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Maplin Journey Recorder 1080p GPS G-Sensor Micro SDHC

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  • Protect against fraudulent car insurance claims
  • Record your journey in full HD, 24:7
  • Watch your journey back through your PC with accurate location and speed details

Product details

Maplin Journey Recorder 1080p GPS G-Sensor Micro SDHC

• Protect against fraudulent car insurance claims
• Record your journey in full HD, 24:7
• Watch your journey back through your PC with accurate location and speed details
• Built-in G sensor in 3 axis can provide evidence of whiplash
• Requires a micro SDHC memory card to record data on
• Wide-angle lens to capture the best field-of-view of road and surroundings
• Automatically overwrites oldest data first
• Universal windscreen mount
• HDMI TV out port to replay back on a TV
• Records date, time and speed on video recording
• Includes 12V accessory socket charger, windscreen mount, USB data cable, composite video cable, user manual

You can now record your journey in Full HD wherever you go, this recorder simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and records! It loops the video, recording over the oldest video first - with a massive memory card you will get hours of footage! It includes a G-sensor so you can monitor how much an impact had affected or for businesses, what forces are present when cornering or going around roundabouts.

For business or fleets, this product offers complete protection against the threats of fraudulent insurance claims on the road. It also significantly modifies driver behaviour which in turn reduces fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents - saving you money all the time! You can playback each journey with an accurate map of the location and the current speed and direction of travel.
Screen size: 1.5-inches
Screen rotation: N/A
Lens capture angle: 120-degrees
IR lighting: Yes
Sensor: CMOS 5MP
HD: Yes
Capture: 1920 x 1080
Microphone: Yes
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
Memory: mSDHC or mSD (<32GB)
Recording time: 2GB = 16 min @ 1080p
Loop recording settings: Yes
Capture: AVI, H.264, G sensor (3-axis), GPS
Zoom available: 4x digital zoom
Dimensions: 110 x 63 x 36 mm
Weight: 125g (w/o battery)
Input voltage: Xxx Vdc
Battery: 500mAh 3.7V Li-ion
Battery life: Xxx minutes
TV output: Yes
Exposure control: ± Xxx (in 0.5 steps)


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  • The quality of the video is remarkable but unfortunately, on the unit I have that is all I get! It doesn't record either my position or my speed but, saying that, The DAT file just won't work on the player they provide but the Movie file, which is Video only, works beautifully. I will be contacting Maplins shortly to find out what is going on. It is great having a record of my and others peoples driving but I would like to have the location and speed part of it working .

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  • up date from earlier report being used in another country the camera is going back soon as i get home the micro card is dead bought a new card put that in and the camera will not work at all then it worked for 10 inutes , then recoded a blank screen, and now wont even switch on. loved it to begin with but needs a little more tech before it is reliable enough for the public. NOTE: No where does it say temerature rates for operation what if the car is sitting in 35+ direct sun light??

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  • Very neat unit, small enough not to block view. Recordings excellent. I now feel safer when driving.

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  • Just purchased the HD recorder for my van, works great but the software and disc i am not sure about, i run an apple so i am reluctant to put the disc in my drive as it does not specify any where if it is compatible with an Apple mac.

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  • Being used in another country had a few glitches with it. 1st thought cable was loose in camera and it kept cutting the camera off have played with the settings and it appears to have improved. Problem I have road testing if itÔÇÖs faulty I am stuck with it for 2 months so will continue to test and play with it until I am happy. As others have said the screen player is in Chinese on the buttons and donÔÇÖt know how to change it to English, I have managed to record excellent footage with very clear pictures and cannot fault that in any way. The gps does take time to locate but when it does and runs it even shows you on play back through Google where you were and is spot on. What would be helpful is the lcd in the mode list has the same list in the instructions example motion detection on lcd yet nothing in manual. Start at the first which is resolution and finish with firmware so each item is synchronised for you to set up. Well happy up to now. but you just never know TOP TIP:microphone also brilliant picks up every noise or word in the car so be very careful what you say or who your talking about

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  • Easy to set up and use. On my unit, the GPS was not in sync with the journey. Will see what happens on next one.

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  • Very compact recorder, first one went wrong inside of 10 days, Maplin replaced no problem, it's a shame that someone like me, not technically minded is unable to use it correctly as the manual supplied is totally useless, nothing to show how to set it up correctly or how to review/playback, Lord knows how to get the lights to work, because of the poor instruction manual, i am very dissapointed with my purchase

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  • This device is NOT Windows 8 compatible. I did however manage to use it sufficiently to ascertain the following: Before you mount this in your vehicle - charge it off a laptop/your PC/USB charger for 30 mins to put some life into its internal battery - makes the learning process of getting to know this device a whole lot easier! No 360 degree tilt or pan option - just hard front facing meaning that if you want to quickly move the camera view to the rear, left or right of your vehicle - you have to awkwardly detach the whole unit from the windscreen to do so. To view the recorded data, as the unit is not compatible with Windows 8 and I could not find USB drivers online I had to remove the SD card and read it manually using installed Windows apps. The instruction manual (as others have said in their reviews)) is as next useless as it is nonfunctional - whomsoever translated and after proof read this for publication; clearly does not speak English as their first language. Do NOT download the software from off the disc provided as 90% of on screen instructions within the two applications you will download are in Chinese. CAVEAT: Norton AVT also did not like one of the applications called 'Codecs centre' and strongly advised. with a serious 'phising risk' being cited, against downloading it. Unit itself: Power in/USB port is situated atop of the unit meaning that cables are training everywhere. The female in car cigarette adapter on my Vauxhall does not like the male one on the USB cable provided. Possibly meaning that most UK spec vehicles may have the same problem of making the power cable stay located. Buttons are small, awkward to navigate. The power on/record light - could you have asked for an even brighter one to be fitted?! Bright red intense and it is a serious distraction 'annoyance' when you are driving along. Fish eye lens does not even cover 'headlight to headlight' width of the bonnet of your car (Astra estate) no matter how or the location you mount the camera to your windscreen. Images recorded are however crystal clear. Caveat: You have to watch what you talk about to passengers if you have the sound record/mic enabled - it is VERY sensitive and picks up everything being said from within the vehicle/off your sound system/mobile phone calls etc. For those with heat, anti glare and solar reflecting windscreens fitted (most modern cars) the IR lights will not and do struggle to penetrate the coatings meaning this unit has very poor night/low light recording abilities with light blindness 'dazzle' being caused by oncoming vehicles headlights. Effectively making this unit non functional in non daylight hours. Returned as unsuitable for my needs as a commercial driver; but for light, everyday, short journey, in town use - possibly matching yours?

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  • Excellent picture. Muffled sound. Supplied with mini-cd for software - unfortunately no good if you have a slot feed rather than drawer feed on your PC. Inbuilt software player is put onto your microSD card automatically when the card is inserted in the unit and can be run from the card, but is not compatible with Windows 8. Modern LED taillights and LED traffic lights flash on film owing to IR. GPS registered location quickly and kept speed printed on the film with date/time. Date/Time needs to be manually set - does not automatically get set from GPS - this may be tricky for insurance proof as date/time stamp is manual. I am happy with this unit - much better than ?ú20-?ú30 units from eBAY direct sell Chinese or Taiwanese companies, for example. Menus clear and sensible. Manual clear and no English errors.

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  • I don't often review products, however I am making an exception here because I am totally amazed by this gadget. I have bought four units for my business and they all work well, the image quality is very good indeed, they are small, light and have performed very well all round. The only oddity was when the first unit which started recording the GPS with the wrong file name. The moving imagery was in FILE0002.MOV and the associated GPS was in FILE0001.DAT. I have reported this as a problem, but I think it is now working correctly. My request to Maplin would be to release the file format for the .DAT file which includes both location data and G-force data so that people can use if for loads of data-capture applications rather than just with the supplied application (which is not very impressive on the Mac for sure - very clunky).

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