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Portable Handheld Scanner with OCR Software

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  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Scan documents and photos and saves to microSD
  • 'Realtime' scanning detector to avoid distortion
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Product details

Portable Handheld Scanner with OCR Software

• Compact, lightweight and portable• Scan documents and photos and saves to microSD• 'Realtime' scanning detector to avoid distortion• 'Over-speed' alert to control the scanning speed• Scanning resolution up to 600 DPI• Scanning size - 300 DPI = 8.27" x 50", 600 DPI = 8.27" x 25"• LCD display• Automatic white balance• OCR software included• Scans colour or mono• Supports microSD up to 32GB (not included)• Powered by 2 x AA batteries

This scanner is a portable handheld scanner that allows you to scan books, letters, photos and more by gliding the scanner over the surface of the page. Rather than having it hooked up to a PC while you scan, the portable scanner has a microSD card slot so you can copy images directly from the page on to the memory card. To transfer the images to your computer you can either take out the microSD card and connect that up to a card reader, or attach the portable scanner up to your computer via a USB cable and drag and drop the files as needed.
Image sensor: A4 Colour Contact Image Sensor 5136 dots)
Resolution: Low 300 x 300 dpi (default) High 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum scanning speed for A4 size document
Colour High resolution: 13 Seconds
Colour Low resolution: 3.0 Seconds
Mono High resolution: 6.0 Seconds
Mono Low resolution: 2.0 Seconds
Capacity (based on 1GB microSD card):
600 dpi colour 220 Photos (Min.)
600 dpi mono 290 Photos (Min.)
300 dpi colour 780 Photos (Min.)
300 dpi mono 1280 Photos (Min.)
Scan width: 8.27ins/21cms (A4)
Max scan length: 300DPI: 50ins/125cms, 600DPI:25ins/62cms
File format: JPEG
LCD: Scanning status display
Auto Power Off: 3 Minutes
USB 2.0 high speed port
External memory: microSD Card
2 X AA alkaline batteries
Size: 255 x 30 x 33mm
Weight: 159g
Windows Xp sp2 / Vista /Windows 7/ Mac OS 10.4 or above
CPU: Pentium II or above
Interface: USB Port


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10 of 32 Reviews

  • Do not buy it

    I bought this to scan books, what a waste of money. It will do some pages good but most it will not get into the spine. As for scanning pictures unless your as steady as a rock they are not good enough, when you do it get it right then the image is really good. Take my advice use your digital camera to shoot the book pages, more reliable.

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  • Surprisingly good and excellent value. Enabled me to scan documents behind glass as well as specific areas of laminated A1 documents.

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  • Initially I was disappointed with this product as I found that the advert was misleading in that it did not state that a microSD card had to be inserted into scanner before the scanner can be used. Those of us who have used a Logitech scanner some years ago will know that it transferred the information directly into the computer and I expected this scanner to be the same. My understanding from the description and reviews was that the batteries and microSD card allowed the scanner to be used away from the computer for later transfer. To sell this scanner without pointing out that it won’t work without the card makes the scanner unfit for purpose. Your salesman offered to sell me a card but when I declined, giving my reason that I would not be using it away from a computer failed to point out my error. However, subsequent initial use of the scanner with a borrowed card appears to show that the scanner is will do all that I want.

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  • Do be aware that the Micro card is not an optional extra - the scanner won't work without one. Your PC won't even recognise it, so you can't scan direct to PC even if you want to.

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  • Excellent, space saving as I haven't got the space for a flatbed scanner. and it works with the iPad Camera Connection Kit! so can be used to archive all your photos for your iPad too!

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  • A brilliant colour scanner at a fraction of the price compared to a few years ago. My last son is using it to great effect at university when he cannot get the textbooks from the library that he needs.

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  • The pros: Lightweight, no cables, installs via USB with ease and no need for other software. Good for scanning books (if the spine gets in the way on a flatbed). It's easier to use than the old hand scanners I remember from 10 years ago, on 300dpi it's quite tolerant of scan speed. You can go too fast on 600dpi though. It's relatively easy to use although not intuitive because you have to hold some buttons to get special features. The power control is held for over a second to switch on and to calibrate you need to go through a relatively complex procedure. The quality is okay for a scanner of the type but you get (minor) banding horizontal and vertical to some extent that appears to be unavoidable no matter how careful you are. Nice leatherette bag, and free batteries.

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  • I had two problems with this. The scanner is not set for A4, as advertised, but a size somewhat wider (not a problem) and somewhat shorter. If the text on a page runs close to the lower edge, it will not be scanned. There is no way to change the setting. Also, I found the supplied OCR software unable to cope with the text, in standard print and English, at all, reducing it to gibberish. Two other programs I have managed well. Apart from these matters, the scanner works well on flat sources, and produces readable JPEG files which are satisfactory for archiving.

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  • Too big. Pity u don't have a pocket-sized version.

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  • Ok, been after a handheld scanner as I am training in Merchant Navy and needed to scan machinery manuals at sea. These are very bulky and have thick binders and don't enjoy being scanned on a flat bed scanner. I researched many different scanners and they were all in the £100 to £120 range. But they all had bad reviews, poor construction, poor usability etcetera. The Maplin scanner had good reviews from real people named Derek etc (not fake ones like so many online shops) so I thought I'd give it a go. First off I had to buy a separate SD card (32GB) and I also bought a Sandisk SD card USB holder. So I can whip it out of scanner and plug straight into my laptop. Very handy. But the supplied usb cable is also easy to use. Plug it in and turn on scanner. Follow calibration instructions which a child could handle then just select whether you want high/low res, colour/black and white on scanner. line it up with marked scan lines on scanner then press button start scanning, press button to stop and thats it, SIMPLE. If you go too fast or slow the error light comes on and tells you. But that has never happened to me. It feels pretty solid and glides along page on little wheels and is a pleasure to use to be honest. I even use it sometimes to scan in A4 posters on wall if I need the info! I'd reccommend it to anyone. Sometimes if the binding on a book is a bit tight you just run scanner vertically from spine to edge of page instead but you can rotate this on software provided. Also did a wee bit of OCR on it and it seems to pick up most the words fine. Doesn't always keep all the formatting but to be honest Id rather have a good scanner than state of the art software and a rubbish scanner like the top end manufacturers offer...

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3 of 3 Questions

  • Ben said:

    Will this scanner scan business cards and the OCR software be able to take the data from it?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Bob said:

    Does this scanner and its OCR software work on Windows 7?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Stephen Maher said:

    Does this come with its own internal memory? if so what size or do you have to buy a micro SD card for it?

    The item is designed to save to a microSD rather than internal memory so an memory card would be required (some examples of our range can be found as accessories on this item page).

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