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Maplin Mini Wireless Deskset

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  • Super mini wireless keyboard
  • 6-10 metres wireless distance
  • Mini mouse with 1000 DPI optical sensor

Product details

Maplin Mini Wireless Deskset

• Super mini wireless keyboard
• 6-10 metres wireless distance
• Mini mouse with 1000 DPI optical sensor
• Nano wireless USB dongle
• Auto On/Off output design
• 2.4 GHz Autolink technology
• 39 two way RF channels

This small and compact Keyboard and Mouse Deskset is ideal for use with a Laptop or PC. The small Nano USB dongle means it can be fitted and forgotten. This set is ideal if you like a clutter free desk as the small slim style means they take up little room and can easily be stored away when not in use. Great for the mobile worker.
Keyboard Size: 284 x 123 x 24mm
Mouse Size: 69 x 59 x 36mm
Keystroke life: 8 million times
Mouse Button Life: 3 million times
2.4GHz wireless 10 metres
Keyboard Requires 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
Mouse Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)


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10 of 29 Reviews

  • Great for the money

    I have just bought this item, I have to say first impressions are very good, Nice and compact and connected really well. And you also get a nice dust cover for the keyboard.

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  • Brillant

    Just bought this set and had no problems setting up, keyboard looks and feels great, mouse is a little small for my hands but great for my wife's who will be the main user. Both keyboard and mouse respond well so I can't fault them, they both have the Maplin logo on them but that doesn't bother me too much, a great set if you need that little extra space and no cables!

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  • No Home or End

    I should have checked the picture on the front of the box. As an Excel user, I use the Home and End keys quite a bit. Guess what - they don't exist on this keyboard. Oh, and neither does the Scroll Lock key. Not even with a Fn combination. Steer clear if these are important to you. Other than that, the unit seems like decent quality and has a nice key action. The mouse is basic, but does all that a normal user would ask of it.

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  • Cerulian Mini Deskset

    very good range , very responsive mouse and keybord, and is small and lightweight, , the same batteries that were supplied are still going strrong after a moth of use , however I am only a casual user and use mostly for surfing the web. but so far very impressed.

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  • No problems

    The keyboard and mouse were detected as soon as I plugged the dongle into my Acer Iconia tablet. No setting up needed, and no interference from a similar wireless setup on a Samsung computer a few metres away. The keyboard is a little "clacky" but the keys are nicely spaced. The only problem is that I have a UK keyboard, and shift-3 is giving # (a hash symbol) instead of the pound sterling symbol. There seems to be no way to change this on my tablet - buyer beware if this is important to you.

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  • Keyboard stops working

    Similar to Robert's mouse problem below, except with the keyboard! The set worked for less than a week before the keyboard stopped working completely (the mouse was still working). Exchanged it for a new one and the same thing happened again after two days. Before they broke, both sets were fine except the keys and the scroll wheel on the mouse were a bit stiff on each.

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  • Mouse Scroll Wheel

    I have had this great little item for roughly a 1½ years now, and store it in it's box when not in use. No memorable accidents or incidents between putting it away last and getting it out again (so sans warantee cover and being an ex-computer tech.) I opened up the mouse to see if the scroller axle shaft had become disconnected from the ratchet wheel in some way (a regular problem in the College I worked in). The ratchet wheel on my (this) model is deliberately fixed (boxed-in) and all I can suspect is that the shaft of the scroller was glued to this as there appears to be no visual sign of breakage. Problem: How to get more glue to stay put while I try to ease the scroller shaft into the space available without it migrating and gumming up the action of the rachet wheel against other close (boxed-in) parts; will it work; is it worth it; why would you make a part like this anyhow? - would it work with another mouse (or one and the same from another set thus having a spare every time the kb or the mouse goes; or maybe only the mouse goes and I end up with multiple keyboards...

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  • Caution: Spacebar carries "Cerulian Technology" logo

    Photos show the keyboard with a plain spacebar, but mine has come with the brand logo as firmly fixed as the rest of the key cap legends, which I feel detracts from the appearance and the appeal of the product. The photos need to be updated so as not to misrepresent what the product looks like.

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  • Wireless keyboard & Mouse for smart tv

    Got this keyboard & mouse to try on my Samsung smart Tv and soon as you plug usb dongle into the tv, the keyboard and mouse were recognised and worked fine for what I needed.

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  • Poor connection

    I have had 2 of these products in 1 month, my first one lasted a month and the left click button on the mouse completely stopped working, and the scroller never worked (which wasn't an issue for me), Maplins exchanged it and within a couple of hours the exchanged one has a problem with the mouse kept losing connection - I reconnected it once using instructions in the box and it worked for a second and then I have been unable to get it working again. I was really impressed with the product at first but it's been nothing but a nightmare.

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  • Gerry Mitson said:

    Bought this keyboard to use on my android notebook, the £ comes up # and other symbols display in the wrong order, can this be altered ?

    This is common across many devices and is likely due to the input language on your device being incorrect, if the Keyboard layout is English British then certain characters will be in the wrong locations (& £ $ ~ # @) ... the device may be set to English US input rather than English British ...( or vice versa) .. you can find out how to change this with a quick web search.

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  • graham said:

    I see 39 channels mentioned. Can I use two kwyboards and dongles on two adjacent computers without interference? How/when do they pair?

    You put the items into a pair mode, and link at that point to each other.

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  • Cprwa said:

    Is it possible buy replacement Nano wireless USB dongles?

    Sorry these are not available

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  • Alexander Devon said:

    Is this keyboard Linux, specifically Raspberry Pi compatible?

    This is a standard USB class compliant keyboard and mouse, so there should be no issues using it on Linux or Raspberry Pi. RW

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