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Nikkai 5.8GHz Phono Video Sender Kit

Code: A86KH

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  • Send digital TV upstairs or to another room in your home without cables
  • Change channel from another room with the built-in IR remote repeater (note: now compatible with Sky+ / Virgin remotes)
  • Compatible with practically any video source with a SCART or Phono connection (DVD, TV, satellite, Cable, PC, etc)

Product details

Nikkai 5.8GHz Phono Video Sender Kit

• Send digital TV upstairs or to another room in your home without cables • Change channel from another room with the built-in IR remote repeater (note: now compatible with Sky+ / Virgin remotes)• Compatible with practically any video source with a SCART or Phono connection (DVD, TV, satellite, Cable, PC, etc) • Super high-gain aerial and higher frequency for improved picture quality • No interference from wireless CCTV or networks due to 5.8GHz frequency band • Directional antenna to pinpoint the best possible picture with separate UHF IR antenna to reduce signal loss• Typical range up to 10m indoors• 4 channels for minimum of interference • Phono sockets for compatibility with various types of AV equipment • Stable 5.8GHz signal operates through most walls, floors and ceilings • PAL and NTSC compatible • Very easy to set up

All video senders are the same, right? Wrong! This video sender operates on the 5.8 GHz frequency and others operate on 2.4 GHz. Many household appliances like Wi-Fi, Cordless Phone, Microwave, etc., are also on 2.4 GHz so they will interfere with the standard video sender but with this one, due to its higher frequency you will experience interference-free viewing. And the long range of of up to 10m indoors and super high-gain aerial means crisp video and high-quality stereo signals for maximum entertainment.This product comes with one transmitter and one receiver. If you need additional receivers, you can purchase it using order code A87KH.

This product will not work with HDMI outputs. It requires either a SCART or Phono outputs to be available.

Please note: The transmission distance is dependent on the construction of the building you are using it in. In modern 3 bedroom houses with partition (dry) walls typically you will be able to transmit anywhere in the house. However buildings with all brick construction will sometimes see a reduction in the range possible and with stone built houses transmission may only be possible to adjacent rooms.
Frequency range: 5.745GHz - 5.805GHz
Channel selection: 4-channel
Antenna type: High-gain patch antenna with separate UHF IR Remote antenna
Supply voltage: DC 9V
IR operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
Transmitter output power: 50mVm @ 3m
Additional Receiver Order Code A87KH


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10 of 46 Reviews

  • Well pleased !

    Got these today. Took 10 minutes to set up, which was mostly spent rearranging the furniture to accommodate the tv and pulling out the sky+ box etc. Great picture on tv in bedroom, worked instantly, SCART leads are labelled receiver and transmitter to avoid confusion. The transmitter and receiver are approx 12 feet apart through a suspended timber floor topped by laminate flooring. Put the IR mouse on the shelf in front of sky box and the sky remote works upstairs. You can access the planner, recorded shows etc upstairs as if you were sat in your lounge. FFWD and RWND work on live tv too. HD channels are at about 90% I would say but I will take that.

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  • Satisfactory

    Bought these senders to replace some 15 year old items. The picture quality on these is a little better but that's it. Using the units to transmit between the lounge & kitchen through one thin (non brick) wall the signal distorts with an audible noise every time you walk near the sender/receiver. This distortion is really bad unless you orientate the units to point directly at each other. This means you can't hide them behind the TV's they have to be on show. This wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a large, pointless, super bright LED on the unit which you can't avoid when watching TV. These things work, just, but seem overpriced.

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  • Great in theory, not so great in practice!

    These have been set up on a Blade box, at a range of around 10ft from our lounge to the bedroom. There's a standard fabricated wall separating the rooms. The units take a lot of fiddling around to get a good signal. Everything in between is either good sound and banding/flickering of the picture, or crackling sound and a perfect picture! I tried to run it into the bedroom for our girls, but it would not pick up anything but a flickering picture and crackling sound, no matter where I placed it. This room is roughly 16ft away from the sender unit. The biggest gripe has got to be the units literally spazzing out when first turned on and at random intervals. They'll display a signal, then drop out, display, drop out, rinse and repeat... It takes roughly 2-3mins to then stabilise. If someone walks in front or in between the units the above then occurs again. From time to time, it will also do this at random whilst switching between channels. They are good enough for the basic job, but they come with quirks. You may be able to look passed these or not. All in all I'd say they are an 'okay' product.

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  • Excellent product, works with TIVO

    This product works with the Virgin media Samsung tivo box. The scart cables that come with this appear to be made of flimsy metal and a real struggle to insert into the TV and tivo. Be very careful. My second TV is in my bedroom, signal travels about 6 metres, through the ceiling and interior wall. The signal is nice and crisp, but walking near the receiver does cause interference, but to be honest I'm okay with that. This product would be five stars, if the scart connectors were better made

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  • Make sure!

    Heads up everyone.... Great bit of kit but the instructions don't tell you that the scart leads are specific to the sender and receiver. Get them the wrong way round and it won't work! Well worth the money though excellent picture upstairs.

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  • would not recommend

    Tried using this to send a signal from a sky+ box in my bedroom to my son's bedroom, no more than 20/25 feet away, & the picture quality is poor Also I can not get the remote to turn the channel over whilst in my son's bedroom

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  • Will not change channels on my hd box

    Will not change channels on my sky+ hd box in the front room. all i can watch is the one channel that the sky box is already on no support available from nikkai who seem to be untraceable. Dont waste your money on it

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  • Alan said

    I bought this to operate my new Sky+HD box in the other room. The picture quality is excellent through a brick wall and the Sky remote control works great as long as I stick the IR repeater on the shelf just in front of the Sky box. I took the receiver upstairs to try on the bedroom TV and it worked like a charm with a great picture and the Sky remote works too. I will definitely be buying a second receiver for the bedroom.

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  • Used with Freesat

    Just bought this today from the Newcastle upon Tyne branch and set it up, at home, using Humax Freesat box as the sending unit. The TV was in the next room, approx. 5mtrs away although at the other side of an intertnal, solid brick wall. The reception on the TV was perfectly acceptable, although not of HD or near quality, but watching snooker gave a good enough picture of adequate quality. So far, no interference from WiFi hub, wireless telephones, mobile, wireless headphones etc. Overall, this product performs as described and is a lot cheaper than getting a new external TV aerial and also gives the flexibility of positioning the receiving TV ( as long as you can get a couple of mains plugs near that location).

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  • This sender kit was easy to set up and worked first time.I have no problems with fuzziness of the picture,or any other interference at all.I can change channels from the comfort of my bed whilst the sky box is downstairs in the living room.I am both pleased and amazed at how easy it is to get Sky in more than one room without having to pay a fortune every month for the privilige.

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  • Jerry said:

    I receive picture but can change channels on Sky box?

    The IR mouse needs to be placed in front of the skys IR & both units need to be on the same channel.

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