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MFA 1.5-3V Small Multi Ratio Motor Gearbox

Code: WC65V

  • Pre-assembled motor and gearbox unit
  • Great for use in models, robots and education
  • Operating voltage between 1.5V and 3V

Product details

MFA 1.5-3V Small Multi Ratio Motor Gearbox

• Pre-assembled motor and gearbox unit
• Great for use in models, robots and education
• Operating voltage between 1.5V and 3V
• Six different ratios to choose from
• Speeds of up to 11,500 rotations per minute
• Torque of up to

What ratios can the gearbox do?

This six ratio gearbox with motor gives you the flexibility to choose from ratios of 4:1, 16:1, 64:1, 256:1, 1024:1 and 4096:1. As the ratio increases the rpm decreases this allows you to use the motor for a wide range of applications with its rotations per minute ranging from 11,500 down to 2. The motor produces torque of up to (gram-force cm). Powered by a 1.5 to 3V power supply you can change the direction of rotation by reversing the input polarity.

Why use a multi ratio gearbox?

With our range of multi ratio gearboxes you have versatility for whatever project you create from robots to clocks and lots in between. With multiple ratios and speeds per gearbox you can customise to fit your project exactly. Four mounting holes make it easy to mount and the gearbox comes pre-assembled so there is no hassle putting it together. A 3mm diameter shaft can easily connect to the rest of your system. Extra gears and shafts are available, 2.9mm gears will be tight (fixed) and will rotate with the shaft whilst the 3.1mm gears will be loose and spin independently of the shaft.

(Motor speeds may vary by ±12.5%)

Compatible accessories
MFA Small 1.5-3V 12200 rpm motor <HA82D>
MFA Gear Multipack <WC78K>
MFA Spur Gears Multipack <>
MFA 2-3 mm Inline Coupling <WC69A>
MFA 3-3 mm Inline Coupling <WC67X>
MFA Worm Drive Kit <WC80B>
MFA Rack and Pinion Set <WC77J>
MFA Chain and Sprocket Set <WC79L>
Product code 917D/A (with RE-140 motor)
Supply voltage DC 1.5 V - 3 V
Speed at max efficiency 11500 rpm @ 3V
Speed at 1.5 V 1850 rpm (4:1)
462 rpm (16:1)
115 rpm (64:1)
7 rpm (1024:1)
2 rpm (4096:1)
Speed at 3 V 3700 rpm (4:1)
925 rpm (16:1)
231 rpm (64:1)
57 rpm (256:1)
14 rpm (1024:1)
4 rpm (4096:1)
Current at max efficiency 1.05 A @ 3 V
Output power at max efficiency 1.29 W @ 3 V
Torque 10.92 (0.001 Nm)
Gearbox ratio 4:1, 16:1, 64:1, 256:1, 1024:1, 4096:1
Shaft diameter 3 mm
Weight 54 g
Dimensions 53 mm x 30 mm x 49 mm (110 mm including shaft)

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
WC65V MFA 1.5-3V Small Multi Ratio Motor Gearbox (1+) £8.99

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