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Nikkai 2.4GHz SCART/Phono Audio/Video Sender Kit

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  • Send digital TV or other video signal upstairs or to another room without using cables
  • Compatible with practically any video source (DVD, TV, satellite, PC, etc)
  • Ideal for use with Freeview, free-to-air, Freesat and Sky TV boxes

Product details

Nikkai 2.4GHz SCART/Phono Audio/Video Sender Kit

• Send digital TV or other video signal upstairs or to another room without using cables• Compatible with practically any video source (DVD, TV, satellite, PC, etc)• Ideal for use with Freeview, free-to-air, Freesat and Sky TV boxes• Change channel from another room with the built-in IR remote repeater (not IrDA compatible)• Stable 2.4GHz signal operates through most walls, floors and ceilings• Typically up to 10m indoor transmitting range
• Compatible with practically any video source with a SCART or Phono connection (DVD, TV, satellite, Cable, PC, etc)• PAL and NTSC compatible• Very easy to set up• Box Contents: 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Receiver, 1 x Transmitter SCART Lead, 1 x Receiver SCART Lead, 1 x Remote Eye, 2 x Mains Power Adapters, 1 x Manual.

Simply plug the transmitter into the source device (DVD, satellite receiver, etc) and the receiver into the SCART socket of the TV. The audio and video will then be transmitted from the source device to the second TV wirelessly. For maximum convenience, the unit also relays signals from your remote control back to the source so you can use your remote to change channels from the other room.You can receive the transmission in extra rooms in your property if you have a receiver in each of these rooms - Spare receiver Order Code: A86CR.Please note: The transmission distance is dependent on the construction of the building you are using it in. In modern 3 bedroom houses with partition (dry) walls typically you will be able to transmit anywhere in the house. However buildings with all brick construction will sometimes see a reduction in the range possible and with stone built houses transmission may only be possible to adjacent rooms.
AV transmit frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote control frequency: 433.92 MHz
AV signal range: 100 metres (328 feet) clear line of sight
Remote control signal range: 70 metres (230 feet) clear line of sight
Antenna: Built-in omni-directional antenna
Channel: 3 selectable channels
AV mod/demod.method: FM
Audio: Stereo audio input and output
Video: Composite video input and output
Dimensions: 13(w) x 3.2(h) x 10.5(d) cm
Weight: 160g each for transmitter/receiver
Power: DC 9V (300mA)


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10 of 22 Reviews

  • Good picture but suffers interference

    This video sender works well with a good picture but, it suffers from interference from other devices like microwave ovens, cordless phones, or other any device using the same frequency. Changing channels only helps a little but the microwave signals overpower it. I have since upgraded to a 5.8 GHz system which has no interference problems. at all. Cannot recommend unless in a secluded location away from interfering devices. Go for 5.8GHz versions.

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  • We have had two sets, but neither have lasted more than 12-18 months

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  • This is not the first Maplin product I have bought, so I knew what to expect. Easy to order, quick delivery and a good product. I had a minor query on setting it up, which was answered quickly, knowledgeably and courteously by your support staff. Excellent service.

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  • Purchased this Item just over a month ago and just got round to using it a week ago, I followed all the instructions and made sure the conditions matched that of the operating instructions e.g range of box. I set it up downstairs connected to my Sky+ box and the receiver to my TV in the room directly above. Switched it all on and was greeted by interference I see from other reviews that wifi can cause this so I turned it off, makes no odds. moderator note: the unit operates on 2.4Ghz and as stated within previous reviews and on the product FAQs can suffer from external sources of interference (not just wi-fi, other devices can also interfere with 2.4Ghz) evidently in this case there is another device causing interference with said kit. Maplin also provide 5.8Ghz video senders which are less prone to interference from external sources (as mentioned both in the product reviews and product FAQs)

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  • I bought this because I wanted to view my SKY in my bedroom. From the start it was very easy to set up but I found that the receive signal on the TV picture had interference I tried switching off all ligts in the house that are controlled by dimmer switches. Made no difference. Then realised that the problem was caused by my Netgear ADSL modem had wireless switched on. Disabled wireless and interference disappeared. Dont buy if you use want to use wireless networking in the house..... moderator note: If a customer has a wireless network set up in their property Maplin usually recommend looking at 5.8Ghz senders as these are less likely to clash with the 2.45Ghz network transmission.

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  • Had to return this as although well within the stated range of the product (about 15 feet away, one floor up) the picture quality was grainy with scrolling horizontal lines and the audio was very crackly, rendering it pretty much unwatchable. Turning off the wireless did nothing, moving the arials did nothing, switching between the 4 available transmission channels did nothing either.

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  • When I first set this up I had so much interference it was virtually unusable, I tired all the channels switched off the wi-fi all to no avail. Before I finally gave up I tried it in the next room; it worked perfectly. I was going to drill a hole in the wall and have the receiver in the next room, no biggie as I have Virgin TV and the remote does not work with this unit according to the instructions. Next day I thought I would give the remote a try (I have the new tivo box) and it works perfectly, all the controls, menus, etc. work fine. I also discovered the source of the interference; it was my Xbox 360 power brick, with that turned off the interference was minimul. The only reason it deos not have 5 stars is because is some interference, not too bad though and is cheaper than getting sky for my xbox.

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  • Was really easy to set up, what a pity that i couldn't get a picture at all and the sound quality was poor. The sender was in the living room and the receiver in a bed room upstairs, not that far but the signal just isn't strong enough.

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  • this suffers too much interference. best to purchase 5.8 video sender.

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  • Since receiving the video sender a couple of weeks ago, I have carried out a number of tests. I am reasonably happy with the results with a standard 625 line TV signal but disappointed that the sender seems unable to cope with the output of a fairly respectable CCTV camera using the 1/4" Sony CCD chip - 537H x 597V, 420 lines, 50Hz. The problem seems to be associated with its inability to sync with a non-standard picture format. Bang goes the idea of using the camera and video sender to monitor bird nests in the garden! Bit of a shame, really.

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7 of 7 Questions

  • Ben Plunket said:

    Is this liable to interference from other devices?

    This device does work on 2.4GHz so could be liable to interference from Wi-Fi networks and other wireless devices.

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  • Ken Tucky said:

    Are additional receivers available for this item?

    Yes, additional receivers are stocked under our Order Code of A86CR.

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  • Mike Hunt said:

    Does this work with Sky/Virgin remote controls?

    This does not support IrDA, so these remotes would be unlikely to work.

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  • Alan Taylor said:

    Will this function with a V+ Virgin box?

    Yes the product does support that, however its not going to be able to work with remote control functions, however A13HX will.

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  • Ian Harris said:

    can you supply additional receivers for the Audio/Video Sender Kit 2727

    Yes, accessories such as spare receivers can be purchased from accessories box under the main product.

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  • Lee Thomas said:

    Once the receiver is set up in an additional room to receive sky tv, are you able to change channels on the slave tv through the existing slave tv remote or do you have to use the sky remote.

    All additional receivers have an Infra-red sending function, therefore all additional receivers have the capability of changing the channel (as long as you have the remote in that room)

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  • G Grace said:

    Will I get interference from a wireless router?

    There is the potential for interference from a wireless router unfortunately. A 5.8Ghz sender kit is a better option if you have a wireless router or other 2.4Ghz device in your property

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