Robomow RS625 ProX Robotic Lawnmower

Code: A38XL

  • Top of the line Robotic lawnmower design for great mowing performance and efficiency
  • Recommended for lawn sizes up to 2,600 metres squared and can handle a maximum of 4,000 metres squared
  • Theft protection feature with GSM for live push notifications regarding your Robomow straight to your phone

Product details

Robomow RS625 ProX Robotic Lawnmower

• Top of the line Robotic lawnmower design for great mowing performance and efficiency
• Recommended for lawn sizes up to 2,600 metres squared and can handle a maximum of 4,000 metres squared
• Theft protection feature with GSM for live push notifications regarding your Robomow straight to your phone
• Wide 56cm mowing width to cover more area in less time and get the job done quicker
• Heavy duty motors and 400 watt mowing power to take on the toughest lawns
• Adjustable mowing height between 20 and 80mm
• Can navigate slopes of up to 36% elevation and narrow paths
• Overcomes your garden obstacles with ease
• Includes all the wire and pegs to set up the perimeter of your lawn
• Charging dock can be mounted and stored up to 10 metres away from the nearest power outlet
• Turbomow allows for faster and more powerful mowing of tall grass at the beginning of the season
• Smartmow helps your Robomow autonomously plan where it is going to go next using smart sensors
• Safety tilt sensor stops rotating blades immediately when your Robomow is tilted to avoid injury
• Can accommodate up to seven different zones of operation
• Average operation time between 55 and 70 minutes
• Average charge time between 90 and 110 minutes
• Noise level 66 dB (Eco mode) to 74 dB (high load)

Top of the Line Performance
The Robomow RS625 is top class robotic lawnmower that is designed from the ground up to be used in the toughest of garden challenges. With its 56cm mowing width, it covers twice the amount of area in a single cut compared to the RC/RX models. Perfect for if you have a larger lawn, or just want the job done quicker on a smaller one. The Robomow RS625 can be used as the ultimate time saving tool as you delegate control of your lawn mowing so that you can focus on preparing for the barbeque. Once the Robomow has finished mowing your lawn it will return to base, so you won’t have to worry about where it’s gone.

Powerful and Rugged
Thanks to the rugged and hardcore design of the Robomow RS625, it is guaranteed to last and be the right tool for any lawn. While some robotic lawnmowers cannot be used for the first cut of the season and require you to pre-cut your lawn before use, the Robomow RS series lawnmowers can be placed on your lawn and get to work straight away. The RS625 is recommended for lawn sizes of up to 2,600 mSUP but can handle a maximum of 4,000 mSUP. Despite its relatively compact size, the RS625 can work constantly for an average of 55 to 70 minutes, and charges in just 90 to 110 minutes. The RS625 also includes power wheels, which are 70% wider and provide better traction and movement on slopes.

Safe and Secure
The Robomow RS625 is packed with safety features to ensure nothing goes wrong when you use it. Thanks to the tilt sensor embedded into the unit, if someone lifts it up while it is in operation it automatically stops the blade from spinning and hurting someone. The unit also features a controllable child lock, preventing any children from being able to put the Robomow into operation and control it. The Robomow RS625 also features built in security functions that you can control, so if someone was to try to remove your Robomow from your base station without your permission it could send you a push notification on your phone and set off an alarm.

Easy to Set Up
The Robomow RS625 is easy to set up, and is designed to have you ready and robotically mowing as quickly as possible. All the parts you need are in the box, but you may need a hammer, combination pliers and a wire cutter to help you set things up. Once you’ve found a suitable location for your base station somewhere on your lawn, you are ready to go. As a guide, it is best to place the base station on a flat and even surface within ten metres of a power outlet, and at least one metre away from any sprinklers or watering devices. From here you are ready to lay your perimeter wire, which is quite straightforward and outlined in the instructions. Finally, connect your power supply and perimeter wire to the base station, place your Robomow on top, and you are now in action! If you are not sure about the size of your lawn, you can use this handy tool on the Robomow site.

Durable and Self-serviceable
Some Robotic lawnmowers can be hard to repair, and you may need to send them to a professional or to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. Thanks to the Robomow RS625’s modular design, you can easily repair and replace parts such as wheels, blades, and batteries without having to send our device to Robomow. This makes it easier, and quicker for you to get back up and running should anything require servicing.

Type Robotic Lawnmower
Capacity 4.5 Ah
RPM 3000 RPM
IP Rating IP55
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Cable Length 20 m
Blade Diameter 280 mm
Power Supply 26 V
Batteries Required No
Maximum Lawn Size 2600 metres squared
Mowing Width 56 cm
Mowing Height 20-80 mm
Mowing Power 400 W
Slopes 36% (20 Degrees)
Maximum Run Time 70 mins
Maximum Charge Time 110 mins
Colour Green and black
Weights and Dimensions
Internal Width (robot) 735 mm
Internal Depth (robot) 660 mm
Internal Height (robot) 310 mm
External Width (Package / box) 960 mm
External Depth (Package / box) 700 mm
External Height (Package / box) 380 mm
Weight 20 KG
Package Contents Mower
Base Station (Dock) & Power Supply
Perimeter Wire & Pegs
Instruction Manual
Age Requirements 18+
Warranty 3 Year

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A38XL Robomow RS625 ProX Robotic Lawnmower (1+) £2199.00

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