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Nikkai 5.8GHz Mini Video Sender

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  • Send digital TV upstairs or to another room without cables
  • 5.8GHz frequency band - limited interference from wireless networks or wireless CCTV
  • Typically transmits up to 10m indoors

Product details

Nikkai 5.8GHz Mini Video Sender

• Send digital TV upstairs or to another room without cables• 5.8GHz frequency band - limited interference from wireless networks or wireless CCTV• Typically transmits up to 10m indoors• Compatible with practically any video source (DVD, TV, satellite, Cable, PC, etc)• Stable 5.8GHz signal operates through most walls, floors and ceilings• For use with Freeview, free-to-air, Sky TV boxes and more• Change channel from another room with the built-in IR remote repeater• PAL and NTSC compatible• Easy set up• Kit includes 1x transmitter and 1x receiver

Please note: The transmission distance is dependent on the construction of the building you are using it in. In modern 3 bedroom houses with partition (dry) walls typically you will be able to transmit anywhere in the house. However buildings with all brick construction will sometimes see a reduction in the range possible and with stone built houses transmission may only be possible to adjacent rooms.


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10 of 68 Reviews

  • Excellent easy to install

    Highly recommend Linked skybox in living room to tv in conservatory. (7 year old Panasonic viera) Very easy to install after first initial failed attempt, read instructions carefully again and hey presto .... A few tips make sure receiver tv is set to av ( initially mine set to hdmi) and put infrared remote mouse as close to remote sensor on sky box as possible The picture is fairly crisp not quite hd though

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  • Disappointing video sender

    Brought this to replace an old one. Easy set up but very poor results , picture ok, but constantly fades in and out. IR control worked for a while then stopped. Got replaced , but 2nd did same , so have given up on remote part .

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  • Good Product Recommended

    I purchased this item in my local Maplin store. I asked if you can purchase other receivers and I was told yes on the website. I now find out this is not the case, really disappointed about this. I must say this sender receiver is to replace one that I have had for a few years, I set it up very easily and worked straight away, no interference good strong clear picture.

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  • Great for the price

    Bought one of these to send picture and sound to kitchen on same floor as main sky box.did not read instructions just plugged in and bingo it was working in minuets .Tried it on tv in back bedroom upstairs and reception was not so good for this i would reccomend a more expensive set up.Great for a tv on the same floor as your main box good picture and sound.

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  • Very poor product

    Very disappointed.The transmitter to receiver distance is only 6 meters apart. The signal only going through one brick wall.....Could just hear sound but no picture. Tried for at least 2hours to no avail..Eventually tried total line of sight at same distance,still nothing.... We got a different model at the same frequency(5.8ghz) and now getting excellent picture and sound..

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  • Rarely works

    absolutely terrible, rarely works, doors have to be left open and in the right position, moving the aerial is annoying, its slow to respond if you leave your hand on it, itll interfere so setting it up takes ages, even standing near it messes with it, when someone walks up the stairs itll knock it off till there gone. my house isnt big, the best ive ever gotten the signal is still fuzzing and with really loud static, waste of money and the remote feature needs several button pushes and it still might not work, the three infa-red remote senders all have to be right infront of the sky box or whatever box you have.

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  • Cracking Solution for Virgin V+ remote TV

    Bought this after Virgin quoted £7PM plus 50 quid to set up a second virgin television in the kids playroom. So just incase there is any confusion, this unit will connect to the VCR Scart output on the Virgin V+ box, and into a spare scart on a second TV, the remotes also work no problem, picture is slightly degraded but not enough to worry about, sound is excellent. The units are transmitting through approx 10 metres of free air with a solid brick chimney in the way, plus kitchen units full of tins and stuff. This set up presented no problems, moving between the two units did not affect the performance. The units are simplistic and very easy to set up, make sure both units are set to the same channel. plug it all in, boot it up, and it just works. Maplin online posted through very promptly and also offered the best current price anywhere to be found, good on you guys!

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  • great product.once your set up you just have to move around until you get good picture and sky remote to work in bedroom

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  • Bought this to use in my bedroom upstairs, really easy to set up and has given me a clear picture. Worth buying as this saves you money if you were thinking of getting multi-room. Amazed that I could use my original remote control with it.

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  • WOW I am so pleased with my purchase. I placed my order at 15:30 today whilst at work and used your shuttle delivery service. When I got home at 18:00 you had already delivered the video sender. It took me approximately 20 minutes to set up out of the box and after a little fiddling with the positioning we have fabulous TV from our V box in the living room to the TV in the kitchen. So pleased I found this product before drilling holes in the wall to run slightly cables through the living room and kitchen to our TV sound and picture quality are great! Thank you Maplin fantastic product and the best delivery experience I have ever had.

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  • ashley said:

    What are the exact input/output connections, ports or wires that come with this product? I would like to connect my pc videocard output upstairs to my flat screen tv downstairs in order to watch movies stored on my pc.

    This is a scart connected unit so both pieces of hardware come with scart leads.

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  • Colin said:

    Does this product connect via an included scart lead

    yes that is correct

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  • Vasco said:

    Will the signal be able to have a reach of 40 meters through two or three 30cm brick walls?

    It is impossible to predict how the item will perform in a specific situation I am afraid.

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  • Chris said:

    Are additional receivers available?

    unfortunately not currently

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  • Mike Shackleton said:

    Can this product be mounted on a wall

    No sorry this product is not wall mountable

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  • Trevor Hurd said:

    Does this unit need to be licensed.

    This does not need to be licensed.

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  • David Withers said:

    Is this unit less prone to interference from other sources such as microwaves etc

    yes these units are less prone to interference from external signal sources.

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  • Gavin said:

    I have a LCD TV mounted on the wall. What are the measurements of this product?

    These are appx 4" x 4 " and 1" tall.

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  • Colin said:

    Will I be able to change channels on a satellite or cable receiver with this?

    This would depend upon which version of receiver you have. If the unit uses a normal IR remote then yes this item will relay the remote signal correctly. If the unit uses an IRDA remote then this unit would not work. It is recommended you contact the service provider first to confirm which version you have.

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