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Professional Metal Detector with LCD Display

Code: L24BK

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  • Discriminates the type of metal found in two modes
  • 9 types of metal can be displayed
  • Variable notch facility which ignores junk metal such as ring pulls

Product details

Professional Metal Detector with LCD Display

• Discriminates the type of metal found in two modes• 9 types of metal can be displayed• Variable notch facility which ignores junk metal such as ring pulls• 20cm waterproof search coil• Low battery indication• Detection depth is 20cm for a 2p coin• Pinpoints the location where object is found• LCD display screen• Three tone audio• Arm support with adjustable stem• Earphone socket• 2 detecting modes• 3 ground balance capabilities

The LCD display screen, it makes analysing what metal has been found very easy. It has the pinpoint facility which locates the object found and using the notch mode is a more sophisticated approach that allows one or several specific metal categories to be targeted, whilst rejecting others. This is useful for filtering out ring pulls. Different tones are emitted when different metal categories are found.Please note: the control housing is not waterproofRequires 6 x AA batteries (sold separately) Order Code L43AL x 2

It may be illegal to use a metal detector in some Countries or States please check with you local government department before using this device.


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9 of 9 Reviews

  • great item found a roman coin first time out

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  • Not expensive, easy to use, light weight and soon to be mine, Fantastic metal detector from a great place to shop, with friendly people to offer experience knowledge

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  • Upon purchasing one of these detectors i read alot of negative reviews from various sites i used it a few times and thought its not as bad as people make out had it a week then it started playing up and bleeping for no aparent reason on this note took it back to maplin and asked for a full refund

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  • My uncle bought this for me.It struggles to ground balance,but everything else works fine! I found numerous things,including an old thimble and an 1862 penny.This is a very sensitve detector indeed.However,youll need to throw a pinpointer into your purchase as well,because it will come in very handy in the field.

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  • I recently read a review for the Garret ace 250 and was then surprised to find out that this metal detector supplied by Maplins has the exact features of the Garret machine for less than half the price so I made a purchase as soon as possible.On testing this model I was very impressed with the ease of use and did various air test to conform that the depth sensitivity and metal type discrimination is excellent and on my first field test I found 2 coins straight away.This detector is very sensitive so you must make sure that you ground balance if the soil is heavily mineralized and dont use anywhere near power pylons as this model will pick up the static interference, also it pays to use fully charged or new batteries only as you will get poor performance once power is at a reduced voltage.Finally if you want a top Quality metal detector at a great price then buy this model as you will be like me, extremely happy with your purchase and enjoy the exciting world of metal detecting, well done Maplins!

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  • Bought a maplis professional metal detector, the head snapped off when i bumped it into a stiff clump of grass. There's a weak spot about 2cm inside the metal shaft, Maplin offered a replacement but whats the point, it will have the same weakness. I'm going to attatch it myself, somehow. The performance was reasonable.

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  • I bought this metal detector a few months ago from the maplin store in exeter. I read the instructions fully and when i came to set up the ground balance sometimes it would not work very well, or not at all! i was in a open field so there was nothing to disturb it! I then got my friend to test it who paid £500 to £600 for his metal detector and had bought cheaper metal detectors in the past but a well known makes. And he said the exact same thing that it was struggling to ground balance.

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  • Excellent product. Works well. The various modes take getting used to but offer considerable advantages over most metal locators in the price range. I was delighted to discover that it was made by PRECISION GOLD whose products always seem to be reliable.

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  • I have just bought this machine and what can I say this machine kicks coin! If you are looking for a very well priced machine which does exactly as is stated in the review then this is a must buy! I did my market research before commiting myself to this one and to be honest the best I came up with is a machine with 2" less depth and a price tag of £140.I must congratulate maplins on their spec review as I have tried a manual depth test and found the 25cm to be exact.Also this machine will go 25cm on a 5p which is half the size,this is a very sensitive machine indeed as i have also found small pinsized pieces of wire approx 3" down.If you want a professional machine that is also perfect for a beginer then dont waste your money on anything else. WELL DONE MAPLIN! and thanks.

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5 of 5 Questions

  • George said:

    What is the weight of this detector?

    This weighs 2 kilos

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  • thomy said:


    Yes the product does support that.

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  • karl said:

    Can the length be adjusted

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Steven said:

    Does the model L24BK come with headphones?

    headphones are not included.

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  • Paul Beaumont said:

    Does this detector operate on sandy beaches?

    Yes the product does support that.

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