 seconds its flat and and the iPad is indicating 'Not Charging' at best there's a dim glow from the 30% charge indicator LED. Reconnect it to the charger and within 15 minutes its indicating its fully charged. Disconnect it for half an hour and to no surprise its flat. If you buy one of these keep the receipt and the box.

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  • Does exactly how it was described, it charges well and is very easy to use!

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  • Purchased this last week to charge my iPad2, HTC Sensation and Blackberry. Seemed like a good purchase given the price and relatively high capacity. Also looked decent and was light weight. In reality, the item was either unfit for purpose or defective. The unit came with a high level of charge in the lithium ion battery but the unit would not reliably supply charge to any of my devices. Primary issue was the micro USB connector, which did not operate correctly. Unless held with some pressure at a particular angle in to the power socket of the device you want to charge, no current passed from battery to device. This rendered the power bank total unusable. Took it back to a local Maplin store where they tested it at the cash till on a phone of identical model to my own. The same issue occurred. Maplin rep refunded my money on the spot and apologised for inconvenience. I bought a New 11,000mAh charger instead and it works brilliantly.

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  • I am very pleased with it's performance in keeping our phones and tablets charged over a long weekend without having to look for a mains outlet.

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  • It took me a while to work out why it didn't come with apple connectors, you already have the cable on your apple charger so take it off the plug and plug into booster, great item

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  • Claims to be 6000 mah but I have done testing a few times on my device and it dies after it releases around 2000 mah of power

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  • Noreen Houston said:

    Hi there we purchased the Lithium Ion 6000mAh Portable Power Bank a while ago, and my daughter misplaced the charging cables that came with it, can you advise if we can replace these and could you tell me what I would need to buy?

    I’m afraid we don’t sell them separately unfortunately , Our customer services may be able to locate a spare cable , It’s a long shot but sometimes they have spares cable from returned items 0333 400 9500.

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  • Sam Thomson said:

    The spec & instructions specify that this device must be charged using a 2A USB adapter, however this isn't supplied nor did the Salesperson in the shop advise of this or suggest one as an add-on item; I obviously have a mains USB adapter for my phone, however on investigation this is likely to be 5A, not 2A, so I'm concerned about using it - please advise

    The one for your phone would be suitable, your phone will likely take 5V not 5A as it is not possible to get 5A from a USB socket, most mobile phones use 5V and between 1A and 2.1A 1A would charge this device it would just take twice as long.

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