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Raspberry Pi Advanced Kit

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  • Get involved with the Raspberry Pi phenomenon with the Advanced Kit from Maplin
  • It's the perfect way to begin experimenting and developing with the Raspberry Pi computer platform
  • The kit includes an ultra slim and compact wireless keyboard with built in mouse touch pad, a Wi-Fi N150 dongle and the Iceberry protective case for your Pi
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Raspberry Pi Advanced Kit

• Get involved with the Raspberry Pi phenomenon with the Advanced Kit from Maplin
• It's the perfect way to begin experimenting and developing with the Raspberry Pi computer platform
• The kit includes an ultra slim and compact wireless keyboard with built in mouse touch pad, a Wi-Fi N150 dongle and the Iceberry protective case for your Pi
• The case and keyboard are a perfect way to use your Pi when attending a Jamboree, a coding after school club or just showing off your programming skills to friends
• There is a PSU, a USB hub and the cables to connect to your HDMI TV
• The 8 GB SD card includes Raspberry Pi's official Wheezy operating system
• Full 1080p HD video output via HDMI, Standard AV from the RCA (phono) video output plus 3.5mm audio output socket for virtually any TV or screen
• RJ45 10/100 network socket and two USB sockets on the Pi enhances connectivity
• The operating system includes LXDE desktop GUI, Midori web browser plus development tools such as Scratch and Python and example source code for various functions
• Ideal for getting youngsters enthused about programming and development or re-live your computer programming childhood
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The Raspberry Pi is a small sized computer that uses your television as a monitor. You can use it like a desktop computer to browse the web, play HD video or use it as a media centre. The included SD card OS is based on Debian Linux but customised for the Raspberry Pi processor and means you have access to thousands of applications and sample code to help you learn about computer programming, which is what the Pi was developed for.

The compact keyboard makes it easy to use your Pi anywhere, with no big bulky keyboard or mouse to store. The keyboard has a full QWERTY layout and has a sensitive touch pad mouse which only uses one USB socket, unlike a separate mouse and keyboard.
The Iceberry case is strong and robust and will protect your Pi from knocks and has a side access groove to make the GPIO pins accessible via a ribbon cable.

The Pi has 512MB of RAM shared with the graphics chip and is capable of playing full 1080p video from the HDMI socket. The 700MHz CPU can handle programming, web browsing, file serving or producing documents. It has most things that the home programmer would need to learn about computer science and best of all there are countless web sites in the internet featuring 'how to' guides and ideas for projects.
With interface boards like our GPIO breakout kit (Order Code N95NQ) you can control electronic devices including motors, servos, LEDs and many others to make your life more interesting. All you need to do is learn about programming and the Raspberry Pi works well with the Python programming language.

Please note the OS Image supplied on the SD card requires expanding using the config tool to make full use of the SD card.

To download the latest software for your Pi or play around with alternative Operating Systems then click here

For instructions on how to install a Raspberry Pi Operating System please read this guide
Board Specifications:
CPU Broadcom BCM2835 SOC 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S core
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV
Memory 512MB (shared with GPU)
USB 2 Intergrated A sockets
Video Composite RCA (PAL & NTSC) HDMI (1.3, 1.4) and DSI socket
Audio HDMI and 3.5mm socket
Storage SD card slot
Network 10/100 Mb/s
Power Micro USB 5V 700mA for the Pi board. Kit supplied with 2.1A PSU
Dimensions 85.60 x 53.98mm
OS Kit supplied with Wheezy Linux, certain other Linux, FreeBSD and RISC operating systems could be used
I/O 16-pin GPIO customisable pin array
Kit Specifications:
Input Slim UK layout keyboard with integrated mouse pad
USB 4 Port USB hub with power supply
Power 2 port USB PSU supplied with micro USB cable
Wi-Fi N150 nano dongle
Supplied with gold-plated HDMI cable


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9 of 9 Reviews

  • Awesome piece of kit

    Awesome piece of kit easy to get to grips with with all the components in the box

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  • Great kit and value for money

    Really easy to set up, had this working in minutes. Great value for money as you get everything you need - plus the wireless keyboard and mouse work our the box and so easy to use.

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  • Fantastic!

    I received the advanced kit for Christmas after dropping numerous hints over the past few months. Everything you need to get started is right there in the box with simple instructions on how to fire the old girl up for the first time and navigate to a familiar desktop style screen. From there it's down to you and your imagination, this is where the Pi differs from normal pc's as you do literally have to tell it what to do. I'm 32 years old and an electrical technician but found it totally absorbing and a brilliant way to ease yourself into the world of coding & programming. The only thing that can limit you is your mind and I would advise anyone still not quite sure whether or not to buy one to make the decision and buy one!

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  • Such a good product. brilliant service!

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  • Definitely a good kit for those who don't have the parts. just a little pricey for my liking The USB Wireless dongle is barely reusable on a non pi machine, and most people have a spare SD card / keyboard. Wish they sold the pi's on a stand alone basis. Either way, ranked 4/5 because its a solid kit, just the price doesn't sit right.

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  • Kit good value for money and you are sure that the SD card has a working version Linux on it. I look at some tutorials on utube and inital set up of the SD card is not straight forward. The keypad / trackpad device works well but is very small and suited more to use in a media centre or web browser application if you are going to do some serious typing (Python programming) then you will need a standard keyboard. I had a problem with the HDMI signal and my TV, the guys in the shop were able to point me in the right direction to find the commands for configuring the HDMI output of the PI. The instrustion could give a bit more detail on what to do if thing do not work as expected.

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  • I never thought you could do so much with a computer the size of a credit card.

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  • I have bought advanced kit yesterday in Wrexham, although was planning to buy every component or cable separately :) To make this full fledged computer up and running was a matter, quite frankly, of about 10 minutes before start reading BBC news website!!! Honestly, did not wait for keyboard to charge. Just plugged its provided cable to adaptor with 2 USB ports, and both USB of PI had populated with Wi-Fi dongle and keyboard's wireless. Had selected proper source of signal on TV. Again switched off and on Pi, and, oh, Sweet Mother... This tiny cute babe rocks with a decent operating system! Instructions inside kit are exceptionally clear. Found all answers to my stupid questions about how to see YouTube right away, because small hybrid of keyboard and mouse inside this kit takes no time to get accustomed. Overall, all components inside this kit are well selected, with very kind attention from those who designed it. By the way, my favorite store when I want to buy something special or for my IT arsenal :) Sincerest regards from Wrexham.

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  • A great starter kit for somebody who wants to get started with the raspberry pi to use it for loads of projects like programming, torrent server , media centre and it could even be used for home automation . The keyboard and the powered hub make this much easier as you dont have to faff about buying separte bits straight into the fun stuff!

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