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Silver USB Wireless Touchscreen Weather Forecaster

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  • LCD touchscreen weather forecaster and alarm
  • Indoor / outdoor temperature (C or F)
  • Wind speed and direction (mph or kmh)

Product details

Silver USB Wireless Touchscreen Weather Forecaster

• LCD touchscreen weather forecaster and alarm
• Indoor / outdoor temperature (C or F)
• Wind speed and direction (mph or kmh)
• Self emptying rain gauge (mm or inches)
• Indoor / outdoor humidity
• Barometer pressure with trends
• 'Easyweather' software included to link to PC via USB
• Historic data storage and display (stores data on PC only)
• LCD panel wall mounts or desk mounts
• Wireless range up to 60 metres (clear line of sight)
• Batteries last over 12 months
• Operates on 5 x AA batteries (sold separately)

The large LCD touch screen makes the operation of the unit incredibly simple and allows comprehensive adjustment and correction for your location. The USB Wireless Weather Forecaster requires no connecting cable between the base station and the remote weather transmitting sensors, with a typical sensor range of 60 m (200 ft). It can also display historic data and within the menu you can select metric or imperial values.Included is a software programme that allows you to link your LCD panel to your PC via the included USB lead. From here you can not only programme the LCD panel, but you can also download stored data and then display it in data base format for keeping your own weather history. If you are in an area or situation where weather plays a critical part, then you can switch on an alarm that can be triggered by any of the data sensors.This weather station offers amazing value and comes with everything you need to set it up in the garden. The system comprises large 23 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm LCD control panel, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, rain gauge, outside temperature sensor and transmitter, stub mast, sensor mounting arms, sensor cable harness, USB lead and PC software (not MAC compatible).

Replacement parts are available:
Order Code: N77NF – spare rain gauge
Order Code: N78NF – spare steel mast tube
Order Code: N80NF – spare transmitter (includes built-in temperature and humidity sensor)
Order Code: N81NF – spare wind direction sensor
Order Code: N82NF – spare wind speed sensor
Indoor Data
Temperature range 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Temperature Units Measured C or F (switchable)
Humidity Range 1% to 99%
Humidity Resolution 1%
Air Pressure Range 27.13in Hg 31.89in Hg (1.87 - 2.198 Bars)
Air Pressure Units Measured hPa, inHg and mmHg
Outdoor Data:
Transmission distance 140 m (450 ft) @ 433 MHz
Temperature range -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Temperature Resolution 0.°F
Temperature Units Measured C or F (switchable)
Humidity Range 1% to 99%
Humidity Resolution 1%
Rain Volume 0 - 9999 mm (390 inches)
Rain Resolution 0.1 mm
Rain Fall Counter Time Measurement 1 hr, 24 hr, week, month or total (switchable)
Rain Fall Units Measurement mm or inches (switchable)
Wind Speed 0 - 100 mph (0 - 160 kph)
Wind Speed Measurement mph or kph (switchable)
Wind Speed Mode average or gust (switchable)
Measure Interval Thermo-hygro sensor 48 secs
Water proof level IPX3 (rain proof)
Battery Requirements
Base Station (indoor) 3 x AA batteries (sold seperately)
Sensors (outdoor) 2 x AA batteries (sold seperately)
Softwware Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32bit) Not Mac or Linux compatible
Weight: 1.5 kg


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10 of 91 Reviews

  • Great Weather Station

    Just though I would add my review here for this weather station. H have had mine now for nearly 10 months. I have had no problems whatsoever with it since its been up and running. I am using Weather Display, by far the best weather software out there and Cumulus as a backup. Highly recommend getting one if you are looking to store data on our highly unpredictable weather :)

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  • N96FY Weather Station

    Very good value for money especially now price dropped. Only problem is that the transmitter has failed already and I am about to ask for a replacement. As long as this is not a recurring problem i am very pleased with this product. Of course it is not accurate to Met Office standards as some reviewers seem to expect, especially the outside temperature, which reads high if the sun is shining. The louvered screen can be sprayed gold/ silver to reflect some of the sun's radiation. I would also suggest that this is a product for someone with at least a little meteorological knowledge.

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  • Andy B

    Avoid. I've had Oregon Scientific weather stations that have failed after a couple of years. Got this from Maplin Stevenage. This started off brilliantly. 3 weeks later outdoor sensor gave up. Save your money. Very very disappointed. Won't bother with a replacement. Just junk. One star for being in the box. Woeful.

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  • Cheap weather station with problems

    At first this does look like a great value weather station. It is easy to set up and shows weather over the wireless link to the monitor. However many people including me can't connect this reliably to a computer because the USB connection is flaky. Either it doesn't work or it does work for a few days with a replacement cable then packs up - both of which happened to me. This is not good enough to maintain a 24/7 link to e.g. Weather Underground so I returned the station after a week to the Maplin shop for a complete refund, which they were very good about.

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  • OK at the price

    I got the weather station up and running without any problems and use it in conjunction with Cumulus software. After a couple of weeks I have found that the wireless connection is a bit 'flaky' the display 'loses' the station 2 or 3 times a day which make the Cumulus graphs look a bit odd. There's only about 15 feet between the two units either side of a double glazed french window so it shouldn't really be happening. If I was serious about weather observation, I would go for something better but as it's nothing serious for me, it's OK

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  • N96FY Weather Station

    Managed to set my station up and got it running well. Couple of pointers down load Cumulus as their software works well and they have a website to help with any problems. Make sure you set the alarms correctly otherwise you will be woken up through the night. Lastly I think the stand has been fitted on manufacture upside down, the way it is now the screen points towards the sky if you turn the console the other way the stand is fine and adjustable but the screen is upside down. I fitted mine on the wall so the stand dont matter. I wrote to Maplin to point this out. Overall I like my weather station and wouldn't part tith it. Regards Bazz

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  • User Guide

    This product is excellent but severely lacking by the poor user guide. That said I certainly wouldn't resort to blaming Maplin or taking the product back just because of this. There is documentation online to help you connect this weather station to the internet. There is the CumulusWiki which helps if you use the Cumulus software, which I'd recommend. There is pywws for connecting the weather station to your raspberry pi or there is the EasyWeather software for basic use. Better still there are a number of tools and applications being developed all the time to improve usability of this weather station. My only advice would be to ensure that you position the weather station in the best place possible to achieve a good signal for your wireless touchscreen and also to make sure the station isn't tucked away in your back garden as this could affect wind speed, rainfall readings, etc

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  • LCD display adjustable?

    Had the device for a while now and wonder if the contrast displsay is adjustable as difficult to see in some conditions. Also if changing internal batteries keep connected to pc to avoid losing date.

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  • Good when it works

    I've had mine for 1 year. After a few months the anemometer seized up. They sent me a replacement which also seized up after a few months. I replaced the bearing myself and the anemometer has worked ever since. The wireless reciever loses connection with the unit weekly (even though its within the required distance and in line of sight). A hard reset is required. When the unit works its great! All readings seem accurate compared other stations close by.

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  • Scotter

    I have been using the weather station for about one month. It was straight forward to set up. I have mounted it on the gable end of the house to ensure I get accurate readings away from the shelter of trees etc. The rain gauge under reads by about 30% when compared with my traditional rain gauge and also that of my fathers. This is a big disappointment as accurate rainfall readings are essential for my work. It would be interesting to know if there is any way to calibrate the rain gauge? All the other sensors seem to work well. The display unit is well set out but does not sit upright enough when on a flat surface.

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Ask a Question

8 of 8 Questions

  • Barry Styles said:

    Hi I have just had to change all the five batteries on my weather station but cant get any outside information, I have lost the instructions, the light does come on on the transmitter. can you help??

    Please remove the batteries from both units for 48hrs and then put both back in & it will re-pair. instructions can be sent, please email for these.

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  • Tony Dearsley said:

    is it possible to buy additional external temperature sensors for use in out houses, garage, green house?

    No sorry this product does not support that.

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  • Janet Farrell said:

    I've just bought this station which is actually a Fine Offset WH1081. I have Apple Macs and find it works with WeatherSnoop which you can find in the App Store for £39.00. You need to use WS-1080/WS-2080 for the source on the Weather Agent page.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • Rob said:

    Hi, Does this product come with Mac software? Cheers, Rob

    This is not included

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  • Castie said:

    Is this unit's mast made of metal or plastic?

    The mast is metal.

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  • Iain McMiIllan said:

    This may be helpful to you! Can the base unit can be run using a mains DC transformer. NO! But the base unit is powered from the USB computer link and then the batteries are used as backup supply for the base unit!

    Many thanks for the information!

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  • Martin Shepherd said:

    Is the screen backlit?

    Yes the screen is backlit

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  • PAUL OWEN said:

    Can you tell me what software it runs for weather tracking of data on home pc

    the unit uses Easyweather software.

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