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Remote Controlled Mains Sockets 5 Pack

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  • Converts electrical appliances to remote control on/off operation
  • Turns appliances on and off at the click of a button
  • Great for those hard to reach sockets

Product details

Remote Controlled Mains Sockets 5 Pack

• Converts electrical appliances to remote control on/off operation
• Turns appliances on and off at the click of a button
• Great for those hard to reach sockets
• Simple and easy to use - no installation required - 'Plug 'n' Play' operation
• Use to switch off appliances on standby
• Remotely control up to 5 separate mains powered devices
• 30 m range in open spaces
• Even works through ceilings and walls!
• Maximum switching capacity 3120 W

Any appliance with a plug socket can be powered remotely up to a distance of 30 metres. It uses Radio Frequency so the remote does not need to be pointed at the socket and can work through walls.Each RF socket has 4 channels than can be set from the switch at the back.For example, if you had 5 lamps plugged into the RF sockets on different channels/codes you could turn them on and off individually or if set on the same channel/code you could turn them all on and off at the same time.To operate, set the dial on the reverse of the product to the channel required and fit the small battery to the transmitter. Plug the socket in to the required wall outlet and it's ready to use.
Technical Specifications:
Transmitter battery: 12V/23A (Order Code JG91 for replacement)
Transmitter radio frequency: 433.92MHz
Receiver voltage: 220/240V / 50Hz / IP20
Receiver maximum wattage: 3120W
Transmission range: Typically 30m (clear line of sight)
5 remote sockets
1 remote control
1 x 12V 23A battery for remote control


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10 of 42 Reviews

  • Woodworkers Delight

    Magic piece of kit. I use it to control my dust collector for my wood working. I have glued a rare earth magnet to the back of the controller and can stick it on to any handy piece of metal in my workshop near my lathe or woodwork machine. I can switch on the dust collector and off again without having to move when I am ready to produce sawdust.

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  • Does exactly what it should do!

    I have been using these devices for some while now. I have had no trouble at all following the instructions, it is easy. As long as one pays attention and concentrates it is easy to set the system up. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was very interested to see the five receiver pack (the remote control, has four separate channels) I use the system with a variety of multiway sockets so one can turn classes of item off with one button ie(TV, hi-fi, lighting) I will probably have an indoor insect killer on one of the buttons! :-) soon. I have been very surprised to see the other reviewers saying how poor their experience has been, my experience of Maplin is that they are helpfulness itself, any problem you have they seek to fix. The negative reviews on this page all could have been communicated to the local shop and satisfactorily fixed very quickly! :-) I live in a flat, which, being a wheelchair user, is quite large, my television aerials are in the corner of the lounge and my bedroom TV is in the opposite corner of the bedroom, so Maplin supplied me with a 5.8 GHz sender for me to beam my TV from the lounge to the bedroom, which now that I have set it up properly (!) Is working like a dream. I am telling you this because the remote socket transmitter turns the TV sender off in the lounge beautifully. I go to sleep knowing that everything that should be off is off! I thank you very much Maplin for supplying such a good product which is so easy to use and supporting it with some very friendly helpful people.

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  • Very good

    Today I purchased this set, it has done me well so far. I am using it to control my Raspberry Pi and some speakers and also a light and also a laptop charger.

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  • What a fabulous product

    This is a proper fabulous product. I wanted to be able to turn on and off all the lamps in a couple of rooms and my jukebox and hifi as the sockets were all well and truly hidden behind furniture. I'd read a few reviews about the "fiddly selection switches" and wondered if I'd manage - it's fine. Just get a small flat headed screwdriver and first set the Roman numeral dial on the back of each socket to be the same as the selection on the slider on the back of the remote control - there's a small arrow on the rotary switches on the back of each socket - make sure it lines up with one of the four Roman numerals. Next pick the button on the remote that you want to associate with the socket by turning the second rotary switch on the back of the socket - this time using digits 1, 2, 3, or 4. You can set multiple sockets to the same number - for instance, all my lamps in both rooms are on button 1, the hifi on 2 and the jukebox on 3. Don't forget, you can always hang a multiway socket from each controller, so that multiple devices can be controlled from the same socket - assuming you don't put to heavy a load on the socket. Anyway, I'll shut up and get on an order another pack to go with my first five. Oh, and the remote works through walls, doors and ceilings - most excellent and worth a few quid more than some others that I've come across. you won't be dissappointed.

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  • Great for home automation!

    Combined with an arduino, raspberry pi and a webcam, I set up a voice activated home automation system, which is AWESOME.

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  • I have just bought this unit from Maplin. 3 out of 5 units worked with ease. The other 2 units do not work with any channels or codes. Hence only 2 *as for 3 working units instead of 5 I consider this purchase as poor value for money.

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  • "Remote Controlled Mains Sockets 5- Pack" These absolutely do work. They can handle a 55” Plasma TV, SKY HD box and a Freesat SD box easily all at the same time. They have a small non intrusive red light that comes on when turned on so you can see it’s live. The only negative is that if you have more than 4 you will have to share a frequency setting with any extras you add or in this case the 5th one. This means two plug sockets will be turned on and off at the same time as there are only 4 buttons on the remote control. However I recon they will save me and pay for themselves in just over a year’s use in not having things left on standby over night.

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  • Great little devices. I wanted a means to access 13 amp socket switches that were difficult to get at and usually involved reaching behind TV's and computer desks. These solved the problem easily and quickly. I can now switch things on and off without any hassle. The up side, easy to expand by buying more units as you need them. The down side, they each use all of 1/2 watt power on standby!

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  • dose what it says,ideal if your plugs are on the floor nearly, or behind tv or any were thats hard to reach

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  • I was disappointed to find that there are only four sets of on/off buttons on the remote control. You have to use one pair of sockets controlled by the same button.Or you can use the fifth socket independently if you are prepared to switch channels however.

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  • Mike Pitstow said:

    Do the receivers loose their settings when switched their mains supply is turned off?

    Yes, if the socket that the plug is in has it's power turned off then the socket will loose it's pairing information.

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  • ken shorland said:

    Hi Could you tell me if the remote control pictured with the 5 socket kit is the supplied one as it only goes up to 4!! Cheers Ken

    Yes it is, you will in effect be controlling 2 sockets of one button. For example you could have two light fittings turning on and off with one button.

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