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Raspberry Pi Board and Starter Kit

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  • Includes Model B Raspberry Pi mainboard plus the approved Raspbian OS supplied on a 4GB SD card
  • The operating system includes LXDE desktop GUI, Midori web browser plus lots of development tools
  • Full 1080p HD video output via HDMI
  • Exempt from vouchers

Product details

Raspberry Pi Board and Starter Kit

• Includes Model B Raspberry Pi mainboard plus the approved Raspbian OS supplied on a 4GB SD card
• The operating system includes LXDE desktop GUI, Midori web browser plus lots of development tools
• Full 1080p HD video output via HDMI
• RCA (phono) video output plus 3.5mm audio output socket for connecting with older TVs
• On board General Purpose Input/Output pins (GPIO) to be used with break-out boards (not included) to connect with electronic circuits
• Twin USB ports and an RJ45 10/100 network socket add connectivity with many external devices
• To help you learn computer programming Python and Scratch programming languages are included with the operating system
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With everything you need to get started the Raspberry Pi Board and Starter Kit is just what you need to start off an exciting new hobby. The kit provides the perfect way to begin experimenting and developing with the Raspberry Pi. It is an ideal way to get youngsters enthused about computer programming and development. Can be used as a low powered mini PC at a fraction of the cost of a full priced computer

What Is It?

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a deck of playing cards. With your television as a monitor, you can use it like a desktop computer to browse the web, it plays HD video too, so you can also use it as a media centre. But what it is really designed for is computer programming, the OS includes Python and Scratch programming environments which allow users to learn and improve their programming skills. The board has GPIO pins that can be connected to a variety electronic modules, sensors, motors or other control systems and software can be created to perform tasks.

Who Built It?

The Raspberry Pi Foundation developed this little device to encourage people to learn to tinker with computing, both in software (there's plenty of free material available for the Pi to help you learn more about programming, whether you're a total beginner or already pretty experienced), and in hardware.

What Can I Do With It?

Your Raspberry Pi can get to work as the brains in a robot, as a home-automation platform, drive a motor, or operate sensors and displays, there's a huge community of modders and hackers out there. For more ideas on what to do with a Raspberry Pi, visit www.raspberrypi.org and join in!

What's Included

• Raspberry PI Model B
• 4GB SD Card (Pre-loaded with the latest pre-approved OS)
• Mains Powered 4 Port USB Hub (Increases the number of available ports to 5)
• N150 Wi-Fi USB Nano Dongle
• USB Keyboard
• USB Optical 3-Button Scroll Mouse
• 1.5m USB A to Micro B Cable with Gold-Plated Connectors
• 1.5m HDMI A to HDMI A Cable with Gold-Plated Connectors (To connect your Raspberry Pi to your HD TV/Monitor)

Optional break out boards are available from Maplin to help you connect your Pi prototyping materials for electronic circuits, for example order code N95NQ

To download the latest software for your Pi or play around with alternative Operating Systems then click here

For instructions on how to install a Raspberry Pi Operating System please read this guide

Board Specifications:
CPU Broadcom BCM2835 SOC 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S core
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV
Memory 512Mb (shared with GPU)
USB 2 Integrated A sockets
Video Composite RCA (PAL & NTSC) HDMI (1.3, 1.4) and DSI socket
Audio HDMI and 3.5mm Jack
Storage SD Card slot (Kit supplied with 4GB SD)
Network 10/100 Mb/s
Power Micro USB 5V 700mA for the Pi board. Kit supplied with 2.1A PSU
Dimensions 85.60 x 53.98mm
OS Kit supplied with Wheezy Linux, certain other Linux, FreeBSD and RISC operating system could be used
I/O 16 pin GPIO customisable pin array
Kit Specifications:
Input Standard UK USB keyboard and scroll mouse
USB 4 Port USB Hub with power supply
Power 2 port USB PSU supplied with micro usb cable
WI-FI N150 nano dongle
Supplied with HDMI Cable


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10 of 47 Reviews

  • Not quite working out of the Box

    I bought this kit from a local Maplin a couple of weeks ago, and although I now have it working, it does not work straight out of the box as the leaflet included suggests. The operating system on the SD card was not compatible with the latest pi (there are some web articles on this) and your best bet is to go onto the pi website and download the latest operating system and reformat and then re-blow your SD card. The hub also was not recognised by the latest operating system - and although it works with a PC , it does not work with the pi and latest OS. I bought a seperate hub, from the web and it works fine.

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  • I'm a true believer!

    Just helped my young nephew set up his Raspberry Pi. I have built Gentoo web servers so I know a bit about Linux. However, all I brought to the party was confidence: my nephew could easily have done the setup on his own. If (when!) I get my own, this starter kit is a good idea. So many people have Macs or laptops and no spare keyboards or mice. This really will be ready to go on Christmas day with nothing to add except a screen. It is worth checking that whatever screen you want to use has either an HDMI or RCA (round yellow) connector. VGA is no good. We had an additional book that really helped, the included leaflet will certainly get you started but no more than that. It took about an hour and a half from plugging stuff in to a rather disturbing multi-creature fight animation in Scratch! Make sure your book takes you at least to programming in Scratch. I was very impressed with the Linux distribution - I love Gentoo, but Raspbian is good for getting kids into Linux. When I get my own I'll put Gentoo on it. Don't forget that this is about tinkering with computers not using them! This is a modern replacement for the Z80 machines my generation learnt on. If you give it to a teenager who is not really interested in how computers work they may not see the point. You can't play Halo on it. Our only issues were: we did not notice that the second power supply was for the USB hub. You need the power to make it work. When we rebooted after configuration it refused the password about three times before mysteriously accepting it. I think we may inadvertently have been putting a space in - it does not echo so you cannot tell.

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  • Poor PSU and mouse

    The pi is an excellent concept, but greatly let down by poor accessories bundled. HDMI was inactive, so I enabled it in the config settings on the Sd card plugged into my PC. The quality of the mouse is shocking and worst of all the power supply supplied in the starter kit caused the pi to crash constantly, changed to a MS mouse and Blackberry phone charger and hey presto 6 hours later all up and running. I would defiantly recomend buying a pi but, please please buy a decent power supply 5v mini USB. It will save hours of disopointment

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  • Inadequate power supply

    This starter kit did not work for me. I tried two and ended up returning them both. I suspect that the power supply is simply not up to the job. It could not deliver enough power to maintain the correct 5V level on the Pi - it only managed 3.7V with both kits. So in my tests the Pi couldn't even run the mouse and keyboard or even the externally powered hub!

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  • Great Idea, A Few Issues

    I got this kit a few months ago from maplin, it is a great product the only thing i can say is the keyboard that comes with it the space bar is too sensitive and does not always work Another problem is the usb hub, when devices are plugged in the usb hub the devices are not always working/showing

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  • A+ little peice of kit the raspberry pi offers endless uses and fun its such a great peice of equipment and the starter kit provided by maplin is 2nd to none

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  • A great little package, good to get started as everything works together. Couldn't get wifi to work initially - kept dropping out and reconnecting every second. Upgraded raspian using wired internet connection and problem solved. Note that this package does not come with NOOBS on the SD card at the moment so no choice of OS but raspian is great for newbies. If you're not sure what NOOBS is see the raspberry pi website. Nice one Maplin

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  • A must buy for anyone looking to buy a Raspberry pi. Comes with everything you need and is very easy to set up. Fantastic product!

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  • This little compact device is amazing does what I want it to and can display home videos that's HD in brilliant HD

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  • Great kit. Took about 10 minutes to set up and get going. If you're new the the Raspberry Pi then it's a must, with the OS image pre-loaded on the CS card, so there is no need to download anything from the Raspberry Pi website and no installation or compatibility problems. Highly recommended.

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