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Nikkai SCART to HDMI Convertor 1080p

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  • Plug-n-play, high performance SCART to HDMI convertor
  • Converts analogue video, audio into complete HDMI
  • 1 x SCART input types: CVBS/y/c (PAL, NTSC), RGB (480i, 576i) S-video PAL (576i) NTSC (480i)

Product details

Nikkai SCART to HDMI Convertor 1080p

• Plug-n-play, high performance SCART to HDMI convertor
• Converts analogue video, audio into complete HDMI
• 1 x SCART input types: CVBS/y/c (PAL, NTSC), RGB (480i, 576i) S-video PAL (576i) NTSC (480i)
• 1 x HDMI output resolutions: 480P, 720P 1080P
• Synchronised image and sound
• Compliant with HDMI 1.3 HDCP 1.2 and DVI 1.0
• Supports HDTV formats
• Works with SCART DVD players, old Sky STB’s, Nintendo Wii, HDTVs and projectors
• Compact and robust metal casing body

Easily upgrade your home entertainment systems to HD-quality output with the SCART to HDMI Convertor. This easy-to-use superior build device works well for both professional and home users. A high-performance system, the SCART to HDMI converter supports HDTV formats, and works with CVBS/y/c (PAL, NTSC), RGB (480i, 576i) S-video PAL (576i) NTSC (480i) inputs, offering a choice of HDMI resolutions, including 480P, 720P and 1080P. For instance, you can connect the SCART connection of your Nintendo Wii and convert it to HDMI, for viewing in true-to-life quality on any HDMI connected display.


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10 of 10 Reviews

  • Fan is noisy

    I'd reiterate the other negative comments on this. The fan is noisy, the video was an unnatural colour, the audio and video were not synced and because of the way the unit has to be set up I can imagine lots of problems with buttons being accidentally pressed at the front which change the settings. There have to be good products which solve this problem. Unfortunately this is not one of them.

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  • well thank you worthing maplins went in to get the scart to hdmi convertor a little worried about some of the feed back about noise on the fan boy o boy what a great bit of kit works wonders to bring my old vcr/ dvd recorder to life to match with my new tv so no worries for me and again great and friendly staff and you can have a laugh with people that know their stuff thank you so much from trev in east preston

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  • I echo all the negative reviews by others. Not only does the integral fan (that isn't mentioned in the blurb) sound like a hair dryer on the blink, but the picture was rubbish; colour was off, it flickered a lot and all in all actually made things worse. I wasn't expecting blu-ray standard but for the price I expected something half decent. I cannot mince my words, avoid this like the plague.

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  • I had an international sky box and needed to connect to my new Samsung TV., At the same time, I needed to connect my sky box, my DVD player and other gizmo's. I bought this with the 3 in 1 scart plug system and so far it has been perfect, albeit a noisy fan. However, dont seem to notice it when totally engrossed on my programs! Would definitely recommend this to those who have old TV accessories running on SCART, so they have an option of keeping these things when upgrading to a new TV!

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  • The converter is well engineered and does work although in my case intermittently. It also has a fan which is not mentioned and this is quite noisy. Overall I've been disappointed with its performance and the need to power off and on several times before it works.

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  • Yes, it does upscale but darkened picture considerably. Also, for its small size it has a very intrusive noisy fan. I cannot recommend this product.

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  • Neat package and not too big but noisy cooling fan and picture quality can be a bit sketchy at best although when you see a still image it is sharp and clear. Shame that as soon as you get a bit of movement it goes to pot. Images across the screen tend to ghost and strobe, definitely not smooth. Colours are good though and if you don't sit too close to the screen it's not so bad. Mixed feelings about this and whether to take it back or not.

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  • Exactly what we wanted. Arrived very quickly and packaged well

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  • Now these are on sale I thought I would get one and try it and it did improve the image and make it look a lot better on the TV. Maybe I got new stock with a better power supply but I did not get any issues with loss of signal strength. It can be a bit blocky on some fast moving and action scenes but no more so than freeview can be at times. Worth it to make use of all those old vcr tapes

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  • I bought the product to use the HDMI connector on my new Panasonic TV to output my Svideo equipment, as the Scart provided on this and most other manufacturers' latest TVs has been downgraded to RGB composite video only (shame on them for ditching 1990s capability and replacing it with 1980s !). I wasn't expecting HDMI quality, but just looking to uphold Svideo quality. I cannot say the box doesn't work, but it certainly doesn't work well. There are 2 serious problems with it :- 1. Moving items in the picture are jerky, so although the picture definition is probably up to Svideo level, the viewing experience is generally unpleasant. 2. The power supply appears not to be shielded properly, such that when switching the device on it reduces the level of terrestial digital signals received and knocks out the weaker ones. Switch the device off and these signals return. To be fair to the local Maplin store, they recognised my problems without quibble and refunded my money. I am now looking to a more expensive offering.

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