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Maplin Journey Recorder 720p Single Camera SD Card

Code: A94LC

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  • Protect against fraudulent car insurance claims
  • Record your journey in HD, 24:7
  • Requires a SD card to digitally record
  • Limited stock may be available in some stores. Call us on 0844 557 6000 to check

Product details

Maplin Journey Recorder 720p Single Camera SD Card

• Protect against fraudulent car insurance claims
• Record your journey in HD, 24:7
• Requires a SD card to digitally record
• Automatically overwrites oldest data first
• Universal windscreen mount
• TV output to playback not on a PC
• Records date and time on video recording
• Includes 12V accessory socket charger, windscreen mount, USB data cable, user manual

You can now record your journey in HD wherever you go, this recorder simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and records! It loops the video, recording over the oldest video first - with a massive memory card you will get hours of footage!

For business or fleets, this product offers complete protection against the threats of fraudulent insurance claims on the road. It also significantly modifies driver behaviour which in turn reduces fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents - saving you money all the time!

Screen size: 2.4-inches
Screen rotation: N/A
Lens capture angle: 78-degrees
LED lighting: N/A
Sensor: CMOS 1.3 MP
HD: Yes
Capture: 1280 x 720
Microphone: Yes
G-Sensor: No
Memory: SDHC or SD (<32GB)
Recording time: 2GB = 30 min @ 720p
Loop recording settings: Yes
Capture: AVI, H.264
Zoom available: 4x digital zoom
Dimensions: 106 x 63 x 24 mm
Weight: 97g (w/o battery)
Input voltage: 12 Vdc
Battery: 630mAh 3.7V Li-Ion
Battery life: 2 hours’


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  • Dave the van

    I bought one of these a while back now and as everybody has said so far its frozen had to unplug it wait for battery to run down replug it in and start over.
    The camera doesnt seem to cope when wipers are on the plastic knobs for adjustment perish and went brittle then broke off, i could still tighten but not with fingers (pliers) and the thread seemed to go past the forward facing so camera sat all on the squiff...
    Now having had it hard wired into van its packed up completely so i just leave it there as a deterant not that a benefit scrounger would have a chance to see it whilst handbraking at 40mph. Ive been looking for new model now and have just noticed they are still selling this poor camera...sorry guys I couldve told you a year ago good luck to you all and any suggestions would be appreciated DTV

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  • Maplin Journey Recorder 720p (HD) test

    Well it is true that you get what you pay for but I think the reduced price of £39.99 is fair for a budget journey recorder of this quality. This recorder is a camera and DVR with an LCD screen and an easy to use setup menu. The overall quality of the HD (highest resolution) video is not to great at all but not that terrible either. The camera doesn't like low light situations and would need to rely on the headlights of the vehicle to 'see' at night. I have not yet tested the camera in darkness so can't give details of it's performance. I did however test it just as it started to get dark and have uploaded the video results. I recorded on to a Maplin 8GB No10 / 20Mb/s SD card in the highest quality setting. The video playback is pretty jumpy all the way through but not so much that you can't bear to watch it. I was happy that the quality was good enough to use as evidence in the event of an insurance claim which really is the No1 goal of the device. There are also some nice features like 'motion detect' to auto start recording without your doing anything. The unit also turns itself on and off if the power cable is plugged into the car power port and switches with the ignition. I was very impressed with the included power cable quality and length allowing you to route it up the door post instead of having a wire dragged across the windscreen. I found no issues with the functioning of the device and I think people really do need to bear in mind the cost of this and what you actually get for your money before leaving such negative reviews. If there is a better recorder with the same features for the same or less than the Maplin price I think you will be hard pushed to find it. With that in mind I think this useful little unit deserves a 5 out of 6 rating. If you want a super high quality recorder for regular playback then you will need to spend much more money! You can see the video here:

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  • Unfit for for purpose

    Purchased cam and have had the it for two months: will be taking it back for refund. It freezes, I can't turn it off; none of the buttons work when it freezes, it records when it feels like it, it switches on but doesn't record sometimes, I have to wait for the battery to run down so that it switches off, keeps telling me that SD card is full even it should record cyclicly. Totally unreliable and definately unfit for purpose!

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  • good entry level unit

    i bought recorder prior to reading all the reviews - however for me the unit has worked well after a little time setting up as the instructions appear to have been translated to english i carried out battery instructions initial charging etc and i get about an hours use without charger connected - as for detail when vehicle in front is stationary license plate can be read and events are captured which is why i bought it extra evidence for that just in case moment / accident. TV playback a little too big for quality but is ok on laptop now i have used it a few times its an easy unit to operate and the window attachment hasn't fallen off like my sat nav one used to - if it does fail on me will update feedback All in all good value for money

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  • After a week of purchase, I have to warn anyone not to buy one of these, the unit was totally unreliable---, would switch itself off for no reason, and I had to keep resetting it after only a few moments of recording time, yesterday the unit 'froze', and would not function at all even when pressing the reset. I've taken it back to the shop at Brislington, Bristol, this morning and would like to compliment the staff for their' 'no quibble', polite and helpful manner. A total refund was given, The staff at Brislington, I'd mark, 10/10.. the camera, I have to give 0/10---A complete waste of time and money,--- as far as I'm concerned.

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  • I suppose it's a bit early to judge fully yet, as I only received it 21st--yesterday-- but I was dubious, having read the poor reviews, and seeing this was a "B" rated product--"(reduced price).... The 1st impressions are good except there were no instructions in the (previously opened box). My neighbour has one of these so he kindly talked me through, and lent me his instruction leaflet. The unit is a doddle to install and the recordings on the 1st journeys, are of good quality, for the low cost of the unit it seems god-v.f.m.. As I said, it's early days , but will give it a while, and report back soon.. Happy with it for now?

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  • Bought this unit 10th May 2013. For what is supposed to be a HD device, its rubbish.To describe the saved video image as HD is inappropriate. A car number plate directly in front of us is illegible. Almost as if a lens protector was still fitted. But No. Took it back to Maplin. The boys in Gloucester were great. Exchanged it for a slightly more expensive camera. I Paid the difference.

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  • Further to my earlier review regarding emissions. Each cable must be tightly wound through the ferrite rings as close to the unit end of the cable as practical, then secured in place by a few turns of insulating tape.

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  • My unit produced interference affecting my in-car DAB radio, it also blotted out my DAB radio in my lounge when the unit was connected to my TV to review journeys. I solved both these problems by looping the power cable 4 times through two ferrite rings (Maplin Code QT26D). This was repeated for the AV cable and both my DAB radios now operate without any signs of interference. This problem is a classic case of emissions being radiated by the cables and is covered by CE testing standards. As the unit is CE marked so I wonder which standards it complies with ? These ferrite filters are commonly found in the form of small (25mm) blocks fitted to connecting leads on electronic equipment to control conducted and radiated electromagnetic emissions.

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  • Well I bought this HD one, I have read the reviews but only after I bought it, so far like I've seen on YouTube, but as one said as long as you can see enough and it's good enough then you can't expect too much for the price in all honesty, it just does enough. Some said it burnt out well I'll tell you if it does, well mines days old only today have I left it on, all the time so we will see, I will update for good or bad, as if like me your only interested if it works and if it don't run your vehicle battery out. My vehicle is new, Ford Kuga diesel so a big lump. Lets see.

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  • ray chaplin said:

    How do i install drivers for it on my pc? windows 7, 64 bit, i5 processor with 8gb memory

    Drivers are included on the CD supplied with the product

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