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SupaFix APX4 Ultra Strength Adhesive with Filling Powders

Code: A59TC

  • 2 in 1 formula fill & reinforce with powders or use as an adhesive
  • Sets in 7 seconds, very strong bond
  • SupaFix will bond nearly all types of materials and can be used to fill cracks and holes with the reinforcing powders provided
  • Purchasers must be over 18

Product details

SupaFix APX4 Ultra Strength Adhesive with Filling Powders

• 2 in 1 formula; fill & reinforce with powders or use as an adhesive
• Sets in 7 seconds, very strong bond
• SupaFix will bond nearly all types of materials and can be used to fill
cracks and holes with the reinforcing powders provided
• SupaFix repairs are robust and can be grinded, filed, tapped, sanded and painted!
• The adhesive and powders are resistant to fluids like oil, petrol and battery acid
and heat resistant up to 180°C
• The application nozzle makes it incredibly accurate to use, ideal for assembling
smaller components.

SupaFix APX4 is the latest development in Cyanoacrylate adhesive technology, which is capable of repairing almost anything in just 7 seconds.

The adhesive is 98.4% pure meaning its incredibly strong, but what makes it so different is that it comes supplied with both a black & grey filling/reinforcing powder.
When either powder is combined with the adhesive it sets rock solid in just 7 seconds. Once set you can then file, sand, grind, drill, screw and paint it to leave a perfect repair.

Most adhesive based products available today take up to 24hrs for a full cure, but SupaFix sets in just 7 seconds, so there’s no need to hold your repair together for hours upon hours waiting for it to cure. Unlike other 2-part component adhesives, it is impossible to get the mixture wrong making it extremely easy to use.

It is very common for plastic clips to break or snap, especially as they get older and become more brittle.
Plastic clips secure many things like computer tower cases, car panels, headlights, toys, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, garden equipment, tools, electronics, DJ Equipment, the list goes on…………
Traditionally normal super glue has never been able to repair these items but SupaFix allows you to do this by creating a reinforcing chemical weld.

SupaFix will successfully repair the following materials:

• Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Iron
• Wood
• Plastics
• Ceramics
• Aggregates, Stone, Marble, Granite

Ideal for repairing many products around the home or workshop

• Gadgets
• Phones/Fax Machines/Office Equipment
• Computer Components
• Toys
• Tools, power tools garden equipment
• DJ Equipment
• CCTV & Security Systems
• Plastic parts on vacuum cleaners, hair straighteners, hair dryers and many other domestic appliances.
• Model cars, planes, helicopters or drones
• Car parts including plastic clips, lenses and other automotive repairs

To use:
Clean the area to be repaired from grease, dirt or other contaminants. Simply pour either the black or grey powder over the cracked area. Once the crack is filled then apply the adhesive and watch as the powder sets in just 7 seconds leaving in instantly strong repair. If the crack goes all the way through then simply tape over the back and follow the previous stops

SupaFix comes supplied with an anti curing pin.
The pin is designed to be used to puncture the adhesive bottle, and to also reseal it, preventing the adhesive from curing in the bottle.

Please refrain from cutting the adhesive nozzle with a knife or scissors, as doing so will allow the adhesive to leak into the cap leaving the bottle unusable the next time around.
SupaFix also comes supplied with a precision pipe, which can be pushed onto the adhesive bottle nozzle. This allows you to be able to get into the very confined spaces with ease. If the adhesive left in precision pipe cures over time with scissors simply cut 1mm off the end of the pipe to use again.

Please note: We are not allowed to sell butane or solvent based products to persons under the age of 18.

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A59TC SupaFix APX4 Ultra Strength Adhesive with Filling Powders (1+) £9.99

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