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Nikkai Digital Freeview Receiver

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  • Digital Free-to-View set top box
  • SCART video output with RGB compatibility
  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for up to 7 days

Product details

Nikkai Digital Freeview Receiver

• Digital Free-to-View set top box• SCART video output with RGB compatibility• Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for up to 7 days• Compact size, suitable for most locations• Automatic and manual channel and favourite sorting• Store up to 1000 channels • Digital text supported• Includes full-function remote control• RF loop• Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 x 35 x 120 mm• Weight: 300 grams

If you have an old TV (non-digital compliant) with a SCART socket or want to make use of your VCR after digital switchover, this Digital Freeview Receiver will enable you to do this. Simply plug in your aerial feed to the back of the receiver, connect to the SCART input of the device (TV, VCR, DVD-R etc.) and after an initial tune you will pick up digital TV and radio stations.


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10 of 26 Reviews

  • Unit tunes in fine, my gripes are; No wide button to change aspect of older program (have to change tv type in config menu instead). Ni program description whilst watching tv using 'i' button details signal quality instead. When navigating EPG, it changes channel as you go down, can't leave channel on in background whilst seeing what else is on. Had about 2 weeks now, no crashes. 4* for the value 3* for functionality

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  • I'll concur with all thats been said by other reviewers but this box is missing something vital. It doesn't support the new Freeview HD channels, so no Motors TV :(

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  • I bought this the other day, uncoiled the cable and realised that when I place it on top of the stand by the TV the plug barely reaches the floor, let alone the socket! I'd guess the cable is probably barely a metre long, if that. So I'm afraid it's going to have to go back to the shop, which is a great shame because otherwise it looks like a reasonably sturdy model, and certainly better than the Goodmans it's supposed to be replacing. The only other comment I can make at present is to agree with the comments on the poor quality of the "instruction manual" - fortunately I'm experienced at deciphering manuals in "Jinglish" or "Chinglish" or whatever this is.

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  • Bought this today. Despite tempting dearer models offering more, I stuck to this, the one I had decided to buy; after all, I do not need serial interface, USB, smart card etc. Plugged it in, switched on and hey presto. Setting up well enough to get the stations, both Radio and TV, was a dawdle. One thing! The leaflet in the box is useless. Use the excellent download manual from Maplin. I am enjoying exploring its deeper abilities.

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  • I was wondering at the great price that it might or might not work well.........but I have to say what a good buy.....was up and running in a few seconds. Well worth it!

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  • Unfortunately the first one was faulty but a replacement was with me in 24hrs. Excellent service

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  • I agree with all comments. Easy setup but it is best to download the online user handbook. Well worth the price

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  • This was to replace an old receiver and the scart and aerial cables were already in place so the installation was simple and quick. The tuning was virtually automatic and I was flicking through the channels in no time. There is not a lot more to say except it lives up to Maplin's high standards.

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  • A straightforward Freeview set top box with a single scart and the usual pass-through RF sockets (in and out). Quite easy to set up. A good tip is to make sure that your aerial is giving the best possible signal. I'm using this with an indoor aerial with built-in booster. When you first turn the box on the menu comes up on the screen and it's pretty obvious what to do i.e. choose digital tv and then let it scan automatically. It quickly located all the freeview stations. My only minor quibbles (and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) are that the enclosed instruction sheet is very limited so it's worth downloading the full manual pdf from the Maplin site; also the OSD (on-screen display) colours are rather lurid (whichever option you choose). I haven't worried about the EPG as I get a listings mag each week. I've noticed that it turns itself off overnight. I can't see anywhere in the manual what length of inactivity triggers this - I assume it is triggered by the TV being turned off. I would prefer that not to happen but it's no big deal. By contrast, my LG HDD recorder which sits below this little box (and provides my 2nd freeview channel) stays on unless I turn it off or it finishes a preset timed recording. So, only had the box a couple of days but it seems to be doing what we want and, most importantly, will allow us to cancel our cable contract (and save a few quid each month) as we are quite happy with the range of channels available on freeview. Overall, so far, excellent value for money from Maplin, as usual.

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  • Nice small compact unit, good reception and very easy to set up.

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10 of 13 Questions

  • Charles Rowe said:

    Does this have a built in timer facility for recording programs via my existing analogue DVD recorder and, if so, how many programs can be preset to record?

    Sorry the product does not support that

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  • John Bartlett said:

    Do I have to buy an rf loop cable or does it work with just a scart cable?

    This requires both an RF Loop cable and a SCART cable.

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  • mazza said:

    i want to watch freeview but i don't have an aerial isit possible ?

    Unfortunately not.

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  • M Grosse said:

    Can I record TV programs using my Analogue VHS recorder via the Nikkai A76FT?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • mr A.Brearley said:

    I am trying to locate a 12volt digital freeview box suitable for use in a caravan

    Sorry this product does not support that.

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  • jon said:

    can a dish be connected to this box?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Chris said:

    Does this product include a SCART lead to connect it to my TV or do I have to buy that separately?

    This is not included

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  • Austin said:

    How many scart sockets does this device have.

    This has one scart socket.


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  • Ray said:

    Does this product have a non-volatile memory so once it has been tuned so it won't lose all the channels if the power is turned off?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Jac said:

    can i use my old areal and tv with this to watch digital channels

    Provided you have adequate digital coverage in your area yes.

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