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Netgear WiFi Range Booster for Mobile Devices

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  • Extends the WiFi range of any wireless router or Modem Router
  • Wall plug design for convenient placement
  • Finds best location for optimal wireless coverage with dynamic LED indicators

Product details

Netgear WiFi Range Booster for Mobile Devices

• Extends the WiFi range of any wireless router or Modem Router
• Wall plug design for convenient placement
• Finds best location for optimal wireless coverage with dynamic LED indicators
• Easy installation—no CD or Ethernet cable required
• Provides security through encryption using WPA/WPA2/WEP

NETGEAR WiFi Booster for Mobile increases WiFi coverage by extending an existing WiFi signal. The extender boosts Internet access throughout the home for mobile WiFi devices including iPads & Android tablets, e-readers, smartphones and laptops.


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10 of 17 Reviews

  • useless

    Connected it to a BT router and it worked reasonably. Changed to an EE router but it still thinks its connected to BT. Cant get it to change and the Netgear website is completely useless.

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  • Easy Set Up

    Can only echo other reviewers comments that this is a dream to set up, virtual plug and play. After trying another extender and returning it out of frustration with the instructions (or lack of), purchased this one instead and what a difference, set up in no time. Good instructions, no hassle, also, do have to say that Maplin's staff are very good with returns.

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  • Simple, highly effective and fast!

    Absolutely nothing but praise. * Very simple to set up * Very effective in use * Excellent range * Excellent performance * Easily relocated

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  • OK (ish!)

    Bought one to extend the range in my daughter's old stone farm house when we come to stay. It was easy to set up and when it is in the 'mood' it works really well. Unfortunately though, it suffers with a lot of 'drop outs' which require the unit to be turned off and on again to restore the connection. Sometimes it goes into set-up mode although this can be by-passed by turning off and on again! I have tried it in different locations, but all to no avail. The connection speed and signal strength to the unit is good and the signal strength received from the main router is good. A bit disappointing really, particularly as it is prone to dropping the connection during the course of a surfing session, although I must say its never been quite bad enough to justify returning the unit.

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  • Enter your review...Very easy to set up,easy to follow instructions and does the job, very happy

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  • bought this at carlisle shop, 25/08/13. great product, set up 25yds away and now got a full wifi signal, took only 5 minutes to set up, simple instructions anybody could follow. thanks to great staff at carlisle store, they know their lies or rubbish help, just to get your money like other big stores that sell pc's etc.

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  • Works well in an area of low signal strength. Set up easy, but I found that during this process the booster needed to be within about 10 feet of the laptop and the router; after that the range could be extended as required.

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  • This WiFi range booster is incredible. The set up was easy. I plugged the unit in to the mains very near my Virgin Broadband Wi Fi router and pressed the units WPS button once then pressed the one on the router and 15 seconds later I got WiFi connection with my laptop. It had added _EXT to the SSID (network name). I took it to a location where I normally get 1 or 2 bars and constantly slow connection and it boosted to 5 bars with an Excellent report from my win 7 systray. When you get one do as I have done and you will be up and running in less time than it took to get the unit out of its packaging.

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  • Unlike other users I found the instructions to be ok and had no problems setting up the device. However the range of the booster hardly covers 1 room. Would spend extra to get one with an aerial

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  • Quick and easy to set up - it took longer to get it out of the packaging that to set it up. We now have access to the internet for the whole house. Set up using the WPS button on my existing Netgear router.

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  • Adele said:

    Hi there, I have a Virgin Media Super hub (VMDG480) connected to a Netgear Wireless - N 300 Router (WNR 2000 v2). The wireless signal in a garage room 8m away (through 3 doors via a kitchen and corrugated plastic covered alley way) keeps dropping out especially when on Skype. I wondered if this booster would sort out the problem? Also would it go in the room where the signal is weak or next to the router? Many Thanks Adele

    Typically the device needs to be sited within range of the router, preferably half way between the router and the area where reception is dropping.

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  • Bob said:

    I have a very weak phone signal in my home, will this gizmo help?

    I am sorry but the item in question does not support use in your intended application. ~ DH

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  • Kirsten said:

    Hi, my question about wifi boosters is with regard to the WAP security feature. Does this mean that the WAP already incorporated in to the router is still enabled or does it add an extra layer of security? Living in a shared house where the end I live in receives no wifi signal/very weak wifi signal from the router I would like to purchase a booster but don't want it to boost it for everyone else at this end of the house for free! Is this possible?

    Routers enforce secure transmission via WPA/WPA2/WEP (and sometimes RADIUS) encryption, this device has the built in ability to decode those types of encryption (with the correct security key of course) ... You would be able to configure the device to pick up the existing Wi-Fi and retransmit it with a different name and password that only you could access if you so desire.

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