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USB Digital Microscope with 400x Magnification

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  • Discover the microscopic world via your PC/laptop
  • Multiple uses - education, science and industry to the hobbyist and just for fun
  • 1.3MP (2.0MP interpolated) USB-powered microscope

Product details

USB Digital Microscope with 400x Magnification

• Discover the microscopic world via your PC/laptop
• Multiple uses - education, science and industry to the hobbyist and just for fun
• 1.3MP (2.0MP interpolated) USB-powered microscope
• 2 settings: 20x and a massive 400x magnification
• Takes digital stills as snapshots and supports video recording
• 4 ultra bright white LED lights
• Supplied with stand

Image sensor: 2MP (interpolated), 1.3MP CMOS
Max. capture resolution: 1600x1200
Colour: 24-bit RGB
Focus range: Manual, 10mm to
Flicker frequency: 50/60 Hz
Frame rate: <30fps @ 600 Lux
Magnification ratio: 20x & 400x
Shutter speed: 1/1000 to 1 sec
Video format: AVI
Still image format: JPG / BMP
White balance: Auto
Exposure: Auto
Light source: 4 white LED
PC interface: Mini USB2.0
Operating systems: Win 98SE/ME/2K/XP/Vista 32
OSD language: English
Power supply: 5V from USB
Bundled software: MicroCapture
Dimensions (L x ): 110 x 33 mm


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10 of 40 Reviews

  • A nice piece of kit...eventually

    This was an impulse buy after I spotted it in Maplin's while I was buying something entirely different. Until I found these reviews (thanks, Hugh Small!) I was ready to write it off as a waste of money as I couldn't get it to work at anything other than the basic 20x magnification. Now I'm aware that it only actually magnifies at 20x and 400x and nothing in between. So with that out of the way...

    Installation was easy (I'm using Windows 8.1) and the software ran without me having to use compatibility mode. The returned image is sharp and clear and I love the ability to take a snapshot with a single button press. I haven't used the stand much as the microscope is light enough for freehand not to be a problem, though the USB cable does get in the way sometimes! Overall it gives excellent performance for the price, though I feel it could be made clearer that there are only the two magnification levels.

    Maplin Moderator Note: The description has now been slightly edited to correctly mention there is only 2 magnification settings; 20x & 400x.

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  • I took the little stand off and mounted the holding clip onto a mic stand thread at the end of the boom arm. Works perfectly for checking smd soldering. For those having difficulties finding different zoom points I found you have to help a little by adjusting the height a little. I found some free software called qs camera for mac which worked better than the software supplied. One last thing, for correct orientation you need the clip facing you, focus wheel away from you.

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  • As others have pointed out, only about 20 and 400 magnification seem to work. Both numbers appear twice on my focus wheel. The ones that work are a little under the 400 to the right of the little black rectangle and just over the 20 to the left of it. These are at opposite ends of the travel of the wheel: the 20 near the clockwise end and the 400 at the anticlockwise. I hope that makes sense. A cool gadget once you get the hang of it, The LEDs really pick out engraving on antique metalwork for photography.

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  • I must admit i brought this for the novel value. but what im really impressed with that it works in (Arch) Linux. using the Cheese Application.. well any webcam app would do the trick. the hardware itself its a nice bit of kit.

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  • Good product but I had to return (RTXA 58690) it requesting a replacement last week since a permanent dark cast appeared in the viewing area every time it was switched on (without the lens cover!).

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  • Well made and works well. Just a couple of things to note though. The software download from Maplin's site is incomplete i.e. there are no programs in it.. The small CD that comes with the microscope does not run on some CD drives. Maplin will post a normal sized CD if asked. Just be aware that the microscope has only two settings 20 times and 400 times. There are no settings available in between. The graded settings on the focus wheel are not appropriate. There are slightly cheaper versions available directly from China but they can be up to 4 weeks in the post and any problems with it can be a nightmare to sort out. They post such items as a "Gift" which customs may not like and they may charge you import duty and an administration fee. To post it back can cost you ?ú15 and communication is bad at best.

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  • I will summarise the pros & cons, starting with Cons: 1) The stand too light and is easily overbalanced by the weight of the microscope. 2) The bolt attaching the stand to the microscope wobbles. 3) The stand is simple and hard to tighten securely. 4) No "zoom" control, you achieve different magnifications by moving the whole microscope up or down and re-focussing. Pros: 1) Installed relatively easily, under Windows 7. 2) Once the stand has been secured, device is easy to operate. 3) Produces JPeg images up to 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, a little under 1mb in size. Resolution can be configured from menu. 4) The images are really sharp and clear. The stand can be stabilised by pinning it to a small piece of board, using a bulldog clip. This stops it falling over but there is still a lot of movement on the wobbly bolt, which will require some araldite. With the base of the microscope a millimetre or two above the subject, the field of view covers an area measuring about 12 mm x 8 mm. At 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, this produced an image measuring 133 mm x 100 mm. Based on these measurements, I would assess the magnification to be a little over 10X. Higher magnification may be possible by lowering the microscope but it is hard to believe that anything over 20X could be achieved. I have so far used the device to examine the very small print on a selection of integrated circuits in my collection. These had proved very hard to read under a magnifying glass but the camera provided a clear, sharp record of all the code characters. I envisage being able to see macroscopic subjects (insects etc.) but do not expect much luck with anything microscopic.

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  • Works great on my new HP laptop with Windows 8. Driver installed ok from the small disc supplied.

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  • We are enjoying the product a lot however we are unable to focus on things once we have magnified past x40.

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  • It's a nice bit of kit for the money, agree with the previous comments. The stand is too light weight though, the weight of the usb cable alone renders it useless when trying to focus, unless you happen to be carrying blu-tak around with you ;) The base just needs about 100g to make it a bit more stable. The bottom flat surface is just a thin piece of soft plastic. I'm tempted to open it up and hot-glue a nice chunk of stainless steel in there... or :) if you're feeling brave consider how impressive a DIY project this could make using the microscope as part of a precision controlled (Stepper Motors + Servos + Microcontroller (Picaxe/Arduino) unit :)

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10 of 10 Questions

  • John Coneyworth said:

    Are you able to measure features with this microscope

    Sorry no, The software does not provide any unit of scale apart from level of magnification

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  • harvey clare said:

    does this product work with an iPad

    Sorry the device is for PC only

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  • Jean said:

    Where do I download the latest Driver to my Mac Book Pro for my USB Digital Microscope. Thanks

    The drivers can be found from

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  • Nick said:

    Are there windows 8 drivers?

    No sorry this does not work with windows 8

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  • Tom said:

    This item does work with Windows 8 x64. Install the program and drivers as per instructions, then right-click the program and run it under XP SP3 compatibility. You may also find setting the exposure manually better than leaving it on auto.

    Many thanks for your feedback

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  • Lawrence said:

    This works fine with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 using XP-mode.

    Thank you very much for the feedback.

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  • B.W.Moore. said:

    The spec mentions JPG and BMP files. Will this take picture in the RAW format please ?

    No sorry the software does not support saving of raw files.

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  • bas said:

    hi, does this scope work with Linux ?

    this product is not officially supported on linux.

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  • Paul Seymour said:

    Does the 400xUSB DigMScope come with a stand for taking pictures?

    This item does include a stand

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  • m.tyler said:

    does this work with vista 32 bit operating system

    Yes the product does support Vista 32 bit (not 64)

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