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One For All Outdoor Digital TV & Radio Aerial

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  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Water-proof (IP-35 class)
  • Robust design
  • Limited stock may be available in some stores. Call us on 0844 557 6000 to check

Product details

One For All Outdoor Digital TV & Radio Aerial

• Ideal for outdoor use• Water-proof (IP-35 class)• Robust design• Integrated amplifier (15 dB)• Compatible with DVB-T TV signals and DAB radio signals• Built-in filters to eliminate interference for wireless devices• Horizontal and vertical reception• Powered via set top box or included AC/DC adapter• Portable for camping and boating• Includes F-connector and standard coaxial (IEC) connector• Includes installation hardware• 6 meter antenna connection cable


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7 of 7 Reviews

  • Superb bit of kit and not a lot of money either. Was getting patchy dab reception with a traditional outdoor aerial but this one gives unbroken clear reception. Very easy to install, we'll worth the money.

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  • Easy to install and picks up most of the Digital TV in a poor signal area. I use this as a back-up to my normal TV antenna as well as an outdoor ariel for radio. No complaints. I currently have 2 of these and both work well.

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  • This aerial is "magic"!! I live about 28 miles away from the nearest freeview transmitter and the signal I can say is not the greatest. On the roof top there is an aerial with 24 elements but is not helping me to receive any of the freeview channels. I used standard, boosted, amplified etc aerials, but not a chance of more than 3 to 4 channels maximum, until I used this one. It got me a clear picture and using the manual search mode from the freeview box (installation function), managed to have 100% signal with about 112 channels (TV and DAB radio). The magic of the product is that is actually indoors, near the window, on the actual TV set. Yes is indoors! It looks very futuristic and I used some self adhesive stickers to secure it on the best receiving angle on my TV with full signal where rooftop antena's can't make it, this one is just "magic". It is highly recommended. The price from Maplin is a little but more than the cheapest you can get on the net, but you know for sure is the original product and not a "look alike". Once again, DO give it a try. As a bonus it comes with coaxial and F connector option. As I connected the aerial to my lounge computer (F connector for the Windows Media Centre tuner) is hassle free and straight forward. No I do not get paid by Maplin to write this things and my usual reviews are negative wherever you see me writing on the net, but this one is how I said : MAGIC!

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  • it took me 20 minutes to put up on the wall. but be warned, if your wall is not facing the transmitter it will not be as effective. also you will need a long 6mm drill bit for feeding the coax through walls, and a length of coax with an antenna connector plus a removable f collector because both ends are fixed and cant be removed on the kit provided

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  • so easy to install and excellent reception an all channels wish I had bought one of these ages ago.

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  • Excellent. Installed just above head height on the wrong side (opposite site to Crystal Palace transmitter in London) of my 5 storey building and still get perfect reception. Previously used an indoor aerial with amp and got about half of channels on and off. Unlike other review we just drilled a slightly larger hole to fit cable end through wall. Only extra thing I needed was a female to female connector so I could extend with another aerial cable.

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  • I have 3 of these and I am very happy with them all. In low signal areas you will need line-of-sight to the local transmitter. I have one aerial at a lower location and use this as a DAB aerial and two located above the chimney (with line-of-sight). The 2 aerials above the chimney work as good as a element TV aerial and I receive all freeview channels in Aberdeen. The lower installed aerial (without line-or-sight) experiences some freeview break-up, but is fine as a DAB Aerial (its main purpose). If you can't fit an element aerial then this is a good alternative.

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  • Caroline said:

    i live on a boat will this aerial work on that

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Graeme said:

    Does the power connect to the arial unit itself or to the coax cable? If to the arial how long is the power lead?

    This connects to the coax cable.

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  • pippa webb said:

    Will this connect to USB TV sticks

    as long as the TV stick has an RF aerial socket then yes this unit should connect to it without any problems

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  • Cormac said:

    Hello there, Can you tell me if this area will pick up Irish terrestrial channels within the republic.My understanding is the 4 stations here are broadcast over VHF and UHV. Kind Regards Cormac

    That should be absolutely fine.

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  • DArcey said:

    Does this item work with a HD Ready LCD TV with built in Freeview

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • John Ring said:

    Is this aerial suitable for use with SONY DVD recorder RDR-HXD890

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • julie smart said:

    can this item be mounted on to a pole for outdoor use?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Ian Massingham said:

    I have high trees which interfere with my signal.Can and would this product benefit from being mounted on a mast?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Mike said:

    Does this aerial have to be pointed at the source transmitter or can it be used on the move?

    This can be used on the move but performance is dependent upon signal strength.

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  • ROBIN said:

    have a camper van i have site hook up or 240v inverter will this work for me?

    Yes the product does support that.

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