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Plug In/Battery Operated Energy Saving Monitor With Timer

Code: N47KB

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  • Large, easy to read LCD - makes programming simple
  • See how much power your appliances are consuming
  • Can be mains powered or battery powered

Product details

Plug In/Battery Operated Energy Saving Monitor With Timer

• Large, easy to read LCD - makes programming simple
• See how much power your appliances are consuming
• Can be mains powered or battery powered
• Requires 3 x AAA batteries, (Order Code L42AL, not included) if running off battery power
• Suitable for an extension lead to be plugged into it, to monitor the consumption of multiple appliances
• Be eco-alert by monitoring CO2 consumption
• Can display the cost of electricity and power used
• Monitors volts, amps, watts, kWh, elapsed time, cost and CO2 emissions
• Displays saving in kWh, elapsed time, cost and CO2 emissions
• 96 on/off cycles per day
• 7 x 96 on/off cycles per week
• Holiday and random mode
• Manual on/off override button
• Alarm mode protects against over current, over voltage, under voltage and over temperature
• Surge protection protects your equipment from damaging electrical surges and spikes
• Surge-free on/off switch
• Rated at 15A and 3289W
• Requires 3 x AAA batteries, Order Code L42AL, not included) for the product to be battery powered
• Weight: 142g
• Dimensions (h x w x d): 130 x 64 x 38mm

By simply entering the unit cost of your electricity and plugging an appliance or extension lead into the power monitor, the LCD screen enables you to easily see the cost of the plugged in appliances. It allows you to see useful data such as: cost generated by a socket, kilowatt hours used (as found on your electricity bill), active watts consumed, apparent power, voltage from the socket, amps used. With this knowledge you can reduce your electricity bill and more importantly reduce your carbon footprint.. The built in timer is ideal for switching lights, radios, etc. on whilst your house is unoccupied, giving the impression that people are in. It can also be used to take advantage of cheaper electricity costs during off peak periods.
This handy product gives you the option of plugging in to a wall socket, or using in places where mains power is not accessible using the battery power option (requires 3 x AAA batteries, Order Code L42AL, not included). An extension lead can also be plugged into the unit, giving you the option of monitoring the power usage of multiple appliances. It also enables you to use the timer function on more than one appliance at a time when using in conjunction with an extension lead.


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  • This is a chunky unit but it's not just an energy monitor it is a timer as well. it does the job. It is easy enough to use but the instructions could be a little clearer. To see how much energy an appliance is using is simple, just plug it in and the wattage or kwh is displayed clearly. The screen has to display a lot of information so some of it is a little difficult to read but not impossible. I used a 1000w fire to check the accuracy and that read correctly. I've checked a laptop, a monitor, a CPU and they all gave appropriate readings. On the whole a reasonably priced and very useful piece of kit.

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  • I am just about to return the second one of these. The first was mechanically faulty - it had a screw missing from the case and the case was thus coming apart. The second one does not seem to measure amps and power correctly - its main purpose. Just plugged into a socket with nothing attached it reads a current of around 0.63A and a power which fluctuates between about 1W and 15W. I plugged in a 100w table lamp in case it was unhappy with no load attached - it still read the same (would have expected around 0.4A/100W). I then plugged in a 1kW heater - it seemed to read correctly - i.e. a little over 4A/1000W. It also seemed correct when I switched on the additional 1kW heater element. It seems that it only works correctly if the load exceeds the 0.6A or so - I can only assume it's faulty. You should also note that physically it's quite large - approx 7cm wide x 16cm long x 6.5cm deep (not including the pins)- it extends about 11cm forward of the earth pin. If plugged into a typical mains extension socket, you can't plug anything in adjacent to it. Given its size, the display is not very big and needs to be viewed straight on - at an angle it's difficult to read. The backlight doesn't seem to help much. Even if working correctly, I don't think I'd be very impressed.

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