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Mindsets Electronic Kit

Code: N94CH

  • Learn about electronics and try building electronic circuits
  • Experiment with over 36 components including LEDs, motors, 55 timer chips, and resistors
  • Have fun and learn with 29 circuits to make

Product details

Mindsets Electronic Kit

• Learn about electronics and try building electronic circuits
• Experiment with over 36 components including LEDs, motors, 55 timer chips, and resistors
• Have fun and learn with 29 circuits to make
• Requires up to four AA batteries and a 9V battery depending on the circuit (batteries not included Order Codes L43AL and A46AL)

What can I do with this kit?
Learn and experiment with over 36 components and create 29 different circuits. This starter kit caters to all ability levels with detailed instructions and illustrations in the 31-page booklet. Begin with the simple level one circuits to get you introduced to electronics and basic circuits. Afterwards, the more complicated level two intermediate circuits will introduce transistors and sensors. This level roughly corresponds to the Key Stage 3 syllabus in school. When you’ve mastered level one and two you can move on to the level three circuits, which use thyristors and 555 timer chips with more components and different ways of setting up your inputs. Learn and experiment to see what you can make.

What can I learn with this kit?
Learn how to use common components and create circuits from them. Use and reuse components with no soldering, just plug the components into the breadboard and connect using the supplied wires. Learn how to build an electronic magnet, water alarm, timer, music chip, battery test and a QTC switch.

How easy is it to use this kit?
Broken up into level according to difficulty, this is a great way to get into electronics or to prepare for science classes at school. All you need is four AA batteries (Order Code L43AL) and a 9V (PP3) battery (Order Code L46AL). You may also require wire strippers. Once you’ve made the 29 circuits with instructions, try designing and building your own with the knowledge you’ve gained or remake your favourites and see how you can customise them.
Number of components in the kit? 36+
Soldering required No
Voltage 1.5 - 9V
Power supply requirements 4 x AA, 1 x 9V (not included)
1 Breadboard
1 Circuit block with pins
1 12 way terminal block
1 2.5V MES bulb
1 Bulb holder
1 Ultrabright red LED
3 Red LED
3 Yellow LED
3 Green LED
1 555 timer IC
1 Melody generator IC
1 Piezo sounder
1 Thermistor
1 Light dependent resistor
1 Thyristor
1 BC548 transistor
1 1.5V buzzer
1 0.22uF capacitor
1 10uF capacitor
1 100uF capacitor
1 470uF capacitor
10 470R resistor
10 1K resistor
10 10K resistor
1 4K7 resistor
1 68K resistor
1 100K resistor
1 Length of solid core wire
1 Length of stranded wire
1 Length of tinned wire
1 2AA battery box with switch
1 4AA battery box
1 Battery snap
2 Electric motor
4 Motor tag connectors
1 QTC pill
1 1M preset potentiometer
1 47K preset potentiometer
1 Length of silicone tube
1 Pair of plastic tweezers
1 Metal screw
1 Plastic storage box

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